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If you are a real estate agency, and you want to bring your business to a new level, or your goal is providing your customers with the most qualitative services, probably, you are looking for a receipt of the ideal real estate agency website. A full-featured website with the best user experience possible attracts a lot of customers and makes them stay with you for always. Are you agree? Just step into your customer’s shoes, and you’ll see how important the website is for users nowadays.

Today we reveal the elements of the perfect real estate agency website. We are going to share some features that bring success to this sphere, and you’ll learn how to create the ideal website.

First of all, let’s try to figure out what expectations and problems have your customers.

User’s Expectations of the Real Estate Agency Website

There are two types of real estate agency’s clients. They are those who sell and those who buy.

Those Who Buy

Let’s imagine that you are looking for some property in the specific area. What factors usually affect you while choosing the estate? They could be the following:

  • the lack of time;
  • an ability/disability to relocate and take part in meetings for inspecting the property;
  • some money limits;
  • the level of credibility to an agency;
  • customer’s service quality, the personal attitude;
  • freedom of choice (perhaps, you always consider several variants of estate):
  • location and surrounding areas;
  • the volume of relevant information about the property;
  • some additional information and useful advice.

So, as you can see, buyers face a lot of issues, such as the lack of time for tripping, searching, and communicating. That’s why they must find all answers to these questions in one place – your website.

Those Who Sell

The same goes to sellers. They should base on the factors we considered above. The sellers must predict and answer all possible buyers’ questions that can arise. They need to share the relevant information about estate they sell. This way, the sellers can win the buyers’ trust.

But at the same time, the sellers have the similar problem: the lack of time for tripping, searching, and communicating.

And what about you, the real estate agent? Haven’t you the same pitfalls that sometimes prevent you from dealing with the right people? All of us lack time, but our modern world requires a lot of our efforts. We can cope with all these things and solve the tasks of three parts in one time by creating the perfect real estate agency’s website.

A good website must solve the both parts’ problems: the customer’s and business’s.Our task is to look at our customer’s expectations, consider how we can answer these possible question, and how we can implement the features on the website that is easy to use and pleasant to visit.

Real Estate Agency Website Template

Why do we call it template? Don’t take it too literally, because there are no templates and limits for good and interesting solution. We just base on our project experience in the real estate sphere. We came up with some ideas of the ideal real estate agency’s website. It should include some special features, basic functionality, and necessary pages. We call it “template” because it always works good but looks absolutely differently for all projects.

First, let’s make a decision about the powerful base for the website. In most cases, Drupal or WordPress CMSs will be for this website type.

Then let’s think about the structure.

Real Estate Agency Website Functionality

About me/us Page

You should tell the world about your business. Place the relevant information on this page.

Property to Buy

This place is for buyers who look for properties. They will find a wide variety of properties on this page.

Property to Sell

Help the sellers make deals with buyers. They can sell their properties using your website.

Description Page for Each Property

Your customers provide the relevant information on their properties, share photos, and contacts on the specific pages.

Clients and Testimonials

Trust and again trust. This place is dedicated to earning customer loyalty and showing clients’ reviews.

User Cabinet

It is a good way to show your respect to website visitors, make their experience much better, and at the same time get some data for the future interaction. It also secures the user’s data and helps save data related to deals, viewed properties, and some other useful information.


Answers to frequently asked questions save your and customers’ time and help them get something that they look for immediately.

Blog and News

Adds relevant information about your services, includes useful advice for clients, keep them in touch with you and also growth their trust. By the way, a blog with qualitative content is good for SEO and appreciated by search engines.

Contact Page

Gives all your contacts for keeping in touch with all your website visitors and potential customers. Be reachable from any place in the world.

Real Estate Website Features

As for features, they help us to get the best possible user experience and make the website user-friendly.

Here are the must-have features for the real estate website:

Mortgage Calculator

Allows accounting the mortgage for buyers.

Property Listing

Your website is a catalog. So it should include the listing that is comfortable to use.

Property Comprehension

It’s a very helpful feature for website users. When you have some variants, you want to compare them. Give this ability to your customers.

Save, Print, and Download Brochures

If we talk about properties, interaction with the offline brochure is important when you want to ask somebody for a piece of advice or in case you need time to make a decision.

Virtual Tour

It’s our future. Virtual tours allow getting to any place from any point of the planet using only the computer and the Internet. Show how your properties look in reality, and your customers will trust you more.

Featured, New, Sold Properties

The customers should track the progress on selling properties and adding new opportunities. Provide them with these useful features.


Filters by location, cost, and other factors are the indicators of advanced user experience. Make your website super-user-friendly and modern.

How You Can Get The Perfect Real Estate Agency Website

Finally, we move to the key point. How can you get the ideal website? Let’s summarize:

  • prepare relevant and high-quality content for your website;
  • figure out your requirements and goals;
  • consider the useful features you want to implement;
  • trust us your project, and we’ll develop the perfect real estate agency website for your business success!


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