Case Study EquityX: Website from Scratch

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Breaking news! The WEB4PRO team completed the project. We developed the website from scratch for the financial company.

EquityX is a place where their customers can get the most qualitative help on finances. It is the world’s first and trusted marketplace for top-tier startup and expert service providers to collaborate, with equity used as currency. And our main task was to make everything on the website run like clockwork and provided the best user experience.It was a project based on WordPress with the use of Visual Composer.

WordPress is powerful and flexible enough for such kind of website and allowed us to realize all necessary functionalities.

A visual Composer is a good tool for building pages on WordPress. It helps to create the back-end base of the website even without advanced coding skills. So in some cases, it allows a client to save time and money, due to the less number of back-end works. Read more about pros and cons of Visual Composer.

We got a specific unique design from our client, and most of the work was carried out by our professional WordPress.

It took nearly 1 month to launch this project. So now we can proudly say: “Mission Completed!” The website was tested, and it’s doing great.

And we are happy to know that our client, David Paluy, is satisfied. It’s our main passion and goal.

“I asked Web4Pro dev team to help me with WordPress website for my startup EquityX. I got a very professional team who understood my needs, developed quality product and delivered it on time. I had a single contact Sergey that helped a lot and saved my time. He did a great job while raising questions and suggesting immediate solutions. I highly recommend working with Web4PRO! And I will continue my dev with this team for sure.”

– David Paluy, CTO EquityX

Thank you, David! We wish you a pinnacle of success and new great projects!

We are glad to take part in our clients’ way to success. If you are interested in getting a qualitative WordPress based website, you can trust us WordPress development. Just contact our team using “Ask Questions” form below.


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