This is our third and final article about page load speed. Today we will discuss page loading speed on mobile. It has long been no secret that every year, more and more people prefer to visit the site and make purchases from a mobile phone.

Mobile web traffic accounts for 52.3% of global web traffic — Statista. In this regard, the rules for ranking a search query are also changing, and they have begun to focus primarily on mobile devices. Therefore, we advise you to pay special attention to adapting the mobile version of the site because each user still expects the page to load at lightning speed, and if this does not happen, your potential client simply leaves the site.

Let’s look at the methods that can be used to improve the download speed on mobile devices.

How to Increase Page Speed for Mobile Devices?

You already know how to optimize page speed for desktop, so optimizing page speed for mobile isn’t difficult because the steps are similar, although there are some differences. 

To Optimize page speed, you need to do the following:

Make Your Web Design Simple 

Data processing on mobile devices takes longer than on PCs or laptops. You need to make sure that your website is configured correctly. Reducing the code and using a minimal design to increase the speed of loading web pages on mobile sites is preferable.

Minimize Redirects

It takes time for the server to find and retrieve the original document that the user requests through the original link that no longer works. This redirect takes enough time for the user to leave the site.

Avoid Using Too Many Custom Fonts

For a more correct and faster loading, it is better to use a small number of fonts. Using fewer fonts will look more aesthetically pleasing and help reduce page loading speed

Activate Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Use the AMP project to ensure your web page looks good and loads quickly on all devices, smartphones, and tablets. Minimalistic AMP HTML code will help reduce loading time.

Shortening the Registration Process

With  a few steps, you can eliminate unnecessary code, reducing page loading speed, which will also help optimize check-in times for your customers, preventing them from leaving out of impatience.

Optimize Your Mobile SEO

As we said at the beginning of the article, Google prioritizes mobile devices when ranking websites. Your website will consistently rank well with a user-friendly design and good mobile optimization.

Make Sure Browser Caching Is Enabled

To speed up page loading on subsequent access, ensure browser caching is enabled on smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

How to Check Mobile Site Loading Time?

You have already seen a list of services that can help you check page loading speed on a desktop, among which there were those in which you could also check the mobile version. We have added a few more services to help you check the site’s loading time on mobile.

Think With Google

Think With Google: It helps you check the speed of your mobile device because the service uses a 4G connection. Think With Google will also recommend speeding up the work and sending a full report in PDF format.

Think With Google - Home Page


WebPageTest: It can become your indispensable assistant in checking the site’s loading speed. You will be able to set many settings for your test. It is also possible to do advanced testing, where there will be even more control over the test (you can set parameters such as various Android and iOS devices or connection speed emulations). Service will also generate a report with recommendations on improvingthe site loading speed.

WebPageTest - Home Page


Dotcom-Monitor is a service with a large selection of regions and  devices for which to check. After analysis, like previous services, Dotcom-Monitor will generate performance analysis, query graphs, host data, errors, and recommendations.

Dotcom Monitor - Home Page


Any industry needs to design and develop a fast mobile site, as it will help your site increase traffic and attract more potential customers. Now you know everything that can help you speed up page loading speed on mobile and what services can help you; you can also read our articles on speeding up page loading speed on desktop. If you have tried all the methods, but your site or mobile version of the site is still slower than you would like, the WEB4PRO team is always ready to help you with this issue and optimize your website. 
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