The epitome of British elegance and sophistication, Burberry is one of the most recognizable brands . The Burberry brand has several lines of clothing, a collection for children, underwear, accessories, and perfumes. 

Before Burberry products reached the mass market, they were intended for officers in the British Army. In 1880,  the tailor Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a waterproof and breathable fabric that was lighter and more comfortable than the heavy rubber fabric from which mackintosh raincoats had been made.

British soldiers were the first to appreciate the quality of Burberry gabardines, followed by travelers and pilots. However, the history of the Burberry brand began even earlier, namely  in 1856, when the same Thomas Burberry opened a small shop selling ready-made clothes in the English provinces. After the invention of gabardine, its products began to be in such great demand that Thomas decided to close his shop and move the company to London, where he launched the wholesale production of gabardine products. Burberry’s first advert said that this unique material could withstand the onslaught of wind and rain, not to mention thorny plants and various other adverse conditions.

Burberry - Brand History After the First World War, the brand developed in a somewhat different direction. Burberry clothes began to be worn by ordinary people and celebrities. The brand came to the royal court, American and British politicians fell in love with Burberry raincoats, and the brand’s clothes were even worn by the heroes of classic  films, including “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Casablanca”.

From its famous trench coats to its sunglasses, the brand’s products are recognizable, thanks to its corporate colors:  a sand cage with black, white and red stripes.This, along with the brand emblem – a knight with a spear – is  associated with the Burberry trading house all over the world. 

We would like to share with you an overview of Burberry’s  website, look at it from a brand perspective, what makes their site unique, and how such a strong brand is positioning itself online and attracting customers.

Burberry’s online store is a benchmark site. It has everything that a leading eCommerce site should have: it’s minimalistic, beautiful, stylish and, most importantly, convenient. Designwise, there is nothing superfluous. Due to the white background, attention is focused on the product itself, while beautiful, high-quality photos of the brand’s products and excellent design make it all but impossible to leave the site, without buying into the brand. 

Perfect Navigation Home Page

The Homepage has straightforward navigation: “New In”, “Women”, “Men”, “Children”, “Outerwear”, “Begs”, “Gifts”, “Stories”, and “Beyond” and sections with the most popular, new arrivals, and limited-edition products. The unique design emphasizes the exclusivity of its products.

Burberry - Home Page

The functionality of the site is amazing. When you select any category, new parameters open up with an extensive list of product options. You can easily select the desired section and find the product you want.

Burberry - Subcategories

Each subcategory has a unique SEO-optimized description, making it easy to find specific products directly from Google search results.

There are no unanswered questions on the “Customer Service”  page, and all services are perfectly described.

Burberry - Customer Service Page

New Arrivals Category Page 

The transition from the home page to the section with new arrivals is especially impressive. The page presents ready-made multi-component looks from the new collection. You can choose one specific product or see how new items are combined. Such solutions help the buyer present a complete image and motivate them to buy not just one item, but  a whole look.

Burberry - New Arrivals Category Page

Gift-Oriented Category Page

Burberry has various category pages to help shoppers find the perfect gift for their loved ones:the Burberry gift collection is for him and her and sells everything from plaid knits and shirts to timeless trench coats, silk scarves and leather bags. Reversible jackets, tops and sneakers are offered for children.

Products can be sorted by type, as well as by collections, upcoming events and gifts. This is useful if customers are looking for a gift for a specific occasion or have a rough idea, but are unsure about which product they plan to buy.

Websites often use a technique called  a visual menu, This enables the user to visually relax and navigate the site quickly and intuitively, which adds spice to the design and creates an emphasis on the products.

Burberry - Gift-Oriented Category Page

If the high-quality gift you have chosen is a Burberry product , you do not have to rack your brains looking for a way of wrapping your chosen gift beautifully. Burberry has thought of everything in advance. When you place an order, you  will be offered a gift package that is ideal for any holiday or event. It is convenient, fast and modern, and an excellent user experience.

