We continue working on the latest version of Magento® CMS and have the several tasks related to Magento 2 and Magento online stores this week. We are glad to share them with you.

Magento Categories Sorting

Our task was to cope with categories sorting on Magento 2.

The issue was the following: the attributes of categories sorting were not displayed. These attributes were stored in CSV-file. There was not enough memory on a server because of the transporting data from another server.

How We Fix It

We detected this issue and fixed it by reducing the number of correction. It helped to recover the attributes. Then we set up the filtration of categories.

Magento 2 CRUD

This week we worked with CRUD model, which means Create, Read, Update, Delete. This model is related to the features of a framework that is used for reading and writing information without writing SQL statements. Also, we developed the website header selector of countries.

Magento Performance Optimization

We have already conducted website performance optimization. It’s a very important step for any online store owner. Page loading speed influences conversion drastically. If the website is loaded slowly, it loses the visitors and, as a result, sales. This task inspired us to create a checklist and a quick tip that can help you speed up Magento by yourself. We are sure that it’s very helpful in case the issues are not too complicated. Try it, and if something requires the professional help, contact us. We’ll do any task related to Magento.

We like Magento and are ready for new interesting projects. We also can help you with Magento Support. Try to get fond of Magento, like we do, and your online store will get a new life!

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