One of the hottest web development trends to hit the world of eCommerce is PWA. Magento® is currently developing a PWA studio to enhance their features. Other companies as Vue Storefront and Magento development agencies are looking to expand PWA’s presence. Progressive Web Apps give your customers greater access to your product and makes it easier than ever to get conversions. Magestore is developing a new POS solution that revolutionizes customer experience with a PWA app-like experience. Magento’s PWA studio and PWA POS will fit your website with cutting-edge eCommerce solutions.

What is PWA?

A PWA is a new way of accessing websites. Basically, it takes all the best features of a website and combines them with all the best features of an app. The user is given an option to add the site to their home screen. If they accept, an icon appears on the home screen and a user can return to the site with a single click. Users aren’t required to download anything, and the PWA loads more quickly than other sites, even on the first visit. Once it’s added to the home screen, it smart caches data for near-instant load times.

What is POS?

POS is an acronym for “point of sale.” It’s an essential element of any eCommerce business. Traditionally, the cash register has performed the role of receiving money and counting orders. In the digital age, even the point of sale has been upgraded to fit new technology and customer expectations. Now, the POS is a blend of software and hardware. It processes credit cards, handles cash payments, tracks and manages transactions, and coordinates post-transaction services. Put simply, the modern POS streamlines business operations while providing customers with a user-friendly experience.

PWA POS by Magestore for Magento

Now you know what the PWA is and what the POS system is. What has connected them? That is the case we want to talk about. The Magestore team has created a new PWA POS product. Basically, it is a fully-fledged POS system that works across multiple devices with super fast and stable performance.

As any business owner knows, handling the paperwork can be a major headache. Going around and around to get all the information you need, from end-of-day totals to customer information. Add in inventory, shipping, and peak hour sales, and you’re looking at the biggest challenges faced by any type of business. This is the beauty of Magestore’s PWA POS. Now that Magento business owners have all information including sales, customers, and inventories within just ONE place – your POS. In real-time. With instant access.

Less paperwork, less chance of deadly errors.

Customers get a full range of options to pay for their purchased products. No need to wait in long lines for the clerks to process one sale at a time. Also, it is easier for the staff to work with PWA POS as it loads quicker and you get the same functionality as in web version. They also receive full customer and inventory details to make sales.

The result? For the customer: a faster and smoother checkout experience. For the business owner: streamlined business operations with built-in coordination of all information necessary for customer fulfillment. To break it down further, this means that you have a successful, and efficient business with lower overhead. Magestore’s PWA POS handles a wide range of different payment styles and processes them at high speed. Plus, it provides easy access allows offline viewing with no lag time. Finally, customers are able to easily view current stock availability as part of the POS.

Now let’s move on to more features of PWA POS and what it will give your business. Most certainly that you’ve heard about Omnichannel businesses. Accessibility is the feature that makes them successful and PWA POS certainly help to create the omnichannel experience.

PWA POS Benefits

In addition to the potential for expansion, the PWA POS has several other benefits. First, it can be accessed quickly, even on the first visit. Many users will bounce from the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. PWAs have been designed with this in mind, guaranteeing instant load time and letting customers surf without interruption even when the connection is bad or when offline. Web pages are updated silently in the background, and information from previous visits is pre-cached to tailor customer experience. Plus, since the same app runs on both mobile and desktop, PWAs lower your maintenance costs and requirements. Let’s take a look at the key advantages in order to understand how it works.

More & Faster Sales

Let’s face it – customers have plenty of options these days. And, attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. So, if a customer has to wait for a page to load before making a purchase, odds are they’ll find another source. The Point of Sale is the last place you want to lose a sale, so it’s vital that your POS will process product search, checkout, and report quickly. With PWA, you get lightning-fast load times and tailored customer experience.

Time & Cost Saving

We’ve touched a scenario upon how the customer can save time in the sales process. What about the business itself? A great bulk of business overhead is the admin. You have to pay employees to manage the paperwork. You have to spend the budget and man-hours for post-transaction fulfillment. And this is vital for the success of the company. A few unsatisfied customers can lead to poor reviews and fewer visits to your site. Keep your customers happy, and your conversion rates will soar. So, by streamlining your business operations, you actually improve the success of your business.

Ease of Expansion

One of the greatest details of the Magestore PWA POS is that it can be changed and upgraded from the backend. It’s the core Magento system that you’ve already been familiar with. You can manage or add locations for your products or physical sites. It also lets you determine roles and set permission for them. Staff can be assigned directly through the POS, and staff statistics can be easily monitored by the business owner. Finally, when it comes time to expand, there are no extra fees. In fact, this product is a one-time payment with no recurring fees. After purchase, your business can be expanded indefinitely without additional expenditure.

