Meet Magento UK 2018 Summary

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It was a couple of weeks ago, but to refresh memories of those who were there and those of you who wanted to know about such or similar events we’ve prepared our short recap of this event.

What Is Interesting About Meet Magento UK?

We have attended the Meet Magento® UK on June 13th, 2018 at The Mermaid Theatre in London. Let’s start with the venue: It had two halls: main – for the business topics and the other for technical discussions.

Meet Magento UK 2018 at The Mermaid Theatre in London

Meet Magento UK 2018 at The Mermaid Theatre in London

The MMUK18 has gathered 400 visitors from almost all around the world. There were two tracks: for merchants and technicians. Merchant track has been dedicated to investors expectations in the future of eCommerce and Magento obviously. Also, a big talk was devoted to ideas to help you plan, execute, and analyze research for your online store.

We’ve got some important insights from Peter Sheldon on Adobe and Magento future and benefits that it will bring for their joint solution. Mainly it could be the Cloud platform with unique personalization features.

Also, he spoke about a customer’s journey and all the opportunities that brands have to create to improve the user experience. There was a great example of Tesla to show that experience is differentiated brands which will stand with a time.

There were more topics about innovation in eCommerce, research and each panel had a unique case that helped to understand each subject in practice.

The technical track was covered up questions about PWA, DevOps and Magento Page Builder. PWA was the hottest trend, and there were a lot of discussions around how it would be implemented, but also other topics were interesting for developers and merchants to think about having new features in future.

Meet Magento UK 2018 Summary


This type of event won’t leave both technical and business side without updates and will explain what Magento is and what will be added to its new releases in the nearest future. For merchants, there were a big amount of successful companies providing their cases as an example for businesses. You also had a great chance to connect with people who are thinking like you or seeking information or a particular product or service. The venue was flawlessly performed, and we can conclude that you should visit such places to connect, share experience and stay up to date with trends in eCommerce and Magento. This time Meet Magento UK was a perfect event and we can’t wait to attend it next year!

Posted on: June 26, 2018


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