Thirteen years ago, Nicklas Nordbergh and John Ekström had a dream. Their goal was to craft accessories that take men’s style to the next level. Thanks to their immense creativity and the best possible craftsmanship, they reached their true potential, and now we are happy to introduce a powerful John Henric menswear brand.

It all started in Lund – a historical city in Sweden. At the outset, they created high-quality accessories, but later they branched out to produce clothing items and bags. This decision made all the difference for the brand – the company gained more exposure due to the production of clothing items. Jon Hencic’s creation process was inspired by Swedish and Italian fashion – to this day. They provide customers with a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks to the website’s luxury feel and garments.

John Hencic brand prides itself on creating “affordable luxury.” They employ small and often family-owned businesses instead of suppliers, making it easy for the company to manage its inventory and stay on top of seasonal changes.

Nicklas Nordbergh (Creative director) identified a gap in the market. He claimed that male accessories were overlooked – so he wanted to change the scene by creating fun and expressive accessories. His love of entrepreneurship drove John Ekström (CEO), and his goal was to create a niche accessory brand, which he had built from the ground up with Nicklas.

This John Henric review article will show you how the luxury feel of John Henric garments translates to the remarkable experience on their website and how these two components create a great user experience.

Overall Impression of John Henric

On the John Henric clothing website, we have a high amount of information, yet it’s easy to navigate the site. You’re going to find what you are looking for in seconds, as the well-structured layout makes it easy to read titles and product names. In addition, the website uses engaging visuals, so the user can easily browse any category. Also, if we start navigating using the top menu, we’ll see that some categories show a visual association with them.

John Henric roll down menu

Why this is useful: it decreases the time users spend thinking and finding the right product. Not to mention, it creates clear expectations.

website overview

In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at the desktop version of the website – the home page and navigation, the category page, and the product pages. Finally, we’ll examine the useful marketing features they employ.

John Henric Features Optimized For Success

Home Page & Navigation

The tile structure makes it very easy to navigate and look through various elements. They emphasized visuals – this way, the amount of information is not overpowering at all. Under the tile structure, we see a brief description of men’s accessories and how they can elevate any look. If you look closely, you can see how the brand uses keyword-rich text here. They also offer insight into styling the pieces.

Pro tip: using top keywords like John Henric will help your SEO efforts

keyword rich text

Including a ‘What our customers are saying‘ block provides social proof about the brand. New customers will feel sure and secure about their choice. On the John Henric website, it’s especially well-positioned right at the bottom of the home page. Customer reviews are inevitable for a growing business. Read more about them in our guide

what our customers say

Features That Help Create The Right Expectations

Category Page

On top of the Category Page, we have a description highlighting the products’ features and styling ideas. Again, they use keyword-rich text here, which helps them achieve favorable Google search results.

John Henric filters

We can sort the products with filters, and if we hover over the pictures, we can see the products from another angle and light. It helps customers create the right expectations and not spend time on products that they don’t like. Thus, it contributes to a more positive and smooth shopping experience. Besides another photo, they also have available sizes written over each product as we move the cursor over them. This way, shoppers can quickly see if the store has their size in stock, and if not, they can move on to the Google search results for products they like.

We can find a ‘star‘ icon near each product, allowing us to add the product to the wish list and return to this product later. Wish lists help brands return customers to their stores with the newsletter. They can also use this data for customer-focused advertisement campaigns.

available sizes

Another trick they use on the Category Page: the brand shows discounts (30% off, etc.) to create urgency. This is how they show customers that they shouldn’t miss out on a great deal. It encourages faster decision-making. This trick works because we are psychologically coded to desire exclusive or only available things for a limited time.

This page has a ‘display mode‘ feature allowing us to scale the grid and get a larger view of products.

display mode

Product Page

We can find all the necessary information on the Product Page – the price, available sizes, product description, and specifications.

