How to Find a Magento Services Company That Cares

How to Find a Magento Services Company That Cares

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Magento® 2 is recognized as the leading platform in the field of eCommerce. It is scalable, customizable, and provides all the functionality suitable for any type of online business. Plus, Magento offers an excellent support community and top-notch security features. It’s the platform you want for building a new site, site maintenance, upgrades, or new extensions.

Now that you know you’re working with the best platform around, what’s next? Find a Magento developer! So, the question becomes, how can you find the best Magento services company for your site? More importantly, what qualities are needed in your developer to make your online shop the best that it can be? Let’s explore the criteria needed to choose the web agency that will bring your site to the top of the ranks.

Where to Start?

When choosing your Magento web agency, you want to make sure that they fit your specifications. The best web developer will be able to optimize your site for SEO and provide ongoing support and maintenance. The key is to do your homework. Look into the level of experience, both of the company and the specialists on their team. Explore the developer’s portfolio and all reviews and testimonials available. Finally, look into location and pricing. While you’ll want to make sure the project is within budget, it is equally important to ensure that you choose a developer that can make your site perfect.

Size of the Market

With the popularity of Magento 2, there are around a thousand companies on the market, serving more than a quarter million merchants worldwide. According to Magento website’s information, there are around 315,000 trained Magento developers. Some web agencies may not be reliable and others may be based in a different time zone or operate primarily in a different language. Some developers specialize in certain types of sites or businesses. With so many companies on the market, one of the best places to start is a research and review firm. Clutch is an excellent site for ratings and reviews of lead IT companies. It’s data-driven. The reviews are verified. It provides everything you need to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best agency. You can check their top web development companies’ rank to filter the search results.



Any developer worth their salt will have a long list of satisfied merchants that can attest to their skills and service. After narrowing down your selection, explore each company’s portfolio. You’ll find out how long they have been in business, what industries they’ve serviced, and the types of development work they’ve performed. Different companies will have experience building different custom extensions and creating specific functionalities. Visit the sites that the developer has built before to see their work in action.



After checking the portfolio, look into testimonials and reviews. It’s important to hear what their previous customers have said about them. Other clients that have used the developer will be able to let you know how they deal with challenges or emergencies as they arise. They’ll be able to give reports on availability and communication. Also, each site has unique challenges, specific products, custom personalization, and functionalities. By looking into reviews, you’ll be able to see how the web agency has implemented these features for their other clients.


Magento’s popularity means agencies and web developers can be discovered across the globe. So, location is one important consideration when choosing your Magento developer. Qualified developers located in different countries, but regional economy means that rates in some countries will be smaller. This can be appealing, especially if you’re on a tight budget. At the same time, you may need to contend with communication challenges or availability issues. When working with a developer in a different time zone, make sure that all your sites requirements are clearly laid out at the beginning. Also, some problems need prompt attention. You’ll want to ensure your web agency is available to address any problems within an acceptable timeframe.


Each platform has its own unique coding requirements, extensions, features, and modules, features. While it’s nice to be a jack of all trades, you’ll do best with a developer that has mastered your platform. When using a Magento eCommerce platform, it’s best to seek out a web agency with a high degree of Magento expertise. While checking the company’s portfolio, research the platforms they’ve used. The web agency you want for your site will show a history of well-designed Magento sites with satisfied customers. This lets you know they’ve got the experience needed to make your site truly top notch.

Social Media Activity

In the digital era, social media has become an invaluable tool for finding the best agency. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is social networking sites that help customers and clients to come together. They provide excellent places to begin a search and allow you to explore customer feedback beyond what is presented on their website. When you look into a company’s social media site, you can find out how active they are. Learning about their activity in social media will help you to get the full picture of their professionalism. High activity means that the developer is up to date with the newest features, extensions, and upgrades.

Reliable Experience

When searching for a web agency, remember to look into all levels of Magento experience. This means that the agency should be certified by Magento. Quality assurance and project management in addition to frontend and backend site development will be a benefit. When vetting your developer, make sure to ask what kind of teams they have worked with and what industries they have designed for. Site execution and management are two essential areas. The site must be executed in the way that you want and need to get the best results. Finally, there will be times when it’s necessary to make changes and adjustments to the site. A professional company will be skilled and capable of making these changes when necessary.

Industry Expertise

In the vetting process, consider that each industry has a specific set of requirements for a website look and feel. You should look at the designs, themes, functionalities, and features that make a site aesthetic, profitable, and successful. Look for Magento services with industry-relevant experience. You want to find an agency that can tailor your site to specifications. If they have experience in the industry, they’ll know how to engage your customers and showcase your products. The right agency will show the expertise necessary to complete the project for your client.

Long-Term Partnership

When trying to find Magento certified developer, here’s a final consideration: longevity. Satisfied relationship means things are going well. This is a trustworthy sign of a solid and reliable working partner. When checking the portfolios of prospective web developers, look for those that have long-term partnerships with many digital and consulting agencies. This means that they can do the work and meet the needs of their clients over time.


It’s no small thing to choose a developer. This decision can determine the fate of the entire company. When faced with many options remember the key considerations: experience, reliability, customer satisfaction, and experience with your desired platform. A professional Magento services company will be able to prove these qualities. They’ll have industry experience and will be able to support their customers in the time to come. Finally, their skill will be evident on social networking sites and in the testimonials of satisfied customers. Vet your prospective agencies thoroughly and your homework will pay dividends.

Posted on: October 02, 2018


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