5 Main WordPress Advantages for Users

WordPress advantages

Opinions differ. Anyone who uses WordPress will tell you that it’s one of the best platforms for managing websites. Not everybody agrees. But still, it is a favorite CMS of numerous website owners all over the world with many features and advantages. And we are here to make a well-thought decision and understand if this tool is useful for us. Find out five main reasons why WordPress can be the best solution for your website.

5 Powerful WordPress Advantages

1. Easy and Free Installation

First of all, I should say that WordPress is free. It’s a good argument, especially for the beginners in managing websites and startups. If you have an idea, for example, a new blog, but you don’t want to spend much money, try WordPress and launch your project.

So what about installation? No problems! It’s so easy, as a registration process in an online service. Go to wordpress.com and just follow the instructions on the website.


2. High Usability in Managing Content

With WordPress, you can create a blog or any website with a different kind of content. Text, photos, images, video – you can add there everything you want. It is easy and comfortable, thanks to the user-friendly admin panel, where you can edit your content via the visual editor. Or, if you are good at HTML, you can use the text editor for working with content by tags.

WordPress admin

3. Numerous Free Themes and Plugins

Themes are used for a stylish and beautiful look of the website. Plugins give you necessary and useful features for your needs. And if we talk about WordPress, it is the winner here among the other CMSs. A large number of WordPress themes and plugins are free and allow your website to look attractive, even if you don’t use the custom solutions. There are many responsive themes among them, so you can pick the one, which is suitable for your business goals.

4. SEO Friendliness

A real advantage of WordPress is that Google likes it. Google indexes web pages made on WordPress better than the others. It is related to the fact that the structure of content created with WordPress is SEO-friendly. So it influences the website position in Google search results.

WordPress has different SEO plugins that can help you to promote your website in Search Engines. Here is one of the best:

All in One SEO Pack

This is the most downloaded WordPress plugin. It allows you to optimize your website for Search Engines by all required criteria.

5. High Speed of Web-Development Process

And finally, the fact that WordPress is chosen by 25% of users makes it the most popular CMS in the world. It’s all because of the reasons, which we have already discussed. Web development on WordPress is high-speed. If you want to order the web development, you’ll get your new website relatively quickly.

WordPress is created for handy website management. And the large community of web developers works on its improvement every day. There you can find the answers to most questions related to this CMS. And our WEB4PRO team can realize any project on WordPress you need. So, if you are ready to try WordPress advantages, just do it. This process can be very engrossing.

Wish you inspiration for your new successful project!

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