When you start your eCommerce business, payments may not be the first thing on your mind, but choosing the right payment solution is key if your business is to be successful. 

There are many payment solutions for businesses, but it is worth spending a little time to figure out which one suits you best. 

We’ve compiled the most crucial online payment solutions for your business in Sweden and we would like to tell you which eCommerce platforms will help implement these payment methods.

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How do Swedes Pay Online?

There are several popular payment methods in Sweden, while one of the most common reasons consumers cancel purchases is because they can’t pay the way they want.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are a few intricacies in the most popular payment methods in Sweden to keep in mind:

Payments Infographic

Card Payments

Card is the payment method that most people use to pay online and is also the most popular. It works well for customers from other countries. However, keep in mind that different countries use different cards, and not all transactions can go through. Therefore, you should not use this method as the only payment solution if you want to sell your goods outside Sweden.

The site must be well encrypted, so third parties cannot access customers’ card details . It is a good idea to allow customers to save information about their cards to make purchases faster. 

Bank Transfer Payments

Bank Transfer is a direct payment through Internet banking. To offer such a solution to your clients, your company must have an account with the same bank as the client. The money is then transferred directly from the client’s account to your company’s account at the same bank. With direct payment, the customer feels safe and doesn’t have to provide a card number.

To offer Bank Transfers to customers abroad, however, your company needs to open a bank account with every foreign bank.

Open Invoice Payments

Open invoices are a prevalent part of the accounting cycle for any growing business that processes credit-based transactions.

An open account is an account with specific information: invoice number and order number, name and address of the payer’s and payee’s company, description of the goods or services purchased, date of delivery and creation of the invoice, details and total quantity of goods or services, terms of payment and directions.If a company has too many open accounts, it can have cash flow problems, which can stop the business’s processes.

Swish Payments

Swish is a mobile payment system in Sweden. Six major Swedish banks launched the service. Swish is a service that works through an application linked to a bank account through a phone number. Unlike all other payment services, Swish is impossible to connect your e?ommerce directly to the payment service. Instead, you must go through either a bank or a payment service integrated with Swish.  

8 out of 10 Swedes pay with Swish, which shows the latest edition of “The Swedes and the internet”. 

Swish Statistic

Swish allows businesses, traders, associations and organizations to receive payments from individuals. Swish is especially advantageous for those enterprises that do not have a card reader. It collects fees from companies and registered organizations. In addition, for merchants, Swish charges about 2 SEK (depending on the bank) for each payment. However, there is no charge for customers. All users need a bank account with a Swedish bank and a national identification number.

Swish eCommerce volume grows 50% despite the industry downturn.

Klarna Payments

Klarna is one of the most secure payment services. Klarna payments allow shoppers to buy now and pay later. Merchants can improve their conversion rates with a streamlined mobile commerce user interface and modern payment methods. 

Klarna for Business offers a large number of solutions, namely Klarna.Pay directly, Klarna.Pay latter, Klarna.Divide, Klarna.Subscription payments, Klarna.Checkout, Klarna.In-store, Klarna.Point of sale, Klarna.Corporate financing.

Let’s take a closer look at the main solutions.

Klarna. Checkout –  the most commonly used checkout solution in Sweden. Klarna. Checkout – a complex of all payment options, simple customer identification, customizable design, and much more.

Klarna. Pay Later – solution suggests getting your items first, before making a decision. The client chooses the later payment option pay within 30 days, monthly bill, pay within X days.

Klarna. Installations – The solution offers your customers the opportunity to spread their costs and pay the right amount. Now and then. The client only needs the minimum monthly payment.

Klarna. Pay directly – payment solution which goes straight to the point. It’s fast, safe and simple. Consumers can pay immediately and in full, wherever Klarna is available.

Klarna has 147 million active users worldwide and 2 million daily transactions. Klarna has many partners – IKEA, H&M, Saks, Nike, Sephora, Ralph Lauren, Expedia Group, Samsung, ASOS, Peloton, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Shein and others.

Some Klarna stats:

Total number of active consumers: 147,000,000

Total number of traders: 400,000+

Number of employees: 5000

At 3.50 SEK per transaction + 2.79% of the transaction fee, Klarna is quite an expensive solution.

PayPal Payments

PayPal is an online payment system through which individuals and legal entities can make money transfers and open accounts. PayPal also allows shoppers to buy now and pay later.

PayPal Commerce Platform increases growth, efficiency and security for large companies.

Paypal Infographic

PayPal is also an expensive solution because it l charges high fees for transactions made outside of the US. The cost is 3.4% transaction fee + 3.25 SEK per transaction.

There is also a problem with rejected transactions, as some transactions do not meet the collateral requirements of Swedish banks.However, if you plan to sell internationally, PayPal is a great solution.

