Outsourcing is an efficient way to get work done for your business without needing to add these departments to your company structure. It can be intimidating when trying to find companies that outsource web development. Let’s look at a few risks involved.

The Main Risk of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

Risk 1: Quality Control

It can be challenging to be fully involved in the web development process. It can result in an end-product that is not exactly what you expected.

Risk 2: Security and Privacy Leaks

Outsourcing web development does involve handing over some access to sensitive information. If your developer does not assume responsibility for this security, you could end up with leaked private information.

Risk 3: Lack of Customer Focus

Sometimes, agencies take on too many clients. So, they tend to take a somewhat generic approach to development. Another reason could be that web development has a creative element which an “outsider” may not fully grasp.

How to Outsource Web Development Confidently

The good news is that some useful outsourcing websites can help you find the talent you seek. Here are 5 of the best outsourcing platforms in the USA and globally.


Clutch for outsourcing web development USA


Clutch is an independent research company. They maintain an in-depth database of service providers and vendors. Web development is one of their focus areas. It uses verified company reviews and a “leader matrix” to create relevant recommendations for clients. The leader matrix is composed of several evaluation metrics like quality, cost and client portfolios.

How it works

If you need a service provider, you would first need to select the domain that your requirements fall under (e.g., software development, web design, etc.). You will receive with leader matrices of possible company choices. You can check their profiles, rates and previous client reviews.


  • The potential service providers are based partly on positive customer reviews. Service providers who perform poorly are marked as such, so potential clients are fully aware of their performance.
  • The process of assessing and choosing service providers can be a lengthy and expensive exercise. Clutch takes care of this by doing the legwork for you. You just need to determine the leaders.


Upwork for outsourcing


Upwork is a platform for freelancers from all over the world. It is a virtual meeting place where businesses and freelancers can find each other. Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces available. Clients can list jobs, along with specifications like project requirements, deadlines, budget, and required experience level.

How it works

Freelancers create profiles on Upwork with detailed information related to their skills and experience. You can search the Upwork database for freelancers that meet specified criteria. You can also list your job on the news feed. Freelancers will browse these jobs and submit proposals. You review the proposals and choose a freelancer. They are contractually obligated to do the work. Projects can be billed per milestone or when the service provider completes the entire project. It can also be charged per hour. For fixed-price jobs, you can use Upwork’s Escrow service to release funds automatically as milestones are met.


  • An entry-level freelancer can do a simple project. A sophisticated project should be done by an experienced professional. Upwork lets you find the right match for your project.
  • Upwork has a host of online tests that they administer to freelancers. You can use this to help verify if freelancers are skilled in their advertised areas.


Linkedin for outsourcing


LinkedIn is a cross-industry networking platform. It’s a great option if you’re looking to hire people or keep updated on business acquaintances. By joining LinkedIn, you become visible in professional communities. The emphasis is on networking for professionals.

How it works

All LinkedIn users have a professional profile that is linked to other professional profiles, like a “friend of a friend” approach. You can search for individuals or companies by location, the field of expertise and skill level. You can also keep the search restricted to people within your network or who are only one degree removed.


  • The community-based structure of LinkedIn makes it easier for you to connect with like-minded people. You can choose who you want in your “community.”
  • LinkedIn is an excellent environment to build brand awareness for your business.


Outsource web development on Meetup.com


Meetup.com is an environment for you to connect with others, based on similar interests. It is a great way to connect with users involved in web design that could potentially be a good employee for you. The Meetup groups are centered around specific fields. It helps narrow down your search for people involved in web design in your area quite efficiently.
How it works

When you sign up, you can request to join groups. You can also create a group if you don’t find a suitable one. By merely being in the same community as other like-minded people, you can easily find people that would be an asset to your business.


Since Meetup.com has a robust location-based search option, you can easily find people based in your area.

Meetup.com is an interest-based platform. That means that the people who join have substantial interests in their fields. It will be easier to find talented employees who are genuinely passionate about their interests.

Outsourcing Company’s Website

where to outsource web development Google


There is a full portfolio of information available online. You can easily see what their strengths and specializations are. If you have any questions or would just like more information, you may contact them at any time. You can also keep updated with any special offers that are running.

How it works

When a company is visible in Google search results, it is a good indicator that they take care of their brand. It’s especially true if the potential customer uses generic keywords like “outsourcing company.” That means they have invested resources into their brand because they believe in the products they are selling. One should also evaluate the content quality of the website and how useful their information is. The website visitors should have easy ways to contact the company and have in-depth coverage of who they are. Portfolios, reviews, and company assurances are usually also should be visible on the corporate website.


A website with good quality content shows customers that the business is established and is confident in their product. It inspires confidence in the customer and reassures them that the business can take care of their needs. Customers tend to assess businesses based on the quality and visibility of their online presence.


It is fortunate that web development can take place over any distance. You have more options when deciding which location to look for good outsourced talent. Ukraine has gained fantastic momentum in the quality of its web developers. They offer competitive rates and can produce world-class solutions. They have highly qualified specialists that can tackle any web development project with great success. Other European countries may perform similar work, but Ukraine rates are usually lower.  But it’s always up to you which company will be the best partner for your business. If you are looking for the reliable one, consider connecting with our WEB4PRO company. We’ll gladly talk with you and do our best to provide an efficient solution.
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