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Perhaps, you own some business and even have the website. If your answer is “No”, it’s a good idea to think about creating a website. Surely, it will help you to extend your brand. But is you answered “Yes”, it’s great, you are doing well! If you have a modern website, you may follow your unique style and idea. And what if to move on and make something different for your branding? Something that can help you stand out from the crowd and present your brand in the best way. Feel the benefits of Marketing kit.

What Is Marketing kit?

Marketing kit is a personalized commercial proposal, an advertising presentation, performed like a beautiful paper- or e-book. It is a bit similar to the website but has another format and logical structure.

The main requirements for these materials: a very attractive modern cover and powerful texts with qualitative images and infographics.

How It Works

Imagine that you are sitting in the comfortable armchair and looking through a beautifully designed photo album. Your visual sensors are doing a great job: you are gathering the information, memorize it better, and even make up your mind following the most powerful impressions. And our visual memory works great with beautiful images and short but powerful texts.

This type of book is like a whole story about the company and its products: it leads the reader step by step, page by page, convincing him in choosing your brand, and then he makes up his mind.

The main task of marketing kit is to leave a positive impression about your business, show all your benefits and opportunities for 3 minutes. And, as a result, you are memorable, and the customer is confident.

The Benefits of Marketing Kit

  • It boosts your sales;
  • Helps to find new clients and partners;
  • Wins the rivals;
  • Creates the positive brand image;
  • Increases the customer loyalty and confidence.

How to Create Your Marketing Kit

First of all, you should consider the main idea of your brand, point out the priorities, mission, differences from the others, and benefits of your product. The following milestones can help you to create a good marketing kit that has the influence on your goal audience.

Brainstorm and Research

When we do something new, at first we generate ideas. And now it’s time to think out the philosophy of your business. Just gather the information, all possible things you can find. Now you should look at your website and note the most important things about your business, answering the following questions:

What is your brand motto?
Who are your customers? What do they need?
Which customer problems can you solve?
What are your brand colors and design style?
Do you know the product you want to sale and its benefits?
Who are your rivals? What makes you different from them?
What do your customers think about your business?
How can you help a client reach the success?

Perhaps, you’ll find the answers to these questions while thinking carefully and looking at your website. Perhaps, you have even done it before. But now the main task is to organize such useful things and conduct the research. Don’t forget to learn more about your competitors. You can use the method of Sherlock for these purposes.

Building Structure and Answering the Questions

It is the most crucial point. You should create a logic of your book and write powerful texts. It should answer the client’s questions page by page. Each page for each question. Here is an important moment: don’t accuse a customer of his hidden problems. You should just show them and then give an effective solution at the end.

A marketing kit has the following structure:

  • beautiful cover with a powerful motto and your brand name;
  • the hidden client problems and wishes, some story or your main idea;
  • the presentation of your product and how it works;
  • for whom it will be useful and suitable;
  • the benefits of your product;
  • product additional possibilities;
  • why you? (here you can show some differences from the rivals);
  • portfolio of your best works;
  • the clients’ feedbacks;
  • how you work;
  • some powerful motto and call to action.

At the end of the trip across your book, the client should be completely confident in your brand and want to buy your product. – The successful marketing kit acts in this way.

Creative Design for the Best First Impression

And here is the sweetest part of your preparation. Now you have many ideas, even much more information, the structure, and powerful texts. It’s time to dress this up and make it look just amazing. Do you remember the question about your brand colors and style? – Take them into consideration, while creating your cover and book look.

The design could be different, but remember that it should be focused on your main thoughts and powerful texts. It’s better to use clean and modern design, add qualitative infographics and pictures to each page. And follow the rule: one page for one item of the plan above. Focus on details is our everything.

If you’ve done all discussed things, congratulations! Now you can celebrate the release of your first marketing kit! Send it like e-book to your clients via email, or print it and show at the business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and of course, on the life meetings with customers. And let it bring you success and boost your sales drastically!

Wish you inspiration and a lot of great ideas!


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