Model is also wearing’ is a section on the website where the various products that constitute the outfit are listed. Customers can purchase them as well. It’s a great way to encourage them to buy more if they like the look – or even the whole outfit if it is still available.

model is also wearing

Under the product specifics, we have a ‘Recently viewed‘ section, reminding the customers of the products they already visited but might have forgotten about.

Recently viewed‘ and ‘Others also viewed‘ are features that brands use to encourage customers to stay on the site longer and possibly purchase more. The Recently Viewed feature can also come in handy when people are looking for one specific item, for example, a blue polo neck shirt. If the website has four different blue polo neck shirts, the customer can see them side by side after visiting their product pages.

Important elements that help customers develop decisions quickly and confidently are product return policy, delivery details, and size guide. It’s an advantage that they don’t take the user to another page but open a pop-up window, which is easily accessible right from the product page. Another good thing is size swatches – you can see all the available sizes at a time, which decreases the friction needed to buy the product.

pop up

One-step Checkout Process

John Henric uses a one-page checkout process, where we can see all the purchase details on one page before hitting ‘Proceed to card details.’ Having only one page makes the checkout process way faster than entering all of our details on separate pages. In addition, this makes it easier for the customer to review the order details and their personal information instead of clicking-through various sections to reach the payment method.

10. John Henric one page checkout

More and more people are aware of the importance of a secure checkout process – it always helps your objectives to have an SSL certificate on your website. In practice, it means that your website URL starts with ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’ and provides a secure checkout.

Marketing Tactics You Should Try

John Henric offers Free shipping and Home delivery, which they state on top of their website – having a static note like this is a popular marketing feature. People don’t like surprises and hidden costs, but they appreciate clarity from the beginning of their shopping journey.

free shipping

Products are not only sorted based on product types but also events like proms & weddings. This feature offers another excellent way for customers to look for the perfect outfit for an important day in their lives.


The Style Guide Page works as a shop assistant for men, helping them achieve a stylish look, select the right accessories, and wear them properly. Providing style ideas supported by pictures creates credibility for the brand and gives many ideas to customers. Having a wide range of beautiful products is essential to satisfy various tastes. Brands are expected to create inspiration and educate their customers on how to wear their products.


The wish list button for the products allows you to save favorite or most interesting products and simply add them later to the shopping cart – just like the clothes in the fitting room.

wish list

In this section we made a John Henric review of the best features that make the website on desktop stand out – now let’s see John Henric on mobile. Read on to see how they mastered mobile optimization – and how you can, too!

John Henric Review On Mobile

The website’s loading speed is just as fast on mobile as it is on desktop. This is key to customer retention as they tend to be discouraged by slow loading speeds.

The discount pop-up is proportional to the screen – seemingly small details like this contribute a lot to a luxury user experience.


The tile structure looks just as great on mobile as it does on desktop – on a smaller screen, we only have one column, but it is very easy to read. The Categories menu on mobile uses the power of tiny visuals to make its usage more intuitive. On a small screen, having a scrollable menu on the side is way more user-friendly than a static top menu.


The mobile version shows the available sizes of products on the category page if we tap on a product while scrolling. This is highly efficient when shopping on mobile because a split second is more than enough for the customer to see if the retailer has their size in stock.
On mobile, search suggestions offer the most searched terms – offering some great ideas to those just looking around on the site.


Another great feature here is the list of all available payment options – it’s handy for customers and allows the brand to offer the most convenient checkout experience. Users like transparency and predictability – this is an excellent example of a user-friendly checkout process.


Despite having many high-quality photos and all the information we need about their products, John Henric’s website has an excellent loading speed even on mobile. It’s safe to say that the website is optimized for smaller screens – it offers the same high-end web experience as the desktop version while also having all the features accessible.


John Henric took the fashion world by storm with their sophisticated and highly detailed accessories and clothing items. The most inspiring aspect of their story is that they were ready to change things up and not only sell accessories but also add garments to the repertoire. This is how they found their true potential and were able to scale their business. They utilize many important website features that help customers get the best experience possible – they convey the meaning of luxury both on their website and with their products.
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