Swedish womenswear brand MADLADY has served trendsetters of the Nordic market since 2011. With its distinctive designs, materials and fits, the brand’s goal was to stand out from the competition and encourage women to develop their unique style. The wearer of their garments will instantly radiate confidence, as MADLADY serves a wide range of products that fit any lifestyle and mood. MADLADY is all about being unapologetically fun and effortless.

Brand’s unique selling point is the distinctive style of clothing that’s not sold anywhere else on the Nordic market. This womenswear brand is the perfect destination for fashion lovers between the ages of 18 and 30. Their advantage lies in having an unbeatable range of clothing that offers a wide variety for fashion-conscious individuals.

MADLADY is for trendsetters, women who dare to stand out from the crowd. The visual representation and brand positioning create a coherent experience – the MADLADY website looks just as unique as the garments they sell.

Unique Garments, Unique Website Design

The Home Page is well-structured – it’s effortless to navigate through their current influencer collaboration, the ‘Recommended’ section and the ‘Bestsellers’ list. The product titles are easy to read in bold and the colours used are easily associated with the MADLADY website. This kind of consistency creates trust and recognition. Creative font combinations and the contrast of black, white and pastels give the site a fantastic feeling – ideally in line with how they position themselves on the market. From the home page, we can navigate the top menu to News, Bestsellers, Categories, Collections, Instagram shop and Sale.

Madlady footer text

Intuitive Navigation And All The Useful Information You Need

Home Page

The Home Page features a clean design, and its navigation is very intuitive. The brand included a footer text on the website that complements what’s written on the About us page. Reassuring customers that it’s safe to shop at MADLADY is an excellent move. Including a few lines about their customer service and shipping time answers many frequently asked questions in advance.

Category pageHaving transparent information about the shipping policy is always a huge plus. It’s a great idea to have it all right on the Home Page. MADLADY makes the user journey effortless by including all the necessary information to purchase securely and safely. There are no unanswered questions under the Returns & Exchanges, Delivery information, Gift card, About us, and Sustainability & Social responsibility tabs. It’s easy to get in touch with the MADLADY team.

Features That Help Create The Right Expectations

Category Page

At the bottom of the Category Page, we have a description that highlights the products’ features and styling ideas and all the occasions that MADLADY products are the perfect choice for. Including a not only informative but also keyword-rich description helps SEO efforts immensely.

Madlady sales

We can sort the products with filters on the Category Page. Sale price percentages are highlighted in yellow – accentuating great deals so customers won’t miss them.

Product page MadladyProduct Page

On the Product Page, we can read a brief description of the features we can find here. We have a short description of the product specifics, and we can also see the size the model is wearing. Besides, on the product page, we can get more information on the fit, material, length, article number and brand right on this page. This way, the customer doesn’t need to take any further actions to find this important information. We can see that the available sizes are showcased in swatches, reducing the friction required to purchase the product.

Madlady size guideThere is a handy size guide as well. On the right-hand side, ‘Others also bought’ offers pieces users might like and helps the brand increase customer involvement and order generation.

Read more here on how to design a Product Page that converts!

Madlady checkout

Shopping Cart & Checkout Process

MADLADY offers various payment methods and a secure one-page checkout process – moreover, Klarna, especially popular in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, is also available. On the right-hand side, we can see the contents of our cart.


Effective Features That Will Help You Sell More

Products are not only sorted based on product types but also collections. This comes in handy, especially when users look for a specific product or pieces from a particular influencer collaboration. The ‘Collections’ tab navigates us to a page with all of the garments of said collections, and there we can sort them according to different criteria.

RecommendationsThe product slider on the Home Page changes based on personal interests. For example, we were looking at a specific t-shirt and going back to the Home Page, the ‘Recommended’ section now mainly consists of t-shirts. Intelligent personalization features like this increase the chances of users finding what they are looking for.

Makeup productsBestsellers’ list features one make-up product – this trick is effective because visitors can see that MADLADY sells make-up as well in case they weren’t familiar with the brand already. By reselling make-up products that appeal to their desired audience, they become a one-stop-shop for women’s style.

Makeup productsMADLADY tribe’ features Instagram posts from creators wearing their products – it gives instant styling ideas and creates trust in users to see real people wearing their clothes.

Madlady Instagram tribe

On the ‘Sale’ page, we can sort products based on category, price and size. It’s a fantastic idea to have all the products that are on sale under one tab.

Sale page

Besides the sale price, they include the original price and the discount percentage as well.

Sale price

Madlady On Mobile

The website’s loading speed on mobile is good, especially when we consider that high-quality pictures usually slow down the loading speed.

The tile sections look just as great as on desktop – very crisp lines make it easy to look through.

Madlady mobile, Home page

The mobile version shows the same information on the products as the desktop version – users won’t miss a thing even when they’re on the go.


When searching for products, the search bar auto-fills and offers possible search terms – this feature makes it easier for customers to get an idea of what to search for if they’re just browsing the site.


Optimizing your website to be fully functional and visually appealing on mobile has never been as vital as it is today. Though customers are always on the go, they still prefer websites with beautiful designs and handy features that create a fantastic user experience.


MADLADY can’t be influenced. She is the one who inspires. The brand’s buyer persona is this radiant, free-spirited girl who wears what she wants without a second thought. Perfect fit, material and unique ideas make the MADLADY garments powerful. This website is the one-stop-shop for women with a unique style who dare to be different. We believe MADLADY is an excellent source of inspiration that encourages you to be yourself — the most incredible version of yourself.

– Don’t be a chicken. Be mad. © MADLADY

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