Negotiations: Play by Rules and Be a Winner

Do you like to play intelligent games? As for me, I like to play chess, because it helps me to develop one of the most important things in business: negotiations. Playing chess and negotiations are similar. In the both cases, you try to make the right step and forecast the end of the game, learning your competitor.

Today I’d like to tell you something about some tricks. There are many rivals, that often break rules and use manipulation tactics against you. If you know them well, you’ll never fall into the trap and can become a leader in negotiations. So, let’s begin!

3 Manipulation Tactics of Negotiations

1. “One By One”

Have you ever noticed that your rival tried to change already discussed steps of your cooperation? Or, maybe, he gave you a new version of already accepted contract?

Do you think it’s by chance? No, he just tries to take a nibble of benefits one by one. Look at this penguin. He is doing the same.

Your actions:

  • Step 1: Think, if these conditions are suitable for you.
  • Step 2: If you like new conditions, you can give in and agree. If the conditions don’t suit you, speak out your mind. Explain that you’ve spent much time on the discussion. Many people were involved in that issue that’s why changes are unproductive.

This way you’ll not leave a chance to rival.

2. “Show”

It looks like your rival makes a reality show for you: he is late for your meeting and complains about the lack of his precious time. Oh, yes, he also answers the phone every two minutes during the conversation. “What’s going on?” – you think. It’s just a show of manipulation. This way he gives you understand his importance and dismissive attitude to you.

Okay, if he wants to play – give it to him.

Your actions:

  • Step 1: Be wiser and show the “respect” to your partner. “Take care” of him and offer to reschedule your meeting to the other time.
  • Step 2: Explain that you don’t want to trouble your colleague and understand his busyness.

He’ll have to leave his role because any reality show has the end.

3. “Good Cop/ Bad Cop”

It’s when several people (your partners) take part in negotiations. So you have two or more rivals from the opposite side. One of them tries to find the compromise with you, and another one looks aggressive and always disagree with you.

They play in “good cop/ bad cop” and act in a pair. They want you to agree with conditions, which are profitable for them, under the bad cop’s pressure. Don’t give up and show them you know this game better than they could expect.


Your actions:

  • Step 1: Ask your colleagues to take a break for a few minutes to settle their disputes.
  • Step 2: Make several remarks and they will understand, that you read them like a book. So they’ll have to stop this performance.

And that’s all. Learn your competitors and you’ll get a great chance to win. Remember, the winner is the wisest.

Wish you the victory!

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