If you thought  your website’s work ended after development and launch, it is not so. Working with the site is a non-stop process  that constantly requires the attention of developers because there are always additional tasks that require the prompt intervention of professionals. For optimal site operation in any area, it is always necessary to carry out many technical procedures for support, optimization, and development. In this article, we would like to reveal the topic of technical support, tell you what it is, why it is essential, and what it includes.

What Is It Support?

IT website support is understood as a set of tasks, or any assistance in ensuring the stable operation of the website; most often, such support is aimed at eliminating a specific issue . Problem-solving is mainly understood as a technical issue ; rarely, when it is content, design or other services, however, some IT companies can solve these problems. The company can provide support services through outsourcing or internal support.

 There are various ways in which the company will work with you:

The first way can be a one-time work in which the team will solve existing and critical problems, and this support option; is most often used when they urgently want to change something in the site settings.

Another way is monthly site maintenance work; which  is good if you need to consistently make changes to your site.

And the third and most popular way is the constant support of the site. This support method is considered optimal since only with this method will your website be as convenient as possible for users and work without problems and errors all the time. Most importantly, your site will never have critical issues with constant support on the site.

In most cases, a business outsources technical support because only with this method can you get maximum help and, simultaneously , reduce costs. The main advantage is that you can focus on your main business goals and be sure that your site works as well  as possible.

If you have doubts about outsourcing a team, this article will help you quickly deal with this problem, you will find all the pros and cons of working with an outsourced team, find out what services can be outsourced and what outsourcing is in general.

Sometimes a business decides to use internal technical support, which means it hires its technical support team. This support is only necessary if your website needs help  for regular business operations or if the company works with data that cannot be transferred to third parties. This method is more expensive but in some cases, entirely appropriate.

Now let’s move on to a more important point, and determine what issues tech support solves.

What Issues Does IT Support Solve?

  • Software and technical issues.Cover various topics, which can arise for various reasons, but let’s break down the common problems that IT support can handle.
  • Updating Sites. No matter how thoughtful in detail the site is, over time, it and its content will still need to be updated. In such a case, it may be necessary to rewrite texts on given pages, update databases with products, refine filters in catalogues, change icons, refresh the menu design, add a new section or remove the old one. By doing all of this – the site will always be up to date.
  • Web Server Administration.
  • Website Development. Track the industry and competitor sites, in particular, evaluate the prospects for different resource development options, choose the best solutions for their implementation, and the like.
  • Problems with Password Recovery and Access.
  • Viruses, Malware, Security Breaches. Support solves such a problem as cyber security, an essential aspect for any business. Preventing cyber attacks or reducing the risks of an attack will help your business stay afloat.
  • Storage of Backups. Backups are saved in critical situations when performance problems arise, or a virus is detected.
  • Maintenance of the Mail Server.
  • Setting Up Analytics Tools, Adding New Conversions, Uploading Data to External Sources, Creating Reports and Other Tasks.
  • Communication with Hosters. Not all business owners have time to correspond with the hosting support service.
  • Troubleshooting Hardware, Software, Server Maintenance and Other Technical Issues.
  • Monitoring of DNS Servers. They affect the performance of the site.

As well as many other issues that technical support can solve, it all depends on what conditions you agree to approve.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Service

The most significant advantage of the technical support of the site is that without causing you to waste time on their decisions, the tech support  is taken over by a team of professionals. Such sites can only exist with backing  of  an online store or similar projects. We have prepared a list of technical support’s advantages and disadvantages.

Technical Support’s Advantages:

  • Constant Control;
  • The Site Will Be Under Reliable Protection 24/7;
  • Virus Protection;
  • Optimization;
  • Content Update;
  • Guaranteed Resource Performance;
  • Unlimited Scaling: Under the supervision of an experienced developer, you can move to a new server, make changes to the project infrastructure or change the content management system;
  • Reliable Storage of Backups — always Fresh Updates.

Technical Support’s Disadvantages:

  • Dependence on ThirdPparty Specialists: The work of the site will depend entirely on whether the developer notices the problem;
  • The Need to Conclude a Contract;
  • Extra Expenses: Of course, no one wants to pay more, but this is the case when these costs quickly pay off.


As you can see, IT support is one of the critical success factors for any website. As technology advances quickly and things change, adequately equipped and resourced technical support becomes increasingly important. If you want to improve your website, we have a whole team to help you solve any problem with your website.
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