NETS Payments

Nets is one of the complete payment solutions. Nets Checkout is integrated with many popular payment services available on the European market. Nets payment solutions are suitable for both online shopping and payments in physical stores.

Nets are also integrated with most major international payment services: PayPal, Afterpay, Union Pay, etc. A transaction fee of 1.8% will apply for each UnionPay app transaction.

Payson Payments

Payson Checkout is an all-in-one payment solution that allows you to integrate your online merchants with the ability to charge fees such as Card, Swish, Invoice and Partial Checkout. With Payson, you can also pay through your Internet bank, which is more secure.

The cost of using the Payson payment solution consists of a transaction fee of 2.85% for small businesses.

All of the above payment solutions differ in their functionality, price, and viability in different markets, but apart from that, let’s look at which e?ommerce systems these payment solutions are compatible with.

Payment Methods Available  On eCommerce Platforms

Quick Butik

Quickbutik is a universal platform for launching, selling and developing an online store. According to Quickbutik, Quickbutik is currently the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in Sweden, with over 4,000 Swedish online stores in less than 5 years.

Quickbutik Payment Methods

All of the above payment methods can be integrated into the Quik Butik platform, namely Card, Klarna, NETS, Swish, PayPal, Payson.

Wiking Gruppen

Wikinggruppen is one of Sweden’s largest e?ommerce service providers, offering comprehensive and flexible mobile responsive design solutions for all types of eCommerce. You’ll also get access to a very advantageous shipping deal. Klarna Checkout is included with no startup or monthly fees. You can integrate payment methods such as Card, Klarna, NETS, Swish, PayPal and Payson into the Wikinggruppen platform.


WooCommerce is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce solutions, a highly customizable open-source e?ommerce platform built on WordPress. WooCommerce can also be integrated with all the most popular payment solutions, such as Card, Klarna, NETS, Swish, PayPal and Payson. 

WooCommerce supports all of these payment methods through its extensions. These extensions are WooCommerce plugins. With the help of quality free WooCommerce plugins, connecting store owner credentials is available through the admin area.

Below are a few WooCommerce modules that many companies around the world trust.

  • Plugin for Card (credit/debit) – WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
  • Plugin for Open Invoice – Invoice Gateway For WooCommerce
  • Plugin for Swish – Woo Swish e-commerce
  • Plugin for Klarna – Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce
  • Plugin for PayPal – WooCommerce PayPal Payments
  • Plugin for Nets – Nets Easy for WooCommerce
  • Plugin for Payson – PaysonCheckout for WooCommerce

By the way, one of the areas of our company is WooCommerce, so we are ready to create a full-fledged niche store in just 10 days and integrate all payment methods there. To get this, send us a request and the “Woo Story” promo code and get a 10% discount.

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Shopify is software that allows you to create and run your online store. The platform has the most straightforward functionality and many templates for users without advanced design and technical skills. Shopify can be integrated with Card, Klarna, PayPal, Swish for Shopify is available only through Quickpay, NETS (By the way, NETS says they have also integrated the Swish payment option into their Shopify module).

Shopify Payment Methods

However, there is no way to integrate Payson into the WooCommerce platform.

One of the significant advantages is that in Shopify, most of the payment methods are available out-of-box and are enabled right from the admin dashboard. Therefore, solutions like Paypal and Klarna will immediately be included in your store.

Besides , we think it’s a great solution to quickly and easily launch a store for your business. In a week, we will make a niche website for you, add all the necessary payment methods there, fill in the goods, and the site will be ready to launch. Send us a request with the “Shopify STORY” promo code, and you’ll instantly receive prices, available packages, and a 10% discount.

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Abicart is one of Sweden’s most prominent eCommerce solution providers, with over 3,900 stores. It is also known as Textalk in some markets. Their goal is to provide access to eCommerce tools to make it easier for your customers to shop online. Abicart allows you to integrate such payment solutions as Card, Klarna, Swish, PayPal, Payson, NETS.


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform. More than 100,000 online stores have been created based on this platform, and third-party developers have created more than 2,000 extensions. You can also integrate Card, Klarna, NETS, Swish, PayPal, Payson into the Magento platform.  It’s quite a flexible and advanced solution for the growing online businesses with many products

As you can see, there are many solutions available to help you create a great store with various payment methods. These solutions are characterized by the features available, cost, flexibility and ease of use. If you are thinking about which solution is right for you, write to us and save time. Our eCommerce advisor will offer you a free consultation and help you choose the best solution for your needs, business goals and budget.


eCommerce makes it much easier to enter new markets. However, it’s worth making sure you can integrate them into your online store, in order to get started quickly. If you want to grow overseas, you need to offer  a payment solutions that can handle it, and the more payment options you offer, the more customers you can attract. If you want to strengthen your eCommerce knowledge, don’t miss our collection of eCommerce articles.
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