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You need a website

If you have a business project and want to increase your target audience, you need a website. Your brand’s presence on the Internet is what will make it famous, and it broadens your opportunities many times over.

Have an incredible website created from scratch for any purpose, whether it is a landing, a corporate website or an eCommerce solution. And of course, if you want your site to look great on any modern device, you’ll be happy to learn more about the benefits of responsive website design. Our experts already have much experience developing clients’ projects. Their work includes successful online shops; event and landing websites; social and educational websites; medical websites; and more. If you have an idea, let’s turn it into reality. Without a doubt, the results will satisfy your goals and requirements.

We provide:

Responsive websites from scratch
Social and educational websites
Event and landing websites
Complex eCommerce store
Corporate web site
Medical websites

Let’s find the best solution for you. Face the future and take a step to success!

You have a website

If you already have a website, that means that you follow trends. But time has passed, and your project needs improvements in order to keep your opportunities competitive and bring your site more visitors, which will bring you more customers.

If this is the case, the first step you can take is to conduct a website audit. This process will help you understand what should be changed or improved and how you can make your product better. If you want your project to bring fast results and attract new, satisfied visitors, a website performance optimization is the most useful solution. If you have new ideas and keep up with new trends, let’s redesign your website and upgrade its look. Numerous worldwide brands have already proved that having a unique and fashionable style can do wonders for the brand success.

Do you want more opportunities for branding? Try our successful solutions.

We provide:

Website audits
Website maintenance
Adaptive themes
Website performance optimization
Mobile solutions
Solutions for email marketing
Website redesign
Magento speed optimization
Drupal speed optimization

Let’s be partners and open new horizons together.

You need a team

If you need a dedicated team, or you have a long-term project and you are now looking for experienced web developers, we can help. At WEB4PRO, you’ll find real professionals for your teamwork.

A certified Magento developer; a WordPress, Drupal or Yii developer; a creative designer; an experienced frontend developer; a responsible project manager; and others – you can choose who you need to make your project a success. You’ll get a chance to review candidates’ CVs, interview each of them, and then assemble a team. These people will work exclusively on your project and will help you realize your plans. A dedicated team is a great and profitable option for anyone who needs additional technical resources and expertise in certain aspects of a project.

We provide:

Magento certified developer
HTML5/CSS developer
UX/UI Web designer
Wordpress certified developer
JavaScript developer
Project team
Drupal expert
Yii developer

You can be sure that you’ll get high-quality results and a real expert approach. We want to build you a successful web solution.

Our Solutions

We often solve similar problems for different customers, and we always present the proper and most efficient solutions.

A virus is a malicious code. First, it must be detected and located on the server. To do this, you can run an antivirus scan and use specific scripts or online services.

What you should do if your website is infected:

  • scan your computer for viruses using commercial antivirus software with an automatically updating database;
  • change all passwords (for access to hosting and website admin panel);
  • delete the malicious code, or, if you have a backup version of your website, you can restore your site this way;
  • boost the security of server and scripts.

Slow website loading can have many causes. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Tool ( to learn why a site is loading slowly and discover possible solutions.

Here are some methods for solving this problem:

  • turning on page compression;
  • aggregation and minification of scripts;
  • optimization of images;
  • turning on and setting up caching;
  • analysis and optimization of the queries to a database.

There are two basic strategies for building websites that work well across all mobile devices.

  1. Responsive design

This solution helps create a single version of a website that auto-adjusts to the proper display dimensions of any device. It allows a website to adapt its pages’ layouts to different screen dimensions without changing the HTML code.

  1. Mobile version of your site.

This approach involves the creation of a second website specifically adapted to mobile devices. Mobile browsers will redirect users from a desktop-optimized website to this mobile version. The main advantage of mobile versions is the ability to remove from this mobile site any content and functionalities that are not necessary for mobile users. 

Learn more about responsive design and mobile versions.

When installing the out-of-box CMS to the server, you can find the minimum server requirements on the official CMS website.

WordPress –

Drupal –

These are the links to the minimum server requirements. If you have installed another type of technology or CMS version on your website, server requirements may differ from the minimum requirements.

For WordPress and Drupal, CMS updating takes on average 2-3 hours. This estimate applies if you are updating CMS within the bounds of minor version. For example, updating Drupal from version 7.24 to 7.43.

If you need to update your website from Drupal version 6.x to 7.x, the estimated time it will take depends on the number of custom modules, a total number of custom functionalities, and the content volume on your website. Since Drupal 6 uses PHP functionalities, which are not used in Drupal 7, and there are differences in database structures, the updating process is a bit more complicated than updating from version 7.24 to 7.43.

If you need to update your website from Drupal version 6.x or 7.x to 8.x, this could take as long as it would take to create the website from scratch. Drupal 8’s core has a completely different implementation and is incompatible with the previous versions. Also, some of this version’s models have not yet been released, and we have to develop part of the functionality ourselves.

For WordPress CMS, the core doesn’t have as serious limitations as Drupal 6/7 and 8. However, some old functionalities could cause issues on your website.

So, when updating your CMS, you must take into consideration how compatible the old and new versions’ modules and themes are.

Yes, it is possible to customize the theme. Basic customizations can use the Theme page settings in the admin panel. If you want to add a functionality or change the website design, this can be done by editing the theme code.

If you need any customizations that require developers’ assistance, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

The first thing you should do is think carefully about your expectations and needs. It’s good to have some previously-created solutions for reference, a description of the functionality, website sketches or mockups that show how you imagine your future website looking. This helps us understand what you actually need and find you the best solution. However, those items mentioned above are not essential, and we can clarify all the project details together.  

Our development process usually involves:

  • discussing any ideas for the project, determining the necessary features, creating project documentation;
  • PSD design creation;
  • HTML/CSS layout creation;
  • backend implementation;
  • internal testing and bug fixing;
  • client testing of the solution;
  • additional tasks and maintenance.

It depends on your wishes and requirements. If you don’t need customization or only want to make a few small changes, then the theme makes more sense for you.

But if you have any special requirements for website design and functionality, it’s better to create a new design that fully meets your goals and wishes. If you just need a website with out-of-box functionality, a theme is suitable for you.

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