Sending packages must be carefully prepared in the eCommerce industry. It is essential to consider the safety of items that will be sent. The package must remain intact during transit until it reaches the buyer’s hands. Therefore, several criteria must be considered when choosing the best eCommerce packaging. Therefore, choosing high-quality packaging that provides total protection for items is necessary. Cardboard boxes, bags, plastic wrap, and kraft paper, there are many solutions.

The development of global trading platforms allows anyone from anywhere in the world to buy and organize their store in a few clicks to sell goods both on the domestic and foreign markets. The low threshold for entering the e-commerce industry leads to increased competition, which means that players in the market need to differ in terms of price, quality, and reviews.

When discussing eCommerce packaging design for a marketplace, it is essential to consider where precisely the product will be placed.

Large marketplaces usually deliver orders in their eCommerce packaging boxes, where the order is hidden behind corrugated cardboard with marketplace branding elements.

For small trading platforms or personal online stores, a unique user experience from interacting with a box that the manufacturer sends directly, bypassing global marketplaces, becomes relevant. For such manufacturers and sellers, it is necessary to pay attention to the product itself and the box in which it will be delivered to the buyer. If you can offer a unique “unboxing experience”, the customer will want to return to that product and experience that situation again. Equally important is the box’s contents because through letters, inserts, wrapping paper, stickers, and other elements, you communicate with your client.

In this article, we will tell you what the trends in e?ommerce packaging design are and what trends are currently relevant in the eCommerce market.

What Is eCommerce Packaging?

eCommerce packaging means a combination of your actions in protecting your product for shipping, managing shipping costs, branding, and promotional purposes.

Bright and memorable packaging can help increase brand loyalty and profitability, improve the impression your products make on your customers, and, most critically, set you apart from the competition. And since competition in the markets is more important now than ever, developing impressive packaging is essential.

Most Popular eCommerce Packaging Types

eCommerce packaging GoPro is the most popular type of packaging, and the main advantages are the possibility of secondary packaging, strength, and lightweight. We can say that a corrugated box is an ordinary cardboard box, only with a small additional layer so that everything inside is additionally protected from shock, moisture, and temperature changes.GoPro box

Padded mailers are envelopes with additional protection inside (paper or bubble wrap); such packaging helps safely and accurately transport fragile goods. One of the main disadvantages is that the extra protection can add to the cost and be less environmentally friendly.

Padded mailers

Bags and Envelopes: Mostly PE mail bags or plastic mail bags, great for sending small and light items that don’t need much extra protection. This option is excellent for clothes.

PE mail bags

Individual product packaging is stylized packaging (box, bag, tape, or filler with your brand logo on it or inside it) specifically for your product, business, and brand. eCommerce custom packaging will help you present your brand perfectly and optimize your delivery.

Essential Aspects of eCommerce Packaging

eCommerce packaging has impressive graphics, a striking presentation, and adequate protection of what’s inside.

Individual product packaging

Here are a few things to consider when choosing eCommerce packaging solutions for your business:

High-Quality eCommerce Packaging

If you are planning to use a courier service to deliver your orders, it is important to use lightweight yet durable packaging. Just imagine how upset the client will be if they receive a damaged box or damaged product because of this.

Weight of eCommerce Packaging

Courier companies charge based on the weight of your package, so it’s crucial to ensure your package isn’t too heavy.

Branded eCommerce Packaging

When delivering products to your customers, always ensure  that your brand is easy to read on the packaging. But remember that branding is not only about the logo: try to stand out and be recognized  by adding some interesting touches. A small personal thank you note won’t cost you dearly, but it will make your customers feel appreciated. Don’t forget toplace a flier with your current promotions in the box to get the customer interested in looking  at the site again.

Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Every time you ship a product, the packaging ends up in a landfill or trash can. This situation means that your business regularly creates waste. Itt is possible that this eCommerce packaging waste will not be recycled or reused. Fortunately, switching to sustainable eCommerce packaging can benefit you and your customers, not to mention a significant environmental impact. Choose recyclable materials and indicate this fact on the website, with a print on the packaging or  a special attachment. Prove your interest in protecting the environment.

eCommerce Packaging Materials

eCommerce packaging comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, materials, but there are some pretty standard packaging types and materials that most brands use.

