How to Explain Everything Like a Guru

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Do you want to explain everything like a real guru? If yes, you should familiarize yourself with the art of explanation.

Probably, these situations are well known for everyone:

  • You are listening to lecture at the university and understand just a piece of information.
  • Or your child asks you: “Why is the sky blue?” – and you try to find the right words to answer this strange question.
  • Or your report listeners look at you with wide-opened eyes and understands nothing.

It’s a pity, isn’t it? But you shouldn’t get angry and stop to explain at all, it’s time to develop ourselves. We just need to learn some skills of explanation, and today we’ll do it.

Explain On Plan

First of all, let’s make a plan. Here are several steps everyone should make to explain things in the best way:

  • Prepare. First of all, make sure your audiences are ready. Find out their level of knowledge. So, you can just ask a few questions with the following beginning:

“Do you know..?”
“Have you ever heard about..?

  • Follow the context. The main principle is: “why?” first and then “how?”. Show the benefits of your product and why it’s so important for users. Only then explain how it works.

If you talk about a new mobile app, first of all, ask people if they know something about it (if they don’t, explain). Then you can tell about the main functions of your product, useful for your audience. Finally, show how it works.

  • Create links. It’s when you explain new things using well-known examples. Therefore, you create associations.

A blog is like your own online magazine.
Winchester is like a large bookcase for your files on the computer.

  • Simplify. Simplicity is our everything. If you avoid slang and technical words, cut out some unimportant details, be sure, your audience will thank you.

To check yourself try to explain your friend something you want. If he isn’t sleeping and understands everything, you are on the right way.

  • Make the story. It’s one of the most successful ways to get the interest. Include your facts into a story and enjoy the result.

By the way, well-packed facts are spread with a speed of light.

explain with a story

  • Make the composition. Finally, your speech should be logical and complete. That’s why it should consist of three main parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Explain by the order

Finally, let’s summarize our plan and follow it when introducing some new idea.

  1. First of all, we introduce the main idea.
  2. Then we prove why our speech or product is so important for our audience.
  3. The next step is to explain how it works in plain language. Now we are finishing our main part – body.
  4. And, finally, conclusion: point out the most important thoughts and summarize your report. By the way, it’s exactly what I’m doing now.

As a result, we get a good plan and can make everything clear. Did you understand? If you did, We’ve got success and improved the explanation skills.

Your next report or conversation with someone, who wants to hear your explanation, will be successful and understandable. Just try to use these little tricks. And they ‘ll work on you in business. Try to explain your ideas and principles on your website and you’ll attract more people. By the way, we know how to creat great websites. Just let us know, and our team will create a website for you which looks like a masterpiece 🙂

Wish you perfect reports and pleased audience!

And here is a useful book, that can help you to explain any information better:

Lee Lefever “The art of explanation”.

"The Art of Explanation" book on how to explain everything


Lee Lefever is a famous American expert in the field of “explanatory advertising” and PR. He is CEO of Common Craft. They release “explaining” videos for Intel, Ford Motors, Microsoft, Google, and others products. This book will be interesting for everyone who wants to explain everything in the best way.



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