Kiehl’s Cosmetics: Mix of a Personalized Approach to Clients, Customer-Oriented User Experience and Professionalism

Kiehl’s Cosmetics: Mix of a Personalized Approach to Clients, Customer-Oriented User Experience and Professionalism

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Every business strives to get the perfect website for their sales because it is the site that is the main factor in creating the first impression of your regular and potential customers about you and your company. After all, even your regular customers can leave you because of an inconvenient interface, navigation, home loading or a lack of features. Your site should always be up-to-date, visually attractive, convenient and informative. We advise you to pay attention to each you have done – from the colour palette to the fonts. We want to help you improve your store using the example of Kiehl’s cosmetics store.

Using the example of this cosmetics store, you will learn what you should pay attention to, find out which features should also be applied, and what exactly impresses customers. By using all this, you can create not only a beautiful but also an effective website.

The Most Useful

Kiehl’s is a well-known American cosmetics brand specializing in premium environmental care products for skin, hair and body. Kiehl’s began as a small family pharmacy founded by John Keels in 1851. In the pharmacy, one could buy cosmetics, ointments, healing tinctures, oils and herbal teas. In 1921, Irving Morse, who studied pharmacology and dermatology at Columbia University, joined the company. Many of Kiehl’s Cosmetics signature products were created through his efforts and remain in demand to this day. At the moment, the brand has more than 250 brand boutiques around the world. In 2000, the brand was acquired by L’Oréal for $150 million.

Let’s now proceed directly to the analysis of the site. The site will become a powerful tool for business and an effective method of its advertising. Through its appearance and capabilities, the website should evoke the right impression of the company and form trust and desire to cooperate with it.

Feature-rich Home Page

Think of your homepage as the virtual front door to your store. If the visitor does not like what he sees, he will immediately want to leave – in the case of an online store, press the “back” button.

So, what makes Kiehl’s website homepage design attractive? Below you will learn all the subtleties of the design of Kiehl’s homepage. With the help of these features, the site has become as client-oriented as possible.

Kiehls is an excellent example of a simple site that advertises your business profitably and attracts users with its simple navigation, convenient functionality and selling strategy

On the main page, you can immediately see the active special offer of the store with the top bestsellers of the site and information about discounts in honour of the “Boxing Day” holiday. Such information will interest potential customers and help you increase your business’s sales.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Brand

Also, a good sales lever is high-quality and convenient site navigation. The brand made a very rational sequence of sections, bringing forward a special offer for “Boxing day”, “Offers”, “Gifts”, “New&Now”, and “Best Sellers” these sections are the most relevant during the holidays and special dates, and will improve your sales.  Another categories as a “Skincare”, “Body”, “Mens”, “Hair”, “Services”, “Kiehl’s Awards”, are also necessary for any website.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Subcategories

As you can see in the gift example, each section is divided into convenient categories, in addition to the usual product divisions into “Gifts for Her”, “Gifts for Him”, “Gifts for Everyone”, “Gifts for Pets”, the brand also offers gift sorting by price, as well as a quiz to search for gifts. This method of sorting categories on the site will appeal to all users and make it easier to find the right products.

Concerning gifts, Kiehls approached this topic very responsibly and dedicated a whole perfectly designed page for gifts. On their page, you will find several categories to quickly find gifts for every taste and every price. We advise you to be inspired by this idea and create a separate page for gifts to make life easier for your customers.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Gifts

Note that the subcategory has a unique SEO-optimized description, making it easy to find specific products directly in Google search results.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Gifts

We would also like to draw attention to a large number of sales engines on the site, namely the offer to receive a gift with a purchase for $ 90 – this method increases the average bill for a purchase. The next offer that immediately catches your eye – getting a $ 10 discount on your first purchase – such a pop-up motivates the client to purchase faster. Another feature that immediately catches your eye is the ability to contact a professional who will help you choose the right cosmetics. Customers will be confident in the correct choice and make a purchase faster.

Customer-Oriented Service Page

Expert service has always been at the forefront of the company, which is why online and in-store services are designed to help customers find solutions for healthy skin—all services in the store are designed with individuality, innovation and scientific achievements in mind. On the “Customer Service” page, all services are perfectly described, and the customer can easily find the service he needs.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Product Page

Every business loves satisfied customers. Customers buy more, share their impressions with friends, and write reviews on the product page. Happy customers are the best indicator that you are moving in the right direction and that your business will continue to grow. This approach to service Kiehls has brought the quality of service to the online store to a new level, not only with the help of a thoroughly designed website but also with the help of a personalized service for customers. Remember to provide excellent personalized service to your customers.

