Case study: Migrating to Magento 2 for E-Store

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Everybody knows that Magento® released a new version, which has already become the wished platform for the website owners who like to follow trends and keep pace with time.

WEB4PRO team completed the project based on Magento 2. So we did something we can be proud of.

We had a task to perform migration to Magento 2 for the jewelry online store based on Magento. The most works were done on the back-end. And it took us nearly a month to complete the task.

Migration to Magento 2: How It Was

First of all, we migrated all online store data to Magento 2. Also, there were several custom modules that needed to be moved to Magento 2. So we converted them, and it allowed the store owner to get all his custom solution safely.

The next thing we did was the extending of Ajax adding to cart. The solution was in creating the block which shows the product added to the cart after the user adds it.

Also, we customize the search on the store and adapted the layout to the design.


So, the migration to Magento 2 was completed successfully. It allowed our client to get some features right out-of-box, improve the checkout process, and of course, move with the times. We are happy to know that it helps our client's business growth. It’s the main purpose we follow. Let's create a new successful project for you and perform migration to Magento or Magento 2!

Posted on: November 04, 2016


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