Control All Over the Stores

Another challenge faced by business owners is to coordinate the activity of all stores. Inventory, availability, shipping, these are just a few things that business owners need to manage, and the more stores you have, the bigger the challenge. Admin costs grow with each store, leading the business owner to wonder if it’s worth the challenge to expand. With Magento’s PWA POS, these questions are a thing of the past. You have instant access to all sales, inventory, and operations of every store. This lets you refine the operations in each store and easily switch from one location to another via the admin panel.

Inventory Management in Magento Admin Panel

Instant Use with Full Benefits

Ease of use is critical in the fast-paced modern world. The PWA POS streamlines the post-transaction phase. This means that customers receive their products or services without hold-ups from inefficient processing. They get what they want. Ease of use is the key to making your product available to your customer. The most beautiful thing about PWAs is that they offer an app-like experience without actually having to download an app. You get all the benefits and none of the downsides. Offline experience, instant loading, and no download.

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel is one of the holy grails of current eCommerce platforms. Last year, the big trend was multichannel. But we’ve moved on. Multichannel let the customer reach the site through any device. Omnichannel means that a customer can begin the sale on one device, and finish it on another without having to start from the beginning. Seamless integration happens across all channels. That’s what PWA POS system deliver to you as a business and helps to reach your customers and your business goals. Online fulfillment is integrated so that the customer can interact with the site, shifting devices when they need, and purchasing the product from the most efficient location.

PWA POS Key Features

Magestore’s PWA POS comes loaded with features to simplify your sales and boost efficiency. The login takes less than 3 seconds. Products can be held and processed at your convenience. It allows you to establish coupon codes for customers. You can add customer details for shipping and provide shipping options. All information from prior sales is at your fingertips. Customer status and order history can be accessed in seconds. Plus, this system lets customers leave a deposit to lock in a product. PWA POS is corresponding to the 2 devices: iPad, Android Tablet. It will be easy to work with customers via PWA app, not with a web version. It will save the time of the staff and the store owner.

How to Add PWA POS to Home Screen

In reality, you can have different scenarios with your customer at the store. PWA POS cover different situations that might appear. And you will understand them better with the features of the system and how they work.

Customer Management

How many customers can you handle at once? With the traditional methods, your POS gives you a hard ceiling. It means that you have a maximum limit on the number of sales you can make in an hour or a day. However, Magestore PWA POS shatters this ceiling. You can handle loads of customer requests, and stock availability is updated instantly. Transactions can be completed in less than ten seconds, and barcode scans are processed in less than one second. Plus, more than 12,000 orders can be processed in a single hour.

Working with Multiple Customers

The traditional POS limits the number of customers that can be processed at once by the number of available cash registers. Once you set up a PWA POS, you can create multiple orders at the same time. Orders can also be held and processed later, whenever you or the customer are ready to finalize the sale on checkout. When reviewing details of the sale, customers can be looked up in under a second. And when they win, you win.

POS feature to Work with Multiple Customers at Checkout

Filtering Customers

Each customer will have viewing and purchasing histories on your POS system. Being able to explore these histories lets you know what the customer wants. It lets you know what they are more likely to purchase later. Magento’s PWA POS gives you access to all customer history, letting you make targeted product recommendations and send new product offers that up conversions. Also, you can filter your customers in a system by the name, orders status, and location.


One of the challenges in eCommerce is to manually import or export information between the CMS and the POS. Synchronization provides and answers to this. It automatically integrates information from all aspects of the business. Stock information, customer information, orders, and sales are all fed into a single integrated database. Real-time sync incorporates information from Magento and POS. Offline sync lets merchants effortlessly manage the business without the internet connection and saves all actions that were performed during this period.

Partial Payments

One feature that increases customer convenience is partial payment. Customers may not be able to able to pay for the entire purchase at once. PWA POS lets you accept partial sales from a customer and then handles the later payments with no hassle.

Partial Payments PWA POSRefunds

Customer satisfaction requires refunds. Customers tend to change their mind. Sometimes they bought something that didn’t fit or made an impulse purchase they later regret. Magento’s PWA POS eliminates these challenges and makes the refund process as simple as the sale itself. You can fill out the refund right out from the system.