Valuable Rewards for Regular Customers

The loyalty program works not only offline. Online stores also use this tool to interact with customers. The system of discounts and bonuses helps them win the audience’s favour on the Internet. An online store does not need plastic to launch a loyalty program. Communication with the client initially takes place in the digital world.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Rewords

For beloved customers, Kiehl launched a loyalty program. The idea fits harmoniously into the universe of premium cosmetics: customers like to feel that they belong to the beauty community and receive exclusive privileges.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Special offers

Members of the program receive rewards for skin care: a birthday gift, exclusive offers, vouchers and more.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Loyalty levels for customers

Kiehl has launched three loyalty levels for customers – depending on the amount spent per year, Kiehl customers receive more and more privileges. The loyalty program helps stores increase their average check per order per year.

Every seller who has sufficiently developed their business should consider introducing a loyalty program. It helps to retain customers, which makes it easier to promote an online store. 

Choose a loyalty program depending on the characteristics of your business and target audience. Make it understandable and valuable for the buyer, which will bring its effect.

Customer-Oriented Product Page

Developing a product card in an online store requires special attention since this element must effectively interact with the buyer and sell.

A product card for an online store combines visual and textual content, a set of descriptions of product characteristics and functional elements (buttons, sections with a choice of colour or size, and so on).

An ideal product card in an online store should:

* to attract the attention of a potential buyer,

* cause a desire to possess the product,

* answer possible questions,

* remove objections,

* induce to purchase the product.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Product Page

The brand designed its product card very concisely. There is a lot of space for pictures, and there is all the necessary information about the availability and volume. At the same time, you can quickly go to reviews or product descriptions – links to them are located directly below the description. The site also took care of customers and added a pop-up window so that customers remember the rewards program; in turn, for businesses, this means getting additional information about customers.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Description

Going down the product card page, you will find an extensive selling description of the product, as well as how this product can help – such a description will help convince the client of the right choice and motivate them to make a purchase faster.

The brand pays maximum attention to navigation through the product catalogue. It offers related products that are used together with the main one. Kiehls offer to purchase additional products for the daily routine of make-up.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Additional sales “Related products”

This method will help increase the average check by displaying products that other visitors bought or picked up by a professional and the product of interest to the buyer. The probability that the buyer will be interested in something is high, so do not ignore this possibility when designing a product card.

The brand also offers a block of personal recommendations for positions from other categories “You may also like”. To implement this block, it is better to implement specific functionality that selects products based on the analysis of user data. This block will also increase the average check and make additional sales.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Additional sales “You may like”

The customer must distinguish alternative goods from compatible ones. Offer them in blocks with different names – these blocks do not have to be placed next to each other. Particular care must be taken to select compatible products, as some users believe all products offered are compatible by definition.

Cart and Checkout Process

Kiehls offers a variety of payment methods and a secure checkout process. For those who do not want to register and leave data, it is possible to place an order as a guest. For additional sales, there is a “You may like” block.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Bag

Kiehls also offers a choice of 3 free samples and another reminder to participate in the loyalty program.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Cart and Checkout Process

To choose the suitable payment method, pay attention to the requirements for the site, technical compatibility and working conditions with this system in different regions, as well as the size of the commission. Connecting a secure payment system will increase sales and the number of regular customers who will willingly return to your online store to make new purchases.

Kiehl’s On Mobile

The Internet has dramatically changed consumer behaviour. Now, customers look for products on the Internet and then go to the store. And since users now mostly use mobile devices,

To make the site more popular and profitable to ensure a systematic increase in traffic, you need to take care of creating its high-quality mobile version.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - On Mobile

Once on the main page of Kiehl’s online store, the user immediately understands what the website is about. A banner with the main bestseller and current promotions is placed in the centre of the screen, and an offer to receive a $10 discount is immediately visible.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Mobile Navigatio

The mobile version has excellent intuitive navigation, and the site elements are large enough to press with your finger comfortably. A distinctive feature that many users will appreciate is the ability to change the website’s language. Choosing and placing an order in the mobile version is as simple as possible.

Kiehl's Cosmetics - Mobile Checkout

The Website contains several different payment methods; in addition to the usual payment methods, you can pay for the goods using AfterPay and PayPal when placing an order.

We advise you to remember such important payment methods as Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are the most convenient and fast solutions for mobile users.


Modern buyers like to shop online - making and paying for an order takes place in a couple of clicks; the purchase is delivered to the door at any convenient time, and the store's consultants are in touch online.But not all online stores manage to provide customers with a genuinely convenient shopping service. The WEB4PRO team will help you fulfill all your desires and ideas for your business. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to write to us; we will help you with any issue.

Posted on: March 15, 2023


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