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Magento® Support Plans
for Your Online Store
Get solutions to any technical issues quickly. Stay confident that your online store is stable, secure, and up-to-date. Focus on business while Magento certified engineers take care of your website.

Check our support plans designed for your online store success!
Magento Support Plans
Urgent Fix
$99 1 - 8 hours for results
Urgent Fix of 1 Critical Issue
*Perfect when you need a fast and effective solution and quick results.
Your Bonuses Dedicated Project Manager Quality Assurance 10% off your Next Fix Urgent Service
Speed Audit
$199 2 business days for results
Qualitative Solution for 1 Task:
Speed Audit & List of Recommendations
*Perfect when you need an
accurate plan of website
performance optimization.
Your Bonuses Dedicated Project Manager Quality Assurance 10% off your Next Purchase
Advanced Solutions
$999 1 business week for results
Advanced Solutions for Your Specific Tasks
Improve your website stability Get solutions to various complex issues
*Perfect when you need to solve
various issues in website
security, performance, features,
modules, SEO settings, or design.
Your Bonuses Dedicated Project Manager Quality Assurance eCommerce Email Template 15% off Any Work on Magento 2 Priority Service
If you want your website to run as smoothly as a Swiss Watch, we'll be happy to take care of your online store and solve website issues, such as: Checking your website for malware; Securing your website from viruses and hackers; Checking and optimizing website speed; Fixing critical issues and errors; Updating your Magento version and extensions; Installing & setting up new modules Setting up SEO for your webpages; ...and more.
The Solution for Your Website Success Magento Support by WEB4PRO, a client-oriented eCommerce engineering company: We are a team of Magento Certified Engineers; We have 15 years of experience in eCommerce; We have been working with Magento since it was first released; We have worked on projects for Mulberry, Lacoste, and Royal Robbins. Would you like us to help solve your Magento 2 issues
quickly and qualitatively?
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Benefits for You
No risks &
money-back guarantee
Quick solutions to
Magento issues
Timely responses
within 12 hours
You choose exactly
what YOU need
Money-Back Guarantee You’ll get your money back if: work doesn’t get started on time; you don’t receive a response within 12 hours; your issue doesn’t get resolved; you decide not to use the plan before work has begun.
How It Works
Step 1. You request a support plan.
Step 2. Our manager contacts you within one business day and confirms your request.
Step 3. You receive and pay an invoice for the support plan you choose.
Step 4. You get timely, high-quality results.
Choose the best fit for you and get your tasks done! View Plans
Our Clients Say
WEB4PRO delivers on time and strives to understand requirements before starting the work. Their turnaround on any project we give them is outstanding. They’re willing to compromise on cost or features to build a great relationship.
David Haynes | 5.0
Through WEB4PRO’s attentive assistance, the website grew from a startup to a full-fledged online presence, increasing sales throughout the long-term partnership. The team’s quick issue resolutions and integrity continue to impress.
Martin Pytela | 4.5
The website was done the way I wanted it, and better than I could've imagined it on my own. They used to work quite diligently on the site, and now they're like my doctor: I see them when something goes wrong.
Zachary Maitland | 5.0
WEB4PRO consistently delivers high-quality websites with clean, easy-to-use backends that end users appreciate. The team is also a pleasure to work with. They’re very friendly, courteous, and professional. They do an amazing job.
NDA, Design Agency | 4.5
WEB4PRO’s work has contributed significantly to the improved performance of core products. The team responds quickly to requests and accepts feedback positively. We’re impressed with their availability and responsiveness.
Stavros Kounis | 4.5
What I appreciated most is that they delivered the project and maintained it for a couple of years. WEB4PRO develops high-quality products at a reasonable price. Their team consists of proactive communicators and flexible engineers...
Alexander Mulin | 5.0
WEB4PRO have been helping us with Magento development and have a good approach to business with an efficient output on tasks at a competitive price. They do well at understanding tasks. Always pleasure to deal with.
Will Uttley | 5.0
I was very impressed with the level of professionalism of WEB4PRO team especially Irina Bondarenko and Marat Mingazov. Very committed team and finishes the project no matter what. Price/Quality ratio is at its finest!
Miras Nurakhmetov | 5.0
They're highly responsive and ready to deal with emergencies any time of day or night. Their affordable rates and high-quality work make them stand out among other vendors, contributing to a long-term partnership.
Roy Laniado | 4.5
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Questions & Answers
I'm not sure which plan fits my needs. What can I do? Write to us and share a link to your website. We'll suggest a solution that best meets your needs.
What is the main benefit of these support plans? When you choose one of these support plans, you get a high-quality solution for your specific needs in a timely manner, with no risks.
What does “Urgent Service” in the Urgent Fix plan mean? That means your task is assigned the highest priority among all of our tasks across all clients. We determine the order for urgent tasks based on when payment is received.
What does “Priority Service” in the Advanced Solutions plan mean? That means we’ll start working on your website after we finish the tasks associated with Urgent Fix plans but before the Fix & Audit plan tasks.
What will happen after I request a plan? Our project manager will contact you within 12 work hours to discuss the details of your project. Then we’ll send you an invoice for the support plan you selected.
When will you start working on my website? We’ll start working on your website after discussing the details with you and receiving payment for the plan.
How do you carry out payments? We send you an invoice, and you pay it via PayPal.
What happens after I pay for the plan? We’ll work on your tasks and provide you with high-quality results in the agreed-upon time frame.
In what cases will I get my money back? You’ll get your money back if: work doesn’t get started within the specified and agreed time frame; you don’t receive a response within 12 hours; your issue doesn’t get resolved; you decide not to use the plan before work has begun.
In what cases will I not get my money back? You won’t get a refund if: work on your tasks has been partially completed; work on your website has already begun but you change your mind and decide not to change your site.
How long does it take to receive a refund? You’ll receive a refund within 3-5 business days.
I need to get more tasks done for my website. What can I do? Write to us, and we’ll send you our best offer for getting your tasks done.