How to Be a Good Public Speaker and Inspire

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There are so many situations in our life when we need to give a public speech. And of course, we want our words to be powerful, clear and inspiring. Stress, unconfidence, and fear of speaking and forgetting words – all these things prevent us expressing ourselves and sharing brilliant ideas. It’s a big deal to become a good public speaker and be interesting for your audience. It opens great prospects for a long-term career in any professional field. So, let’s learn the useful things that can help us to make our public speech perfect.

 A Formula of Success for a Public Speaker


The first thing we should do before the delivering a speech is to set goals. A goal should be right and clear. If you want just to inform your audience, you’ll archive nothing. But let’s think big! You can do better: motivate your audience to change the world, try to inspire people.

For example, you tell about a new time management approach in your web development company. If you expect people to do nothing after your report, the goal “just to tell about a new approach” is suitable for you. But if you need the result, set the task “to inspire an audience to take advantage of this approach”.


First of all, any public speaking speech should be useful. If it’s not, your audience will not be interested and involved. Ask yourself: “What benefits will people get after listening to my report or presentation?”

Look at this simple formula:

And this result should be mutually beneficial. You’ll make success, and your listeners will get the pros. It sounds fair, doesn’t it?


Any public speech should have a script. A man’s brain has a tendency to build a logical chain. So, let’s make a good plan.

Introduction. It’s necessary to come into contact with the audience and introduce yourself. This moment is suitable for representing your topic.

Motivation. In this part, the public speaker motivates the audience. This is the key moment. The listeners make a decision whether they should believe him or not. Prove them the importance of your issue and give a call to action.

Offer. Now it’s time for a public speaker to offer a solution for an issue, which he told about a step before.

the offer you can't refuse. God Father

Conclusion. Now the speaker should suggest the concrete steps, which will help the audience, and point up the main idea to summarize everything he told before.

Write an interesting script using these 4 items, and you will have a chance to get Oscar 🙂


You are not sure which language to choose for your public speaking? – Make it in plain language. Talk from the scene, as in life – there are ordinary people in front of you:

  • do not use jargon and slang;
  • speak concretely and give examples;
  • simplify complex sentences.


If we talk about something new, it is not always clear immediately. How to explain everything, you can read in this article. You can back up your speech by slides, and your audience will be more interested. It’s one of the most important things. Visual information is memorized better.

Remember one rule: slides should be simple and understandable. Their mission is to evoke association and organize information. They shouldn’t duplicate your speech. You can also prepare your audience and create a corporate website, where you can promote your ideas and products.


All successful public speakers rehearse a lot. We always worry when we have to do something new and unusual. Therefore, the more experience we have, the easier we do.

If you rehearse your public speech it several times, considering your mimics and gestures, you’ll “get into the role ” and it will become your habit. Pay attention to your vocal variety. It will help you to make your speech interesting and dynamic.

Look, even the President of America does it.

Barack Obama

A Few Words about Charisma

Charisma is something that makes us listen to a person with interest. It’s a powerful energy that drives all thing around this person.

The speaker and audience should be on the same wavelength. They need to keep emotional and visual contact. Try to focus on your audience: ask the questions and watch the responses. Keep a dialog, not a monolog. This skill can be learned by looking up to many famous people. They all have the charisma.

And finally, here is our conclusion: the first thing we should do is preparation. The second thing is our attitude. Everyone needs to relax and tell himself: “I am an excellent public speaker! Everybody is looking forward to my speech”. Take your report, put on your favorite suit, smile and go to inspire your audience. You are ready now!

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