Last time we discussed how to optimize Magento® performance. It’s a pretty important process for everyone who owns the website, especially eCommerce online store. Page loading time affects the conversion rate dramatically. It’s an interesting fact that if the page is loaded more than 3 seconds the visitor goes away. In the worst scenario, a website is hopeless at selling products, and you lose potential customers. But everyone can avoid it and turn this task into benefits. By the way, the search engines consider page loading time. And the websites that load faster get the higher positions in search results.

If your website is based on Magento, you are familiarized with its power. And that means your online store resists a high load of visitors on a daily basis. Is it ready for such a huge pressure, for example, when you run season sales at your store, and the number of visitors goes sky high? You can check your Magento based website for the most important parameters using our checklist. If you find something you can improve, just do it.

Checklist on How to Speed up Magento

  • Migrate to the Latest Version
  • Perform Image Optimization
  • Enable Flat Catalog
  • Concatenate (merge) CSS and Javascript Files
  • Enable Magento Compilation
  • Utilize Caching
  • Choose Fast Web Hosting
  • Clean Up Magento Database & Logs
  • Download Fewer Extensions & Modules
  • Perform MySQL Configuration
  • Update Indexes
  • Use PHP Accelerators

Now you can move on to the list of Magento Extensions to improve your website performance with full page caching.

Classic Scheme of Full Page Cache Magento Extensions

Imagine the user. He is opening the page of some Magento online store the first time. What happens then? Here are where Magento starts its work. It creates and delivers the required web page to a user and saves its copy in cache. This copy is stored there, and next time when the visitor goes to this page, he gets this copy. So, you see that the way is shortened. It goes from the user to cache. This process increases page loading speed in many times.

Top 3 Useful Full Page Cache Magento Extensions

As we work on Magento on a daily basis, and Magento development is our main expertise, we face different tasks related to Magento performance optimization. We can give you several recommendations on the choice of the useful full page cache Magento extensions based on our technical experience. You can try them and speed up your Magento based website. Before, you can view our checklist to learn what items you can improve right now.

Full Page Cache by Mirasvit

This solution works following the classic scheme of page caching and helps to increase the speed of Magento based website. It returns the web pages copies from the cache immediately. It allows you to reduce page loading time in 6-25 times comparing to default Magento. And this is an advantage of the extension.


  • full page cache for all website pages;
  • excludes required pages from the cache;
  • supports themes for mobile devices;
  • you can use different types of cache;
  • built-in crawler.

It also includes the detailed crawling statistic that helps you to keep cache up-to-date.

Where to get and learn more:

Full Page Cache by Amasty

Full Page Cache by Amasty also helps you to decrease server load and speed up your website. The distinctive feature of this extension is the support of dynamic blocks, called “holes” punch. So you can choose whether you want to use dynamic block caching or not.


  • full page cache for web pages;
  • dynamic blocks caching (enable/disable);
  • supports themes for mobile devices;
  • clearing cache for the whole website and its specific pages individually;
  • caching of Ajax requests;
  • uses native Magento functionality and compatible with default Magento;
  • Includes full page cache crawler;
  • supports LSS websites and compatible with content delivery networks.

Where to get and learn more:

Lesti_Fpc Extension

Lesti_Fpc extension is an internal solution for Magento. As external extension work in front of Magento, they reload dynamic content with Ajax. Yes, they are fast and efficient. But if you need more flexibility, Lesti_Fpc extension is one of the best solutions for you. It is an internal extension. It requires a bit more time for caching but could be compatible mostly with any Magento theme without much customization and development processes.

And a great plus that it’s absolutely free.


  • full page caching;
  • works with events;
  • replaces dynamic fields;
  • can exclude a category and a product;
  • 24-hour cache lifetime;
  • compatible with 1.5 – 1.9 Magento CE versions.

Where to get and read the instruction:

Where to learn more:


Now you have three useful Magento Page Cache extension you can try out. We hope this information will help you to speed up your website pages. You can install and set up these extensions by yourself. But while this process could be a bit more complicated, you can have your website optimized by our Certified Magento Developers. We have a Speed Up Magento services, and we will make the website review and optimization in the best possible way. Feel free to contact us, and best wishes on Magento performance optimization!
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