What Do You Need to Know About Magento 2 Live Chat?

What Do You Need to Know About Magento 2 Live Chat?

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eCommerce is booming around the world. According to eCommerce News Europe, in Sweden users spent 6.7 billion euros while shopping online in 2017. eCommerce also makes up 10% of retail sales in the United States. The United Kingdom isn’t far behind. As a result, online storefronts must evolve. Magento® 2 encourages this growth with its integration of live chat extensions. Live chat through Magento makes real-time communication between yourself and your clients more straightforward.

What Problems Magento Support Chat Solves for eCommerce?

Integrating a live chat feature into your Magento storefront isn’t difficult, and it comes with many benefits.

Magento Live Chat Solves: Communication Barrier, Data Collection and Analysis, User Engagement Strategy, Sales Plan Completion

Solving a Communication Barrier

There’s no more need to guess at what your customers need or exchange emails throughout several days. Live chat with Magento is instantaneous. It allows for stellar customer service, which promotes sales without delay.

Collecting Data and Analyzing Users Behaviour

A live chat Magento 2 extension also enables you to collect customer data more easily. Track behavioral trends on a moment-to-moment basis. These extensions record chat transcripts for later access. They protect and store customer information. This means that live chats are more than communication tools. They are also by-the-minute surveys of your consumer base.

Increasing Customers’ Engagement and Satisfaction

Live chat extensions also encourage marketplace empathy between merchants and consumer audience. This empathy, in turn, leads to improved customer satisfaction. The more customers are impressed by your willingness to work with them, the more business your storefront is likely to see. That’s the power of a Magento live chat extension. These extensions enable your customers to get to know you as a relatable businessperson. That relatability then translates into sales.

Magento 2 Livechat Extension: 4 Outstanding Solutions

When searching for a live chat extension to include as part of your storefront, consider the following:

LiveChat for Magento 2

General consensus names LiveChat as one of the most commonly used live chat extensions compatible with Magento 2. This online chat module is easy to integrate into your storefront. Its widget stays out of users’ way and is readily accessible. LiveChat’s security features also come in handy. You can protect your clients’ private information and immediately address their concerns in real time.

LiveChat’s many features include:

  • 30-day trial free of credit card
  • Multi-page compatibility
  • View customer’s cart
  • View reports and analytics for the individual, active customers

Crisp and Magento 2.X Integrations

Crisp also serves as a responsive live chat integration for merchants on Magento 2. Including this extension as part of your storefront is cost-friendly. Crisp limits its licensor payments and ensures free trials to potential users. This Magento 2 live chat extension also prides itself on its multi-site operations.

Crisp includes features such as:

  • Compatibility with IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Unlimited site crossover
  • Availability of multiple operators
  • The ability to retain chatroom transcripts

Landofcoder for Magento 2

You may be looking for a more versatile live chat for Magento 2. Consider, then, Landofcoder’s updated extension. Landofcoder’s live chat extension does need you to sign up with their service. The extension is straightforward to use. It automatically records your customers’ data. The basic extension is also free. However, Landofcoder does not provide support service to their free extension. You’ll have to buy a support package if you find you need assistance.

Landofcoder’s live chat extension includes the following features:

  • Direct chatting with customers
  • Chat notifications and reminders
  • Customer outreach
  • Accessible chat interface for merchants and customers

Belvg Magento 2 Livechat

You may be more inclined, though, towards open source extensions. Luckily, Belvg’s Magento 2 live chat shares its inner workings with the whole of the Internet. Its Pure Chat module integrates a live chat window into your Magento-base store. There’s no more need to wait on emails when you have this extension working for you.

Belvg Magento 2 Livechat includes such features:

  • A fully customizable chat window
  • Easy-to-collect customer data
  • Multi-chat support
  • Chat transcripts for all conversations

Live Chat Integrations for Magento 1.x Sites

Magento 1.x continues to serve as a reputable site of eCommerce. There are a number of live chat options available for integration on Magento’s previous hub.

Live Chat by Diglin

Growing customer trust is easy with Zendesk Magento live chat extension. Diglin makes its live chat easy to embed. Storefront technicians will also be able to manage any customer difficulties with ease.

Many of the Zendesk extension’s other captivating features include:

  • Free installation
  • A fully customizable chat window
  • The ability to include images, such as screenshots, in the chat
  • Sales enhancing contact with customers

Olark Live Chat for Magento

Olark, too, offers you the opportunity, as a merchant, to respond to customer needs as soon as they arise. As a Magento live chat, it is straightforward to install and can immediately boost your sales.

Features of Olark’s live chat extension include:

  • Free installation
  • A fully customizable chat window
  • Ability to increase the conversion rate
  • Easy extension configuration and site integration

Live Chat by Vnecoms

When you’re looking for extension support for Magento 1.x, though, you’ll want to look to Vnecoms. This is the only extension on this list that isn’t free. The $159 price tag is well worth the service you’ll receive, though.

Features of Vnecoms live chat include:

  • A fully customizable chat window
  • User-accessible chat views
  • Multi-chat support
  • Customer-targeted chat conversations


The availability of live chat extensions for Magento 2 and 1, as displayed, is extensive. Magento 2 has an improved interface working in its favor. Either platform allows you to integrate a live chat extension into your storefront easily. When you try this feature for your store, you’ll reap benefits in reputation and sales alike. If you are looking for integration of Magento 2 Live Chat into your store, we can assist you. For the other Magento related services, please check Magento 2 Development.

Posted on: February 07, 2019


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