How to Hire Outsourced Web Developers: Best Practices Guide

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Have you ever thought about hiring outsourcing services? Having enough internal resources for web development projects is great. But what if you can much more? What if you can increase the workflow without taking additional efforts?


Outsourcing web development solves a lot of problems related to resources, costs, and project deadlines if you work with people who care about your projects. Let us introduce the guide on how you can hire the professional outsourced web developers for your job.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Outsourcing Web Development Benefits and Risks

When we start thinking about the partnership with outsourcing company or hiring the outsourced web developer, we should keep in mind several pros and cons of outsourcing.

Want to know the key ones? – We are revealing all of them.

Why Outsource? The benefits of IT Outsourcing

There are a lot of process of web development outsourcing. And many of them you already know. Let’s recall them:

Getting more resources for clients’ projects. If you outsource some services, you’ll get more resources. Therefore your team can implement more projects. You can hire one or more outsourced web developers, and they will work as the members of your team. So, if you need more work resources for implementing some tasks and projects – this is the way.

Expansion of the brand’s expertise. You can do it by creating the B2B partner network. If your company expertise includes operating several technologies, you can partner with some outsourcing company which expertise includes some more required technologies. You can add these technologies to your competence. Then just outsource the projects to your partner. This helps to build a solid B2B partnership. Therefore, you can offer the wide range of services to your customers.

Cutting costs and saving time. This means that you can hire outsourced web developers who work on low or average hourly rates as compared to your company’s hourly rates. The difference in rates will help you to cut cost. As for time, you’ll have more time with your team for implementing the other clients’ projects.The business world is continually growing, competition is thriving, and it takes hard work and strategy to come out on top. The following outsourcing statistics shared over at Timedoctor will help you understand how big the outsourcing industry is, whether or not it’s truly worth your time, and how much you can potentially save your organization.

Some website outsourcing companies in the USA and other parts of the world take care of client’s time. They provide their clients with remote project managers. So you won’t need to worry about the outsourced projects at all. We, at WEB4PRO, take care of our partners, and they feel calm and happy 🙂

Pros of outsourcing are obvious. Nevertheless, there are several potential risks we should keep in mind.

How can you secure yourself from risks? First, read our guide up to the end.

Challenges of Web Development Outsourcing

Okay, the main risk we take when decide to outsource the project to web developers is that we don’t know exactly whom we are dealing with. In detail, we can describe these risks the following way:

The quality of final results may not meet our expectations. This is the pitfall which always stays in the way of any cooperation. Before choosing the web developer for your project, we should make sure that they are able to provide us with the qualitative results.

Well, so what is quality? – We’ll talk about this soon, keep reading!

The risk to be tricked by “not good” guys. This is a real world. Sometimes if you deal with no-name outsourced web developers, they can take your money and don’t complete the project. Or you’ll just get bad final results. If you want to secure yourself from this type of tricking, always choose web developers on the credible freelancing platforms. These platforms secure our payments and contracts, so there are no ways for tricks.

If we talk about companies, most of them sign the contract which secures both sides of a deal. So, always ask for the contract. Try to choose the companies which have a good reputation, qualitative portfolio, and corporate website.

Finally, when you are in the know of all benefits and disadvantages of web development outsourcing, it’s time to start the search for good web developers, right?

Are you ready to get the list of the best resources? – Let’s move on!

Where You Can Find Web Developers for Hiring

First of all, you need to know the places where you can post the job description, or even choose the people for your project from the ready-made list. But before you start searching, decide whether you want to work with the outsourcing company or freelance web developers. The approach to work processes will be different. Nevertheless, you can look through all the resources and make up your mind along the way.

Maybe now you are thinking about the list of resources… We have something for you.

There are a lot of platforms, catalogs, and professional social networks where the best outsourcing companies and freelance web developers have their profiles. You are welcome to use our list of these resources.

Check it out!

If you are looking for freelancers, here is a list of the best global freelancing platforms:

Well, but what about the outsourcing companies?

In this case, we recommend you to view the credible catalogs and platforms where you can find top web development companies in the world. Most of them provide dedicated teams of professionals and remote developers for your projects. And the cost for outsourcing can be very attractive. In most catalogs, you’ll find the hourly rate defined.

Here is the list of resources where you can choose web outsourcing companies in USA, Europe, and the other countries:

This list will help you to focus on the right places.So, when you finally find some good profiles which catch your eye, how will you choose the best web developer? First of all, we suggest you request the CV.

Let’s focus on the way of how we can choose the best developers for your job.

Choosing the Best Outsourced Web Developers

Considering outsourced web developer’s CV

There are the various types of developer’s CVs around the word. We think all of them should have some necessary parts to make the description of developer’s experience clear for a client. We prepared the points we think are the key in the CV.

