It’s vital that you want a successful business, especially if you decided to go online. For this reason, you might be wondering what tools you can use to ensure that your business is operated correctly. Below, we’ve described must-have tools that are useful for marketing, analytics, and other business operations.

Top eCommerce Website Tools

In the beginning, you’re looking for a platform to launch your website. Below, we want to provide you with the list of market leaders as a base for your future store.


Magento has been developed to suit any client and any goal. It is fully scalable and customizable, so it suits any business. There are two packages for customers:

The first is the Community package, which is a free alternative for Magento’s services. For smaller companies, this is an opportunity to create your eCommerce website at a lower cost, but with a full functionality list.

The second Magento package is the Commerce edition, which costs significantly more; however, it also grants you access to all of the platform’s extensions and additional B2B services. This package is better for those with larger businesses.


This platform prides itself on being easy to use for clients. It’s another free solution for you to build your eCommerce business with. OpenCart has built-in SEO to help you market your business successfully.

If you’re interested in using OpenCart’s services, you can try out their demo to determine whether the service is for you.


Shopify is known for being an alternative to some other options on the market. Even if you don’t have any experience in design, you can use Shopify’s services. That’s because when you use Shopify, you have access to themes that provide your eCommerce site with a unique look.

You can also expect to have unlimited bandwidth, which is why you won’t have a website that lags. With unlimited room for product inventory, you can also ensure that your store works to its full potential.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. WooCommerce is free when it comes to startup costs and you can expect to pay under $7 for hosting fees. Throughout your store’s operation, you may have to pay processing fees when credit cards are used.

Great eCommerce Research Tools

The most important tools ensure that your business operates successfully including research capabilities. eCommerce research tools make it easier for you to collect and analyze data within your store.


Customers use Wiser because they appreciate the tool’s omnichannel coverage, efficiency, and customer support. Both online and in-store data can be automated with Wiser to ensure that your eCommerce store can operate as seamlessly as possible.

Wiser can collect and analyze data across your store(s) and in doing so, it can provide you with insights about this data so that you can plan your next strategic steps.

My Best Segments

My Best Segments is known for providing customers with powerful insights based on a number of factors: financial, media, and shopping trends. Because of this, you can have an accurate image of the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Once you have this image, you can target this audience more efficiently.

Think With Google

Think With Google can provide you with anything you need to have a deeper insight of your target audience. Google does this with its value-led approach and by analyzing ads that are seen.

Think With Google is an omnichannel solution; wherein, you can use it for your marketing, data, design, and research needs.

The main advantage of using Heatmap is that you don’t have to install an extension or open another tab if you want to look over your analytics. All of your data is analyzed based on your site’s content.

When Heatmap looks over your page, it determines where users hang the hat on the particular part of the page so you can target your audience.

Useful eCommerce Business Tools

Now that you’ve read all about research tools at your disposal, you’re ready to learn about the best eCommerce business tools. Among these tools, you’ll find that they all help you to know how to scale your eCommerce business.


According to their site, companies that use Kin experience higher efficiency among their workers and, as a result, higher efficiency within their company. Kin focuses on the following four components to ensure that your eCommerce business performs better: time-off, data, onboarding, and reviews.

The accumulation of these components creates an atmosphere; wherein, your employees and customers feel appreciated.


By using Sellbrite, you have the opportunity to sell your products across multiple platforms. From Amazon to Walmart, you can expand your reach by using Sellbrite’s multi-channel services.

You can also list all of your products more easily to ensure that nothing is left out.


Signifyd is unique because it provides your business with a seamlessness that’s hard to beat. It removes the friction from your eCommerce site. This tool has a Magento integration, which is one of its most appealing features.

By using Signifyd, you can automate your stock and you can handle more orders than you would be able to otherwise.


TaxJar reduces the need for spreadsheets and handles all of your tax needs. You can connect this extension with different platforms to keep up with your sales. Platforms like Amazon and Paypal are examples of places you can connect with this program.


This is a useful eCommerce tool because it benefits team collaboration. It does so in a number of ways; including, sharing Gmail inboxes to optimize them for your eCommerce business.


Veeqo allows you to seamlessly control and manage your inventory, deal with orders, organize warehouse workflow, connect stores and integrate POS system to get the most of your business. The admin panel is intuitive and gives you the opportunity to go over the business processes and without complications operate your stores, stocks, orders, and reports.

Most Effective eCommerce Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of the best ways to increase your conversions and to generate more potential leads. To achieve these goals you need to have effective marketing tools for your eCommerce website.


MailChimp improves your site’s overall marketing by providing you with unique campaigns. With it, you create personalized emails to ensure that your customers receive targeted messages. It also helps you to analyze data.


ReferralCandy benefits your business and increases your efficiency by creating a referral program. You can use this program to provide customers with rewards if they decide to share their experience with your business. This improves your marketing strategy because when people are rewarding for suggesting your services, they’re more likely to discuss your business with an audience.

Tools Used for eCommerce Analytics

The best eCommerce analytics tools are essential if you want to understand the data that represents your business. This data can be used to target audiences and, thereby, help you to work with it efficiently providing a personalized experience.


SEMRush has over three million users that take advantage of the tool’s SEO features, strategy analysis, and overall analysis based on the content you publish. Analytics allow you to improve your content for the audience you’re trying to reach, analyze your customers and market, collect keywords and strengthen your brand.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to learn more about your audience. It has lots of filters which you can use to make a deep analysis of your customers and traffic.

Targeted content and products ensure that your clients feel appreciated and they’re more likely to appreciate your eCommerce business.


In order to have a successful eCommerce business, you need to have access to the best tools on the market. There are different categories of tools; including, marketing, research, and analytics. By using these tools, your eCommerce business will be able to target audiences for efficiently, improve team collaboration, increase leads, and generate more sales. If you have any questions revolving around the eCommerce world, you can contact us today!
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