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Hi, everybody! Today’s hot topic is SEO, and we continue on. Now we are going to talk about the most useful Google tools that will help us to be in trend and make our websites optimized. Let’s make friends with Google and bring our SEO to the highest level. Let’s Google it!

Set It: Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The discovery of Search Console advantages is one of the first things you need to do. Google Search Console is a web tool, which helps the website owners to maintain and observe their websites. It allows you to monitor your website performance and understand how Google Search and users see it.

Here is how it works

You should log in Google Search Console and enter the domain name in the specific field. Then you can discover if Google has your website in the index. There are millions of websites all over the world. That’s why sometimes Google is late in indexation of several pages, or you can have some issues, which don’t meet its requirements. In this case, your web pages can be out of the index. But you can make the query manually. It’s like asking Google to look through your website.

How to learn if your website is in index

Enter the command site: your domain name into the search field and look, if there are some search results. If you see nothing, you have some problems with the indexation and need to solve them manually.

Also, Google Search Console helps to avoid doubles of pages, find the issues on your website, and work with your content by fixing some misunderstandings. To know more about this useful tool, you can read Google’s guidelines here.

Promote It: Google AdWords & AdSense

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

If you are going to promote your website using context advertisement, this tool is necessary for you. We can pick the keywords with its help, set our advertising campaign, and monitor progress.

Here is how it works

AdWords has many features inside, such as Keyword Planner, where we can make our keyword research, Display Planner, which helps to get some new ideas and expectations of the most favorable places for business targeting.
How advertisements work

First of all, you create the advertisement with your chosen keywords. It can include the call to action and contact information with a link to your landing page. It should have a powerful title.

Then you set the bid (the pay-per-click). Google places advertisements in order according to the results of the auction. The advertisement with the best relevancy or bid wins the highest position in search results. Ads are those search results, which you see first on the search results page. They have the yellow-colored mark.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another tool that allows us to create media advertising. It’s when your ads are shown in different places of the websites related to your topic. These ads can contain images, video, audio, and text. The difference between the context ads and media is that in the first case the ads are shown in Google organic search results, and in the second case they are shown on the websites according to your settings of targeting.

Here is how it works

Using Google AdSense, you can create incredible ads with any type of content. To create your advertisement, work with targeting (choose the criteria of websites for the displaying), and then set a bid. For example, you want to show the ads of the coffee machine on the websites about coffee. So, the users of such websites will see your ads in the chosen place (top, bottom, left, or right).

Analyze It: Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is our lawyer, prosecutor, and the judge. It allows everyone to measure results of marketing campaigns, discover a number of website visitors, and learn the information about them. You can even learn the behavior of users on your website, and the main sources of traffic.

Also, Google Analytics includes the opportunities for setting particular goals and measuring them. With its help, you can plan your marketing strategy, discover the interests of your targetted audience, and build the website pages meeting the principles of usability based on this information. Learn more and familiarize yourself with Google Analytics.

Here is how it works

First of all, you need to create an account in Google Analytics and connect it with your website. For this purpose, you’ll generate the code and paste it on your website. Then you’ll get the access to Analytics and will be able to analyze and manage your website data. Be sure that you’ll find many interesting things there.

Share It: Links and Social Networks

Links and Social Networks

You know, if you want your content to be popular, share it. Or no, even more: you should make your visitors and readers share your content. When they do it, Google finds the links to your website and understands, that it’s something interesting, qualitative, and valuable. The more links to your website it finds on the related resources the more popular you become. This fact also increases your chances to get the higher position in search results.

And what about social networks? – Say, it’s one of the closest ways of contact between internet users. And they like to share interesting and useful information. If your content is popular on such networks, like Facebook, Linkedin, and others, it gives the credit to your SEO.

Here is a piece of advice: communicate with your readers, keep contact and be closer to your audience. Try to use all channels to involve more visitors. Comment and share the content of other people and make guest posts. It’s helpful in finding new contacts.

Enjoy The Dessert: Google Digital Workshop

Great news! Google tries to make our lives easier and gives us a bonus. What does it mean? – Now we have a unique possibility to learn more about Google strategy, internet marketing, web analytics, and SEO. They provide us with the free workshop about internet marketing. There you’ll learn many useful features we’ve already discussed and will open quite new horizons. Too many words.

Just look Google Digital Workshop.


It is the end. We’ve already talked about the details of SEO friendly content and keyword research. It was a part of the information you can find on Google. Hope, it’s useful and will help you to create amazing content, which does wonders and boost the popularity of your website, and the main thing – brings the usefulness and pleasure to your visitors.

Inspiration to you and SEO-friendly content of your dream!


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