The cell phone is one of the most indispensable attributes in everyone’s life. For many years, people have been using phones as small personal computers, always and everywhere, regardless of the situation. It is now almost impossible to imagine going out without a phone, but for most people, it is easy to leave a laptop at home.

In this regard, most owners of online stores have begun to pay more attention to mobile commerce to create their adaptive websites for all types of devices and to create their mobile applications. Such applications are adaptive to work on smartphones and all mobile gadgets. In this case, the mobile application is an additional interaction channel with the buyer and a tool to increase the audience’s activity. And the main difference between the mobile version of the site and the app is that the store’s interface is much more convenient and faster.

We decided to share the advantages and disadvantages of such a product for business and tell you for whom this solution is suitable and for whom it will be superfluous.

A mobile application is a software designed for a particular mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). It is intended for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other mobile devices.

In the context of an online store, the app allows you to perform all the critical functions, from searching and adding to a wishlist comparison to shopping.

Reasons for creating an app to create your store:

– Ability to work online

– Convenient order form

– Convenient method of payment

– Fast loading.

As well as a huge number of other benefits, which we will discuss further in the article.

Let’s start by looking at what tasks can be accomplished with a mobile app.

The Business Objectives That the App Solves:

Increasing the Average Check

Mainly through the application, registered users make purchases. These customers can be offered personalized promotions, special offers and discounts, thus increasing the average bill of the store.

Growth of Sales

According to the statistics, mobile applications generate much more sales— an increase in loyalty to the store. Applications allow you to download catalogues, it’s easier to consider the goods, and due to the convenience, the loyalty to the brand grows. For convenience and comfort, a customer will open an application he already has rather than search sites.

Repeat Purchases

You can use push notifications to inform about advantageous programs, promo actions and unique applications to stimulate new sales. 

Cost Optimization

In the long term, despite the investment in development, the app will bring you a significant profit due to savings on advertising in some aspects and additional sales.

Options for Using the Mobile App:

As a Sales Channel

Your customers can view the catalogue of products, save their favourites, compare products, cart, payment modules, and all the necessary functions for a comfortable and easy purchase in one place.

As communication with the customer, with a mobile app, you can tell your customers all the Brand news, give coupons, engage them in interaction, collect feedback and do market research.

Mobile App - As a Sales Channel

As a Communication Channel

You can incorporate a large number of features into the app that will make the user experience personalized. When using the app, customers can also collect bonuses or points, encouraging more purchases. Based on purchases made, you can remember customer preferences based on AI, and the main advantage is adaptation to the needs of the target audience, which leads to increasing the loyalty of existing customers and attracting new ones.

Mobile App - As a Communication Channel

As a Competitive Advantage

If your main competitors have a mobile app, it’s a reason to think about creating your app; the main thing is to understand the matter and weigh the pros and cons of creating your own. You can implement many functions, thereby getting ahead of your competitors.

Mobile App - As a Competitive Advantage

Reasons to Create a Mobile App for Your Online Store

Content Loading is Faster Than the Website

You know very well that customers hate slow sites and often go to other marketers because of the lack of a positive user experience. In speed, a mobile app has a huge advantage over a website. The app only sometimes needs the internet for essential functionality such as price and product comparisons.

By the way, you can read our series of articles on speed optimization and find a lot of statistics on this topic. After reading the articles, you will definitely be convinced of the importance of optimizing site load speed.


eCommerce market trends are changing very fast, so every business should follow the trends and follow them. Now the eCommerce market shows that mobile applications will continue to grow in popularity as they offer shoppers a more personalized and convenient shopping experience.  The WEB4PRO team is always ready to help you develop your business and bring your most interesting and challenging projects to life. To learn more about us, follow this link.
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