Reward Points and Coupons

Repeat customers come from incentives. We all love a sale. So, when you give your customers coupons and reward points, you dramatically increase conversion rates. PWA POS makes it easy to incorporate reward points and coupons at checkout as well.

Payment Methods

When it comes down to it, customers will want to pay with all sorts of different methods. Cash, credit card, PayPal, Stripe, set up your site so that the customers can pay as they want. Customers may want to split payments between different methods, and they will want to be able to use the methods that are easy for them. You can choose split payment on the screen at checkout, so the customer can pay half cash and half credit card, for example. Magento’s PWA POS is designed with this in mind, making purchases simple and cutting out the hassle.


Cash is king. This is how it’s been from the beginning of the business and it’s not likely to change anytime soon. This is just basic business protocol. If you have a physical location, it’s a necessity.

Credit Card

The second most common form of payment is with credit or debit card. And any online shop will need to be able to process this kind of payment. In fact, with both online and physical store, this is the first, the most preferred method of payment. So processing credit cards and debit cards are absolutely critical for the success of your business. PWA POS makes this simple, cutting out the middleman.


PayPal is the second most common form of payment for online purchases. Until the game changes, making your site PayPal accessible is an absolute necessity. PayPal is easy to set up, operates across the world, and makes payment simple. PayPal payments come default in the PWA POS system, making it a breeze for you to use the highest ranking international payment site with no additional steps. is set up for secure payments and invoicing, as well as recurring payments, secure customer data, and a wide range of different payment types. Plus, it makes checkout simple and includes automatic synchronization with Quickbooks. It might not be the top choice for online payments, but it comes close. PWA POS comes standard with features.


This is a scalable, flexible tool for processing online payments. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for Internet businesses. Magestoremade Stripe available for its new POS service. Regardless of the type of business you run, Stripe is a payment option you want to provide to your customers.


Bambora is an up-and-coming service that shouldn’t be overlooked in this new digital explosion. Though it may not have as much press as PayPal or, it’s still in the top of the rankings. Like the payment processing methods described above, Magento’s PWA POS comes equipped with facilities to process payments through Bambora. It offers tailored payment solutions to handle a wide range of payment sources. It’s a key payment processing platform for any site of the future.

Online Fulfillment

Ok. So you’ve got your orders in. The sale is made. What’s next? This is where order fulfillment comes in. It’s the post-transaction aspect of the sale. What happens after the customer has made the purchase. And, it’s key to the whole process. Online fulfillment is all about making sure your customer gets what they’ve ordered. This might require shipping or inventory handling. It might mean wrapping up the product in the checkout line. A customer can choose the preferred shipping method and delivery date.

POS and Location Management

Your customers are buying online. And, depending on the type of product, they’ll want something in their hands to complete the sale. This means that you’ll have to work with a physical inventory, based in a physical location. When you use Magento’s PWA POS, your inventory is correlated between all sites and shipping is the process in the most efficient way possible. It lets you give your customers what they want as quickly as possible.

Partial Payments Feature


It’s a no-brainer that different countries will use different currencies. Some methods of payment processing require multiple conversions from one currency to the next. Each time currency is converted, you lose a bit. So the key is to find methods that cut the number of conversions. Magento’s PWA POS intelligently connects a user to the source, cutting out all the middlemen to make the highest profits from your sale.

Configuration with Google API

Sitemaps are a key to SEO. When you set up a sitemap with Google API, you use a free Google service to coordinate maps, routes, and places with the site. If you have a physical location, this is absolutely essential for your service. It connects your customers with your physical offerings. They can find you, which means you get more conversions. Google API sitemaps make your site more efficient for the customers and for yourself.

Configuration with Google API from the Magento Admin

Overall, PWA POS by Magestore is a robust solution for the online and offline retailer, who wants to be omnichannel and cooperate with the customers successfully. It has lots of time-saving and innovative features for customers as online fulfillment, partial and split payments, easy navigation, online and offline synchronization, and other great tools. It will help you to control your inventory and plan product distribution among stores, quick reaction to stock fulfillment. Also, you will be able to proceed customers’ requests in a flexible manner and a short time.


When you decide to make use of the PWA app, you take advantage of the best services on the market to process payment. Your POS, or point of sale, will be revolutionized by the best of what modern technology has to offer. Your customers will be able to view your products and pay for them without any lag, any downtime, and with the best customer experience available. Magestore PWA POS offers the top-of-the-line technology and services to rock your eCommerce platform. Customers get what they want, when they want, with no delay.
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