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First think then do

Once upon a time, there was a contest in woodcutting. Two men were tasked to cut down as many trees in the forest as possible from sunrise to sunset. Both of competitors kept up with each other during the whole day, but one of them decided to take a break.

When the contest ended, another woodcutter couldn’t believe that he had failed. He has worked hard without any rest, where was the truth?

Then he asked his rival: “How did you do it?”

And the winner answered: “It’s very simple. I just took a break to grind an ax“.

Moral of the story:

Every time, when you try to make up your mind and think carefully, you don’t waste the time, you grind your ax.

It’s always better to take a time and explore the competitor. And then, take an action.

As for our team, we also think fist, and only then do. This principle act in business on a daily basis. So even if you decide to launch some new business project, have many ideas, and want to act right now, stop for a moment. Take your time. Think whether you need a good base for your project, like a modern website. Perhaps, you’ll agree with this. If you do, come round, and we’ll do our best for your business success.

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