Cardboard Packaging

eCommerce Paper Packaging

Paper is mainly used as additional protection for other, more complex packaging materials. The paper helps to protect the product from light, dust, and moisture. Usually, kraft paper or paper napkins are used for these purposes. Craft paper is a thin wrapping paper that takes its name from its production method. It is generally accepted that it, in comparison with ordinary packaging paper, has a higher strength factor. Tissue paper—cellulose material— is often used in preventing scratches and chafing.

eCommerce Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging is the most popular type of eCommerce packaging. Cardboard packaging looks like a simple box, although it can also be in other formats (pipes, envelopes, or similar things.). Most people prefer this kind of packaging because it is reusable and easy to recycle.

Cardboard box

Plastic Packaging (Envelopes)


eCommercePlastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is an inexpensive product for packaging and transporting a wide range of goods. Models may differ in design, size, and design features and production is carried out using synthetic materials. Today, there are the following types of packaging materials and plastic products: bags and plastic wrap (flexible packaging), bubble wrap, and the like. This decision is terrible for the environment, so most customers prefer eco eCommerce packaging, which means packaging without plastic.

eCommerce Wooden Packaging

Wooden packaging is mainly for heavy loads; however, sometimes eCommerce businesses choose wooden packaging instead of standard cardboard packaging to provide a unique unpacking experience for the customer. All wooden boxes are made to order so that they can be of any shape.

Wooden packaging

Best eCommerce Packaging Examples

To make it easier for you to improve your eCommerce packaging design, we’ve compiled a selection of the most creative, fashion eCommerce packaging ideas to inspire you. And at the same time, we will tell you about eCommerce packaging trends.


Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a multidisciplinary luxury fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden, specializing in menswear, women’swear, footwear, and accessories.

Acne Studios boxes have a beautiful minimalist packaging design for their products and are also economical. It is crucial for a brand that its bags and gift packages are recognizable to customers. This customer recognition helps strengthen the brand and the level of credit in the market. Packaging design is most important, but at the same time, there is no desire to sacrifice quality.

Acne Studios packaging

Acne Studio’s packaging combines its design and environmental ambitions.


Esco Coffee

ESCO is a new coffee shop in Indonesia. The coffee beans are harvested, processed, and roasted at the family farm that owns the brand.

Packaging for Esco Coffee combines sustainable development principles with modern abstract illustrations. ESCO packaging design aims to represent the local culture.

Esco Coffee’s packaging

All packs are available in plastic-free pouches or tubes and are adorned with quirky illustrated elements that highlight their different origins, which complement the brand’s unified black top of the pack.


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a sportswear and loungewear brand that uses recycled materials such as polyester, fishnets, and water bottles to create its products.

The company’s unique value is the utmost concern for the environment and the desire to produce clothes from 100% recycled materials.

The whole package contained a cardboard box and a fabric bag into which even the threads used for sewing were processed.

Girlfriend Collective’s packaging

The result is a clothing package that is simple in form but incredibly strong in meaning.

Consumer buying habits and industry packaging trends are the main drivers behind the rapid growth in packaging demand. We have highlighted the top trends in eCommerce packaging.

– Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

– Individual packing

– Colours, patterns, and gradients

– Minimalism

– Storytelling and plot

We reviewed the dynamics of the main trends in packaging. Now you are up-to-date with the latest trends and can start implementing your innovative ideas and strategies.


It is more important than ever for brands to stay informed, understand consumers, and use the new game rules to their advantage.  Your product packaging must fulfil its primary function to satisfy customers. Packaging must effectively protect the goods you are shipping. We advise you to choose the environmental aspect of your packaging. The current trend is to protect the environment, and such packaging attracts many more consumers. It is also essential to bet on the aesthetic aspect of the packaging. Be sure to use appropriate colours. Using colours associated with your brand or materials and textures related to you is highly recommended. Packaging is essential to stand out from the competition and build a special connection with customers. If you want to make a good impression on your customers, consider this aspect of your sales strategy.
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