How to Install Magento 2 on Windows 10 Using Local OpenServer

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Install Magento® 2 on Windows 10… Sounds good, right? Today we’ll run through the process on how to make it work using OpenServer.

Magento Installation Steps

Anytime you are going to deal with Magento 2, you’ll find the list of specific technical requirements, such as the following ones:

Magento 2 technical requirements

It’s just a part of them. The first requirement is operating system requirements: Linux x86-64. But should we do if our task is working with Magento 2 on Windows 10? OpenServer is a right solution in this case. The matter is that symlinks don’t work on Windows 10 for Magento 2.

However, OpenServer and the correct install of Node.js are helpful in solving this problem. It’s our way of how to work with Magento 2 and Node.js. Enough words – follow our Magento install instructions guide.

Setting the local OpenServer in order to Install Magento 2 on Windows 10

  • Install Node.js if it’s not set. You can find the Node.js official installer here. It is set to Program Filesnodejs by default.
  • Run OpenServer with admin access. The symlinks will work only in case you use admin access.
  • Open settings. On the ‘Server’ tab and “Setting the use of Path variable” field, we should set ‘Own Path userdata/config/path.txt’.
  • Following the path: Your_drive:OpenServeruserdataconfig (Your_Drive is a drive’s letter where OpenServer is set), create a path.txt file with the next content:

C:Program Filesnodejs


The second row here is a path of setting grunt, gulp, etc. If you have the other files location, don’t forget to correct the paths.

  • Rerun the server.
  • Run OpenServer console.
  • Check whether node.js works. Use node v command.
  • Install Grunt: npm install -g grunt-cl
  • Check whether Grunt works. Use grunt v command.

Now Node.js and Grunt are set on your OpenServer globally.  You can set any other packages, such as Bower, Gulp, etc using our approach.

The main thing here is to write path.txt. file paths correctly. That’s all!


Now you are able to work with Node.js and Magento 2 on Windows 10. However, sometimes when you set up Magento you may force some issues with it. If such situation occurs, and you have Magento installation error, you can  Nevertheless, we can provide you with Magento Support.

Posted on: June 07, 2017


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