With every new feature of Magento, people are converting to the platform more and more. That’s because Magento takes the concerns of its clients and customers to hear, so each Magento update is unique. Below, you can read about The Ultimate Magento 2.2 Community Edition Feature List, which describes technology stack upgrades, security enhancements, new deployment process, improvements in indexing, cart, and cache, Signifyd integration, and advanced reporting mode.

Magento Open Source 2.2.0 Features

Technology Stack Upgrade

The new update shows a stack upgrade. The Magento upgrade revamped the technology stack. Previous versions of Magento 2 requires PHP 5.5 and 5.6, but the new Magento 2.2 requirements only include PHP 7.

While the platform uses a variety of frameworks, it upgraded them in Magento 2.2.0. Now Magento doesn’t have to rely on frameworks like Zend because they rely on their interfaces, adapters, etc. Magento suggests that you use their unique system to avoid any problems that could occur with APIs due to using other frameworks.

A composer is supported out-of-the-box, and it’s one of Magento’s requirements. The composer is offering Magento customers a dependency management package for PHP.

HTML is a coding language that allows coders and developers to edit code in websites and online stores and eventually, it also included in Magento architecture.

Magento Social

The great thing about Magento Social is that it’s free. The feature allows you to connect your store with Facebook so that the social media page becomes a commercial page. It doesn’t add any buttons to your stores like other add-ons and extensions; instead, it allows you to gain more customers and generate more traffic.

This is because people are more likely to buy products from brands they’re following on Magento. When they’re following you on social media, these people are already showing you that they’re loyal to you and that they like your brand. All that you have to do is integrate your page into a fully-functioning commercial store.

Magento social allows you to save time and money on advertising and marketing because your customers are already converted to your store. Another perk is that you won’t have to spend money on a developer because your Facebook store is created within a few minutes.

The people who are following your store on Facebook will likely share your products with their friends, and your page will come up on other people’s’ feeds.

Security Enhancements

Magento 2.2 comes with a few security updates that you might not have heard about. The platform allows for stores to close Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Local File Inclusion (LFI); it also helps developers to verify remote code execution and detect vulnerabilities within arbitrary file delete.

With Magento’s 2.2 community edition update, you’ll see that the company removed serialize and deserialize from code to prevent security hacks. If the use of this is necessary, though, Magento has upped security in the code.

New Deployment Process

In the Magento 2.2 community edition, we’ll be seeing updated deployment processes as well. Normally, your server would be put into maintenance mode; then it would get the needed code, and carry on with deployment. Now, though, Magento 2 is attempting to limit the amount of time the site is down for, which was previously an extended amount of time.

The way Magento is planning to lessen its maintenance time is by moving the compilation and the web asset generation, and it removes the database dependency so that they don’t have to run on a production server.

Another improvement to the development process is an automated test, which takes place after each build to determine whether or not there’s a problem with the production code. Magento’s new Pipeline deployment reduces production system downtime.

The future version of Magento is looking to have no downtime deployments. Magento now uses a “compact” deployment strategy, which identifies files that aren’t changed per locale. Tests have shown that this method of deployment completed web asset generation two times as fast as other methods.

You can also lock your settings by placing them into config.php or env.php. When you do this, the Admin will allow people to see the value of the setting; however, anyone else won’t be able to edit the value.

Improvements in Indexing, Cart, and Cache Operations

There are plenty of ways in which Magento has decided to upgrade its indexing; it’s improved the way it calculates batch sizes and category indexes can complete indexing of more significant profiles that have more than half a million products.

Regarding Magento’s cart upgrades, you might be satisfied to know that your shipping information will stay the same when you reload your checkout page, you can add messages which confirm a product was added to your cart, and several glitches were fixed.

Previously, it was hard to move multiple products from your wishlist to your cart, but Magento has fixed these problems.

Additional Features

Advanced Reporting Module

For this feature to work, you have to have your business running on a public web server. You should also have your SSL certificate and a functioning version of Magento. Advanced reporting occurs when Magento analyzes your information or data with Magento Business Intelligence Analytics. In doing so, you’ll have a better idea of how your company runs.


The latest version of the Magento community edition includes Signifyd integration. This feature protects you and your clients against fraud. If you’re interested in including Signifyd on your site, you should click on the Store section, followed by configuration, sales, and fraud protection.

So, how does Signifyd work?
The module reviews orders that are placed on your eCommerce store to figure out whether someone is trying to fraud you or if they’re a legitimate person. This only takes seconds, and one of the following for options will be sent: approved, declined, pending, canceled. All of these are pretty straightforward, so we don’t have to go into them any further.

Would You Choose Magento Community For Your Store?

If you’re looking for a platform to enhance your eCommerce store, Magento Community edition is the way to go. The new update allows for more confidence in the system’s security, and it cleared up some bugs from previous versions.

Just as a short review, here’s a list of all the features Magento has to offer.

  • Better security with Signifyd against fraud
  • Data analysis with advanced reporting
  • Cart, Index, and cache improvements to handle big data and increase the page and operation’s speed
  • Faster deployment for a better development process
  • Turn your eCommerce store into a Facebook store with Magento Social
  • Upgrades in the technology stack for better performance avoiding API’s problem with other frameworks


That’s all that you need to know about Magento Community 2.2 update. If you have your eCommerce store on Magento and need Magento 2 Development assistance or upgrade old version to the latest one, we at WEB4PRO are always at your service.
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