More Certified Magento Developers!

Certified Magento Developers

Breaking news! Our team is proud of the latest events in our company. We worked hard during this year, and finally, this day has come. Our developers passed Magento® certification and got the status of Magento Certified Developer Plus.

How We Became Certified Magento Developers

First of all, they have been mastering their skills and knowledge for several years. Then they prepared for Magento exam, which is pretty complicated and allows the specialists to know their real level of experience.

There were 120 minutes for the test, which included 87 items. The test was based on Magento Comunity Edition 1.9 and Magento Enterprise. You should pay 260$ to try out. Magento U provides the specialists with free study guides. Here you can learn more about Magento certification.

There are two exams in Magento certification – Magento Developer and Magento Developer Plus. Our guys got the last one. They have certificates of Magento Developer Plus.

What Does It Mean?

The level of Certified Magento Developers means that this specialist is:

  • skillful in all processes and techniques in Magento;
  • experienced in a catalog structure, indexes, promotions, checkout processes, payment and shipping methods, price generation, widgets, API, etc.
  • ready to make design decisions on code level;
  • skillful in Magento Enterprise Edition;
  • ready to go into details and create a unique solution on Magento.


We are glad to have more Certified Magento Specialist, and they are ready to do their best for your project based on Magento!
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