Grow Sales via Automated Emails

Grow Sales via Automated Emails

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If you are an owner of the online store or just thinking about how to create the online the shop, this article is for you. Everyone will say that he would like to sell more and get more benefits. But have you ever thought about building long-term relationships with a customer? Today we’ll talk about the first step of eCommerce marketing – automated emails.

Online shops are built on the B2C model when a customer buys some product of some company. In this case, there is a very important question: how to build the relationships between one person and the whole company, especially when the number of customers is large, and you need to communicate with everyone?

The great solution is email marketing.

Email marketing is more to relationships than just sales. It’s a way of communication between the company and a customer. Using the good approach, you can build the high level of credibility and interest to your brand. You can implement it in different ways, and if you go right, it will bring many benefits. Let’s look how it works in eCommerce. And the first step you can do is to set up automated emails.

Automated Emails

“Say Hello!” Emails

The first case for automated emails is a customer’s registration in your store or blog. Maybe, you want to say hello. – Just do it! Set up automated emails, which will congratulate the customer with the signing up to your store and announce interesting things you will send him monthly or weekly. It will be the first step towards your long-term communication. And more: you do it with all your customers. It’s like the first meeting when we try to leave a good impression. And here is the first benefit:

You always keep in touch and build a long-term communication.

“Returning to a Store” Emails

Let’s imagine that you have an online bookstore based on Magento®. You get new books and have many customers. Someone views your products, chooses the book, and adds it to the shopping cart. But suddenly he stops, decides to think a bit, and goes away. Then a customer forgets about the book, and you loose him. What can you do with this?

You can send him a short reminding email, that he’s left a product in a cart, and maybe he would like to buy it. And even more: you can also promote some books, which can interest the customer. As the result, you can return the customer to your website and let him do shopping. So now are you thinking about the number of the customers who left their carts? You get a great advantage:

You return the customers to your store, and they can do shopping.

How to do this with such a large number of people? – Set up your automated emails, which the customer gets when he makes some action on the website (in this case, he adds a product to a cart and goes away). If you trust Magento, and it’s a platform of your web store, try our Abandoned cart free module.

“Thanks for the Order” Emails

thankful emails

Have you ever got thankful emails in some online shop? – If yes, how do you think, what the goal of such emails is? – Maybe, when you make an order or buy something in the online store, you want to be sure that your payment is accepted, and everything’s alright.

And what if we say even more? Such emails can thank, clarify the details of the order, and also show the store’s products, which can be interesting for a customer.- Yes, it really works. Your emails could be customizable. You can adjust them according to your needs and goals: send a customer something valuable, like the useful article from your blog, or a discount for the next order, or show him the most popular products from the category related to his ordered product.

But don’t forget to thank 🙂

Also, in several days after the product delivery, you can send the email with an ask to leave the feedback for your products. In such way you gather the feedback, get more traffic to your website and make the customers remember you.The main task is to make a client confident, happy, and satisfied. If the customer gets all necessary information and even some pleasantness, some other time he will return to your store again.

Let the customers be confident – they will feel your care and like your store.

The Main Idea

We have just got acquainted with automated emails and what they can do for your business. They simplify the mailing process but don’t do everything themselves. We should think out such letters carefully and make them completely friendly and valuable.

The main advantages for a customer are the following:

  • such emails make him (her) confident and summarize the details;
  • they create communication between a customer and a store;
  • they can give exclusive opportunities (discounts, useful articles, interesting products).

As for the store owners, the benefits are evident:

  • such emails simplify the communication between the whole online store a large number of customers;
  • you return your customers to the store;
  • you get the feedbacks and additional sales;
  • the level of customer loyalty grows.

And here is the main thought: when a customer gives you an email, you get a very valuable thing. It’s like a friend who gives you a phone number. That’s why, we should appreciate this and send only qualitative content, friendly texts, and valuable information. Then we can make a step to a new level of relationships: a customer newsletter. – Let’s talk about how to become friends with a customer in the next release.


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