Cyber Monday: Bonus for Winter Holidays

winter holidays

Hi, friends! The Cyber Monday has already passed, but it doesn’t mean that we should slack off.

Do you know that Cyber Monday is not just one day of the year in nowadays reality? It goes on for a month and allows the store owners to get more sales during the month before the Christmas holidays. So, today you have a bonus lap. We are going to boost up the sales even more and get the most benefits from our winter holiday campaign.

You will find the necessary assignments below. Here we go!

Task 1. Prepare Your Post-Cyber Monday Campaigns

Map your points of promotion for the winter holidays. As far as you know, we have several winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Hanukkah, Free Shopping Day. You can extend this list and come up with your own holidays. But your marketing campaigns should give emotions and attract people to take an action.

Don’t close up your shop in January. If you think that New Year’s Day is the last point of your plan, you are mistaking. What if I say that we can get more and more orders even until February? People like to buy products before and after holidays. Because they are still in the great celebration mood and are ready to use the discounts you give.

Task 2. Create Holiday-Themed Content

Of course, the most important part of the marketing campaign is its content. And this content should turn on people’s emotions. It should make them think about holidays, presents and conjure up the wish to buy something in your online store.

Create holiday graphics. GIFs, videos, greeting cards, social media posts, and themed email campaigns will be suitable in this case. They should show and promote top products and related to them. Also, it will be a good idea, if you offer themed products, for example, the warm clothes for the winter, most wished presents for holidays, and so on.

Design the shopping guides for January. Create special offers and coupons to showcase the products that you need to sell. Make these offers interesting and unit the products into useful kits.

Task 3. Give the Reasons to Come Back

Here we need a brainstorm. Why do the customers should come back to our online store? They need some reasons and motivation. Let’s come up with some ideas:

  • Provide a discount or bonus that can be used only after January 1st.
  • Announce new products you are going to sell in 2017.
  • Give the free shipping for the purchase more than the specific sum of money in January.

You can use any great idea that comes to your mind, and try it out.

Task 4. Wrap Your Campaigns Up to the Next Year

Analyze and save all your data. Now you have the results. Compare them with the last year data. You can evaluate what campaigns were the most successful, the income you’ve got and what you’ve done for this. All this data will be useful for you next year when it’s time to prepare a new Cyber Monday campaign.

Screenshot and save every piece of content you have. Why? – It’s evident. Next year you will need them all. Having prepared content will simplify the next year process in several times. So, don’t lose this data.


Finally, our marketing plan is over for now. I hope you were not bored while preparing for Cyber Monday with us. You can use this approach not only for preparing for Cyber Monday but also for any event. Have wonderful holidays and get more happy customers and orders for your online store!
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