Magento Latest News: PWA Studio, Bluefoot, Klarna, and Many More

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Magento® is a leading figure in the world of eCommerce. The company provides businesses with the opportunity to create the site they want, to expand their reach, and to have superior layouts and designs.

With Magento latest news about 2.3 and 2.4 versions, it proves to be the company’s best updates yet. With Magento 2.3’s Bluefoot, it’ll be easier than ever to customize your site to reflect your brand. With Magento 2.4, on the other hand, you’ll be able to take full advantage of Full GraphQL and advanced reporting.

The Magento updates show that the company has listened to the concerns of its clientele and that it’s ready to deliver. Below, you can read about Magento’s latest news, Bluefoot, PWA studio, Klarna, and more!

Magento 2.3 and 2.4

Magento 2 is upgrading its platform once again with Magento 2.3, to be released in mid-2018. The latest version of Magento will provide client-side performance, and in the enterprise edition, customers will be presented with a business-friendly page builder. Not only this, but the platform is integrating tools that will make it easier for companies to create PWAs that are more efficient.

By considering Progressive Web Applications, this Magento update is ahead of the game. PWAs provide instant page loads, offline browsing, lessens the traffic on your network, and more.

Magento 2.4, on the other hand, will provide advanced reporting and Native PWA, adding on to M 2.3’s PWA Studio. It will also incorporate Full GraphQL so that your page will have better product descriptions.

Magento PWA Studio

Let’s move onto the field of Progressive Web Apps Magento e-commerce. Magento’s PWA studio has a few features to present.

For one thing, there’s the enhanced API Layer in Magento’s latest release. The platform is currently debating whether or not they should provide a new API style, which would customize responses more than other designs. The Magento third-party API integration will make it easier for consumers to customize their sites.

Next, you’ve got your application shell, which won’t need to be frequently edited and is created early on in the project. When it’s loading, your application shell will minimize your branded UI; it will also be responsible for your PWAs critical CSS, its global data, etc.

The PWA feature sets itself apart from the previous version of Magento because while your Progressive Web App is hosted by Magento, it won’t interact with its data unless you use API calls.

Magento’s PWA Studio will handle all events or renders from inside the PWAs app shell. This will be done using ReactJS, and it will use Redux to handle your core library and to allow frequent tasks to function.

Benefits for Your Business

Progressive Web Apps are better for your Magento 2 business because they convert more people to you than both web pages and applications. This is partly because, in regards to apps, people don’t want more.

Beyond this, you aren’t confined to your CMS thanks to Magento’s PWA Studio API connection. In the long-run, you’ll also have lower costs because you can use the same app to run both mobile and desktop; thereby, costing less in maintenance and development.

Google’s developer website has released data which demonstrates the higher conversions you can get with Magento’s Progressive Web App Studio.

The study showed that across browsers, there was 104% new users, there was an iOs conversation of 83%, and there were double the page visits per session in any browser.

Benefits for Your Customers

Progressive Web Applications for eCommerce shops are more advantageous because they’re faster, more reliable and engaging.

Their offline modes are what make them more reliable – customers can surf through the page when they have either little or no connection.

Magento PWA Studio Shops are faster because their instant page loads provide you and your customers with pages that load your pre-cache instantly. There are no white pages while your page loads.

Your web page will also update silently in the background so that your customers don’t have to be bothered with them.

Bluefoot CMS and Page Builder

Bluefoot is all the rage this year. The page builder allows you to develop your website through tools and content editors. With Bluefoot, you won’t have to hire third-party services, platforms, or developers to make your content the best it can be.

Here are just a few features that you can find with the Magento update, which includes Bluefoot CMS and Page Builder:

Drag & Drop

Most people avoid editing their pages on their own because they don’t want to get into coding. Bluefoot remedies this problem by incorporating a drag and drop option. This will allow you to make complex designs without being experienced in coding.


Since the code for Bluefoot isn’t encrypted, it’s easy to extend Bluefoot. The latest version of Magento is tailored to satisfy merchants, agencies, and developers.

Klarna Integration

Klarna. Smooth payments

Klarna is made to keep your customers’ shopping experience simple. Klarna was founded in 2005 in Sweden. The bank and payment-processing service have a total of 60 000 000 end-customers and 70 000 merchants. They provide customers with support at any time. All they have to do is call or send an email to have problems resolved.

Late payments will also be prevented because Klarna will send customers reminders. Any old or new orders will be in the same place, and they can buy orders with one-click with the use of either their debit card or credit card. They’ll have the “pay now, “slice it,” or “pay later” option so that they can choose when they pay for their items.


If you have an eCommerce site that prioritizes its customers above all else, you’ve probably turned to, or at least thought about turning to, Magento 2. If so, you’re in luck because Magento has announced its newest features. With Magento updates 2.3 and 2.4, you can appreciate the platform’s Bluefoot, as well as Klarna and the Magento PWA Studio, which will make shopping easier and more efficient for your customers. Still, Magento 2 is available with its latest releases, so that if you decided to move your store to the latest version or to migrate it from another platform, we could provide you with our Magento 2 Development services.

Posted on: March 22, 2018


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