Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

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If you own an eCommerce business and you’re looking for the next upgrade to make your store better, Magento® Commerce Cloud may be your way to go. It offers plenty of features and solutions that other platforms do not, and it promises you better results by helping you to understand your clients more. Below, you can read all about Magento Cloud and its various features.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento Cloud plays upon Saas, which you might have otherwise heard of as Software-as-a-service. Instead, Magento is introducing PaaS, which is Platform-as-a-service.

With Magento Commerce Cloud, which, as the name suggests, is hosted by cloud, you have versatility, power, and more to control your eCommerce store. Not only this, but you a full technology stack from one source and you don’t need to deal with multiple vendors. You still have power and flexibility of Magento having access to Magento code and database.

Cloud Magento Features

Now that you know a little bit about what Magento Commerce Cloud is, we can begin to talk about the various Cloud Magento Features.

Cloud Base

Since Magento Commerce Cloud is cloud-based, you can have total control over your online channel. That’s because the eCommerce solution allows you to update and backup your information through an omnichannel function. This is done from a single panel; wherein, you can customize your design, decide between going wholesale or retail, you can create a section for popular searches, reviews, etc.


Luckily, the Magento Cloud pricing is free for the first month. If you want to learn more about this service, you can send the company your name, email address, and phone number.

Magento PaaS Benefits

There are many benefits to using a cloud-based system. Among them are the following:

Background updates. Instead of having your site shut down while it updates, all your updates will be done through the cloud so that your customers can still browse and shop seamlessly.

Uniqueness. Your store us your own, which means you won’t have an eCommerce site that is similar to others. With Magento Commerce Cloud, you can install any of the Magento 2 extensions you need.

Optimization. Magento Cloud has partnered up with New Relic and Black Fire to ensure that they can optimize your stores and to make them more efficient.

Support. Magento offers 24-hour monitoring every day of the week. That means when you need customer support or security patching, Magento will have your back.

Quick Ordering Toolkit

We will provide you with the main functions included in it.

Speed. Magento’s Cloud eCommerce keeps ordering fast and simple. Your customers could checkout on a single page without creating an account, or they can create an account to save an address book.

Payment integrations. It allows for Paypal integration, money orders, and offers alternate payment methods like “pay me later.” You can attract customers with free shipping and shipping calculator.

Customer help. You can have a call center for orders; thereby, allowing you to change order configurations and assistance during shopping. This will help customers to organize their carts and add coupons to their orders.

Order management. To make orders faster, this Magento Cloud platform allows customers to save credit card information. In doing so, they’ll be able to carry out their orders when they’re offline as well.

Account management. When it comes to customer accounts, you can’t ask for much better than Magento Cloud. Your customers can make their accounts to see their order history, update their billing info, sign up for newsletters, and create wishlists with added comments.

Analytics and Reporting

You can receive tax reports, sales reports, low stock reports, and others to improve your site’s efficiency and to increase your sales. In doing so, you’ll be able to learn more about what and how your customers’ shop, so you can learn how to accommodate their needs.

Multichannel Support

With Magento Commerce Cloud edition, business owners are offered multichannel support. Both B2B and B2C customers have different ways to interact with the eCommerce site owner on the same platform.


Magento Cloud eCommerce offers Magento security scan for all Magento products to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. It also allows you to assign roles to improve the security of your site. Because you give each role different responsibilities, you can have every part of your project covered.

Technologies Used

Magento Commerce Cloud used to be called Magento Enterprise Edition. Among its requirements are the following:

  • Git
  • Composer
  • Secure Shell
  • MySQL
  • Linux

The Magento site claims that by using Magento Commerce Cloud Edition, you can have up to triple the sales. Magento Cloud is the step up that your company needs to set it apart from all the rest. There are several benefits to using this upgrade; among them, are the analytics, customer accounts, order management systems, and search engine optimization for B2B business.


Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition can offer you the same benefits of cloud, but with even more features. You’ll find that the edition is scalable, compliant and that it establishes robust architecture. It is both innovative and effective for merchants, so we’re sure it’ll suit you if you have to organize your B2B store, drive revenue growth, strengthen customer loyalty and optimize your supply chain. If you have any questions or you know already what are you looking for regarding Magento 2 Development, drop us a line.

Posted on: May 03, 2018


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