Once you have chosen your high-end product, you are presented with a range of packaging and wrapping options. Burberry ensures that your gift is perfectly wrapped for any event, holiday or birthday. 

Burberry - Gift Boxes

Customer-Oriented Product Page

In terms of customer experience, on the product page, everything is as simple as possible. On the card, you can immediately select the size and color, enlarge the model and view it in more detail. Another feature is that you can instantly view things in a similar style or a modification of these products, which is an exciting idea, and you can ask questions  in an online chat, if necessary. 

An additional feature of this store is that you can book  an online or offline meeting with a consultant.

Burberry understands that every shopping experience is as unique as its customers, and that time is precious. The Burberry team has created a range of personalized appointment services, perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. From virtual appointments that allow shoppers to shop from the comfort of their own home to sessions with style experts, so customers can explore collections in great detail.

It is very convenient to view any information about a product – be it a photo, a size table, a choice of a model or a color – everything happens at lightning speed, without reloading the page, but just by hovering or clicking. This allows you to reduce the number of user actions, you do not need to leave the page, and the purchase occurs as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Burberry - Customer-Oriented Product Page

A sizing guide enables customers to select the right size on the website.

After viewing such a product card, the target customer does not have the slightest chance to leave the site to look for something else, which is all thanks to the site’s fantastic design and functionality.

Cart and Checkout Process

Burberry offers a variety of payment methods and a secure one-page checkout process. Additionally,  Burberry offers the option  of making purchases as a guest, without mandatory registration. 

On the left, we see the contents of our shopping cart; on the right, payment methods. The purchase can be completed quickly, easily and comfortably, without any kind of hindrance.  

Burberry - Cart and Checkout

Another distinguishing feature of Burberry is that when you return to the site, a pop-up window appears with the products you previously viewed . The design of this pop-up is entirely consistent with the creation of the site and makes it easy to return to these products.

Burberry - “Welcome Back” Popup

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is a definite cause, a ubiquitous movement, and now an anticipated venture for business. Sustainability has become a vital aspect of any corporate strategy. If your company does not practice sustainability , you may lose out on favorable customer-perceptions and, ultimately, profit. 

Of course, Burberry is no exception and they proudly display the real-world impacts of their  initiatives.

The “Beyond” page is spectacular, beautiful, relevant, modern, and in harmony with the environment. It epitomizes Burberry’s core values: a strong and sustainable brand with the right message, mission, and vision. Such brands are always the most striking.

Burberry is committed to protecting the environment, helping disadvantaged youths access literacy skills and safe spaces (in partnership with Marcus Rashford), and supporting the fight against COVID-19. Burberry also appreciates and accepts people’s differences, creating a world where everyone feels they belong, have a voice, and can reach their full potential.

We advise you to visit this page and see and enjoy this design and page to the fullest.

Burberry On Mobile

The loading speed of the Burbury website on mobile devices is excellent. When you open the website, the photos and videos load instantly. Animated images and videos help keep a shopper’s attention and offer an amazing way to showcase products. This helps the site to rank well in Google search results and increase conversions on the site, since now most of the online purchases are made from mobile devices.

Burberry - Burberry On Mobile

The mobile version also has excellent intuitive navigation, and the site elements are large enough to comfortably click on with your finger.

Burberry - Mobile Navigation

In addition to the usual payment methods, when placing an order, you can pay for the goods via Apple Pay and PayPal, which is the most convenient, fast and understandable solution for mobile users. You can even make a purchase on the go.

Burberry - Mobile Checkout


The Burberry site is perfectly structured, beautiful and multifunctional. Fresh and modern design complements its rich content. What is truly remarkable, however, is the site’s personalisation features.  Ultimately, the dynamic structure of the site is the key to its success and effectiveness. The Burberry website directly affects the convenience of search and  allows you to achieve good results in terms of SEO in conjunction with the semantic core. The WEB4PRO team  is here to help you create such customer-oriented online stores that attract, engage and convert!
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