Hi everybody! The winter holidays have finally passed, and our Magento specialists team is working on their various tasks. Today we will share a few words on our development processes and thing we are working on now and have already done.

Magento Module Conflict Fixing

Our Magento specialists faced the conflict of two Magento modules. It’s a pretty common situation but could be a difficult issue. The most popular reason for modules conflicts in Magento is that one or more modules files replace the same files in Magento core. Usually, it happens with some custom and complicated modules. For example, such modules as shipping and payment modules don’t replace the files, they just plug and extend the functionality.

But we have some custom modules and need to make them be friends. The problem is that with their installation together, the function of changing the image in order had been broken.

Surprisingly, but there are different Magento extensions that will never cause the conflict on Magento. Why? – It’s quite simple. Such extensions plug into Magento architect like the adds on and have no negative effect on each other. But the custom modules are much more complex.

Resolving Magento Module Conflicts

We practiced several methods of resolving Magento module conflicts.

The first one is related to the source of the problem: when you install the custom module to Magento, it doesn’t just plug in. In most cases, it rewrites some default Magento files. That’s why we should fix this issues. Here are the things we can do:

  1. Try to switch off the rewrite coding.xml in conflicting file. Merge the code from this file to another conflicting file.
  2. Switch off the rewrite in coding.xml, and then extend the other extension with PHP file of conflicting extension.
  3. You can make the one extension depend on another one. Use capability for these purposes.

There are the easiest ways to fix the conflicts. But you can also detect the conflicts with some special Magento Extensions. Here, on Magento Commerce, you can choose the best one for your needs. But some other issues need the more complex approach.


Choosing the right Magento modules is not a complex task, but you should keep in mind possible module conflicts, especially in the first Magento version. We solved the problem of our client by updating one of the modules and by fixing several bugs in the system. If you have Magento modules conflicts and want to get a Magento 2 Extension Development services, please contact us. We’ll do our best for you.
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