Drupal vs WordPress: What is Better?

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WordPress is a powerful CMS, perfect for blogging and informational websites. It can also cope with different Ecommerce solutions. What about Drupal? Is it good enough? Of course! With Drupal, you can do the same things.

So, how to decide which CMS is better? It depends on our needs, and today we are here to understand which of these platforms suits us more. Let’s kick off!

Easiness In Use


If you are not a web developer and want to create a website very quickly, WordPress is waiting for you. It doesn’t require many efforts to install the system and begin working. WordPress also has a huge community and does updates every 3-4 months. You can add the content with several clicks and manage it very simply by using WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress Admin panel


It is a complicated system but has more feature. They are useful if you know how to use them. Drupal is better for those who have some experience in web development and wants to get a complex solution.

Features and Customization

If you need something unique and want to customize your website, the best way to do it via themes and plugins.


This CMS wins in competition and has a large number of free beautiful themes and more than 43000 useful plugins. A huge community of web developers takes care of flexibility of this CMS and create many plugins for broadening its functionality. Using WordPress premium themes, you can set up your website according to your goals and wishes, and it will be high customized.


As for Drupal, it’s a flexible CMS that offers many free modules with different features. The number of available themes is limited that’s why in most cases you should recourse to the designer’s help to make your website look great.

If we talk about customization, everything is possible in both cases, and an experienced team of web developers will cope with this task.

Possible Solutions

Both of these CMS allow creating different websites, but here is one small catch: the issue is in the size of your solution and business needs.


Perfect for blogs, portfolio, informational and some kinds of representing websites. Originally this CMS was created for posting information and now has a huge amount of different features for blogging. It also allows making an Ecommerce solution, using WooCommerce plugin.


If you need something more complicated, it will be more helpful. Drupal has much more functionality for developing complex solutions that require a lot of content and complicated functions, for example, corporate websites, social networks, forums, where users have the opportunity to add multimedia. Drupal Commerce module also allows creating online shops.



It is a winner here. It is an enterprise-level security. Even governments use Drupal.


A lot of WordPress plugins have vulnerabilities and can be easily hacked if the website owner doesn’t update the plugin version. This CMS is popular, easy to use but sometimes easy to hack. That’s why, if you use WordPress, it’s better to follow plugin updates and take into consideration the hacking attacks.

Who Uses?

If you want to know, who uses Drupal or WordPress, the answer is here:

  • 39% of world websites work on WordPress;
  • 9% website owners use Drupal.

As you see, WordPress is more popular because of its simplicity and popularity of blogging. Drupal is a complicated system, stable, secure and very flexible, used by many enterprises, business owners. It’s perfect for difficult projects.

So Drupal or WordPress?

Finally, are you ready to name the winner? I’ll let you make your own choice. If you want to get a simple solution, and you are a newcomer in website management, WordPress will help you to get a good and easy to use application. If your need something more complicated and you want more functionality, security and complexity, choose Drupal.

Whether you prefer Drupal or WordPress, in both cases you can get a qualitative result with an opportunity to customize your website, create an online shop and other useful things. If you need some help on this issue, our professional team of web developers will cope with these tasks on the highest level.

Wish you successful projects and creative ideas!


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