Here they are:

Years of experience. Often the level of developer’s knowledge depends on this point. The more years of experience the web developer has, the higher his gradation level is (like Junior, Middle, or Senior). This level also affects the developer’s hourly rate value.

About information. This information should describe the basic specialist’s competence and their professional skills.

Expert skills. This point should define main technologies and tasks in which the specialist has an expertise. Pay attention to this point.

Technical expertise. This section provides the detailed list of technologies, tools, and case studies with which the web developer worked. You can find lots of useful information here. For instance, if most of this list is what your project requires, you can continue communication with the developer.

Professional experience. It usually explains the last and current web developer’s responsibilities. From the other hand, you can find the information about job post and career growth. It’s useful if you are looking for some additional personal skills, like management, team leading, or vanity.

Work examples. We are sure that work examples should be represented not only in the form of links to the websites created. Furthermore, the web developer should describe technologies used on these projects. A well-made portfolio should consist of qualitative, modern, and complicated work examples.

Languages proficiency level. It will be the pros if the web developer reveals English proficiency level. This will help you to understand whether it is convenient to have a talk with each other.

Education. It’s not the key point which will influence your choice. But, definitely, the specialists who obtained the higher education in mathematics or computer science has more chances to cope with non-standard tasks.We can extend the item list in the CV. Some creative people can add something more personal, like a life motto or a view of life 🙂

The main purpose of developer’s CV is to provide the client with all necessary information. Having this information will help you to choose the person with the required level of competences.

Great! We have several good CVs. So, what then? Let’s choose your champion.

Evaluating the Quality of Web Developer’s Work

Before we move to the final step of our trip, let’s define what the quality is exactly for us.

In web development, the quality is a clear code structure, ability to modify this code, the working final solution, and, yes, the high level of communicational and management skills. These are the essentials of successful cooperation.

How can you check the quality?

Don’t hesitate to ask the developer for examples of works. Offer them to complete the test task. Also, you must contact the technical interview to understand the psycho type of the person you are going to work with. It will help understand whether you both can easily cooperate with each other and inside your team.

Conducting the Technical Interview

outsourced web developer's technical interview

If you know what technical skills the web developer should have, you can pick the best value for your money.

How to conduct the technical interview?

The best way to do this is to prepare the list of questions related to the technical side of your topic. Also, ask the web developer about their experience, tools, and technologies they worked with, and ask about examples of cases.

Who can take part in the technical interview?

The necessary person of this process is your technical team leader, who is the technical specialist from your side, and the product owner. The product owner is a role of the key person on the project. It’s a client, in other words. You or another responsible person from your side can be the product owner. Together with the technical specialist, you’ll carry out the professional interview. Both of you can focus on different parts of future cooperation.

What services can you use for the interview?

As now we usually partner with the web developers from all parts of the world, choose the credible services which provide the good quality of connection and ability to make video calls:

  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Viber

What should you pay attention to?

We suggest you focus on the following:

  • the level of technical knowledge;
  • web developer’s communication skills;
  • English level (whether you understand each other or not):
  • ability to adherence the timeframes;
  • ability to recommend some custom and creative solutions.

That’s all. This may help you to conduct the successful technical interview.

Now you are almost ready to choose the best Outsourced web developer.


Let’s add some more thoughts….

Several Necessary Steps Before You Start the Project

Before you start, make sure that you are secured from risk.

Check the remote web developer’s work environment. That means you should wonder what tools and equipment web developers use for doing their daily tasks. Do they have the allocated workplace with all needed staff for their convenient work? If they do, that means your team will cooperate easily, and they will be focused on a project. The work will be much more productive.

Sign the contract. Each deal with money should be fixed in black and white. This secures both sides from risks. Also, you can request signing NDA and ask for preserving the intellectual property right.

In conclusion, when you think that you want to work with the person in front of you, just do it! Don’t worry too much about risks. Outsourcing is a popular and effective approach now. It tends to help both partners gain the income and grow their business.

Finally, let’s recall all steps we should make for choosing the best remote web developer.

We should do the following when hiring the outsourced web developer:

  • get aware of benefits and risks of IT outsourcing;
  • define the list of trusted web resources for posting job offers and choosing the companies;
  • consider the well-structured and relevant web developers’ CV’s;
  • evaluate the potential of web developer’s work quality;
  • carry out the professional technical interview;
  • ask for guarantees and contract;
  • choose the best person for your job!

Thank you for reading. We tend to take care of everyone who needs our help. That’s why we want to be useful even on the stage of choosing the specialists. Yes, the project start can be easy! Just give it a try and drop us a line if this guide works for you.


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