Magento 2 has proven to an extremely secure platform for eCommerce stores. It is no wonder that it is considered the best choice for your online store. Magento 2 is built with robust security features that make it the safest platform to build your online shop on. Your transactions are protected, and your customers’ data is kept safe. However, additional security measures are always recommended. Extra layers of security strengthen your overall cybersecurity profile. It can get overwhelming when deciding how to approach security implementation. Let’s simplify this by answering some of the most popular questions.

Why It’s Important to Take Care of Online Store Security?

The success of an online store depends on how secure it is. The primary concern of every online customer is “Will my information/money be safe if I use this online store?”. As the owner of an eCommerce website, you have an ethical obligation to implement proper security measures. If you cannot provide a safe place for customers to shop, you can bet that they are going to take their business to another online store. That means fewer customers buy from your store and the inevitable profit drop. So, it’s vital to protect your online store data. Let’s highlight the main steps you can take to keep your Magento 2 online store protected.

What Tools are Used in Magento 2 for Security?

Magento 2 has some impressive security tools that you can use to beef up your online store.

Improved Tools for Password Management

Passwords are your customers’ first layer of protection. Unfortunately, passwords are also among the first security measures to fall in a cyber-attack. Magento 2 has met this challenge by using SHA-256 hashing algorithms in its password management system. This encryption protocol is virtually unbreakable.

Use Magento 2 Secure URL

Magento 2 allows you to turn your websites standard URLs into secure URLs quickly, once you have an SSL certificate activated for your store. Magento 2 will automatically generate secure URLs for you, as an administrator. They will begin with the prefix “https,” as opposed to the unprotected “http” pages.

Setup Files Permissions

Magento 2 helps you manage your user file permissions by recommending the best configurations. You are encouraged to accept them because Magento 2 is an expert in user authorization. But you are also able to adjust them in whatever way suits you. It is the perfect combination of convenience and control.

Magento 2 Security Updates

Magento 2 includes regular updates to its security measures. You can be assured that they are always working to make your store as secure as possible. It is vital that your website is continuously maintained. Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. But Magento 2 will frequently tweak your online store to make sure it is always as secure as it could be.

How to Check Security of Magento 2 Online Store?

You can find an incredibly handy testing tool at All you have to do is enter the URL of your online store. MageReport will assess your website and see all known weak points. All these vulnerabilities will be listed so you can address them accordingly. It will clear up any uncertainties about how secure your Magento store is. It is a free service that assesses your security status and offers possible fixes.

What to Do If Magento 2 Security Issues are Detected?

If you do come across any security issue, you should report it to the Magento Security Center as soon as possible. Your reported problem will be evaluated and rectified. As a Magento 2 online store owner, your feedback is critical to Magento. We recommend you report these security issues directly to Magento first, before sharing them on public forums and communities. That will save precious time in rectifying the problem. Also, try to include as many details as possible. This way you will also assist by directing Magento to the root of the problem.

What Can You Do to Protect Magento 2 from Fraud?

Regularly Update Your System

You should always keep your online store updated with the latest Magento 2 security updates. This will ensure that your shop is still under the best possible protection by Magento. You will be notified when new updates are released. This will be accompanied by details of what improvements have been made so that you know what to expect after every update.

Secure Your Computers from Viruses and Malware

Ensure that all your computers and devices are protected by a good antivirus and malware protection software. These measures will help stop cyber-attacks from even getting near your online store. This extra layer of cyber-protection will keep the rest of your computer environment safe, not just your online store.

Keep an Eye on the Issues If They Arise

Magento 2 is such a secure platform that it’s easy to become inattentive to security issues. We urge you always to stay vigilant and alert. If you do manage to catch an issue, you should report it to Magento Security Center.

Use Some of Magento 2 Security Extensions

Magento 2 has a great selection of security extensions that you can integrate into your online store. Magento 2 Enterprise Edition has the built-in module for controlling administration security. For example, the Admin Actions Log extension by Amasty gives you full control over your administrators. A comprehensive log of all the actions performed by your backend managers. It keeps records of logged operations, login attempts, and user visits history.


Magento 2.2 has shown why they are the number 1 choice for your online store’s security. It is reliable and secure enough to resist fraud. And it also sensitive enough to detect even the subtlest cyber-attacks. At present, there are no apparent threats to the Magento 2 platform. But that does not result in any complacency on their part. Magento 2 is continuously watchful of trends in cyber-attacks and moves quickly to address even the hint of a security issue.

If you would like more information about the Magento 2 security features or set up some extensions to protect your store from malware and fraud, we will provide you with our Magento Support services. Please feel free to contact us at WEB4PRO.

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