Look how the brand with the vast knowledge and a youthful view of tailoring has grown and expanded worldwide.

Tiger of Sweden is a Stockholm-based fashion house established in 1903 and continues its long path of success till nowadays.

The brand was established by two partners – Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordström. Both partners didn’t focus on rich people. Instead, they took the direction to produce suits for men from all walks of life. They made comfort and fashion accessible. Later on, the company started to grow and hired the best tailors to cover the booming demand for their suits.

After some differences over the brand’s direction, the company was ruled only by Marcus Schwartzman. That was a man of big ideas and innovations. He first brought an American car to the small town of Sweden and always was ahead of the time and demand. In the late 20s, he launched the “Tiger” – a range of suits graded in three levels of fabric quality. It was an instant classic, and to emphasize the success of these suits, the company has changed the name Tiger of Sweden. The new logo was created in 2018 and got its timeless feel. For their new visual identity, designers used an emblem from 1926 and font, which is similar to its 1960’s version. Now, Tiger of Sweden got their way to a future with an homage to their past.

There were many ups and downs. The company passed the World War 2, created the best factory for workers, the machine that measured customers’ body parts for creating bespoke suits, collaborated with famous bands, and last but not least, launched their first collection for women.

Nowadays, the company operates in Europe, South Africa, and Canada.

Here is the list of tips from the article which you can take after reading it:

  1. Complete product page with more information. Help your customers to find the relevant information by adding details regarding sizes, colors available, product description with a care guide, and customers’ feedback. All of the mentioned information will help to purchase without going to the additional pages and possibly exit the website.
  2. Create remarkable pages dedicated to the brand’s achievements. It can be either social or environmental initiatives or innovations. Highlight the history and results that the company made in the past years. This helps to strengthen the brand’s position in the customer’s minds and achieve more loyalty.
  3. Add user-friendly features to promote brand worldwide. Use the power of advertisement and media to create brand awareness. Consider adding features that will help to share your collection on other sources such as Instagram. You can do it by using an Instagram shopping widget.
  4. Improve customer service quality. Add FAQ regarding the order, shipping, returns, products, and related topics. Communicate with your audience through your website, newsletters, blog, and brand.

Let’s continue with an overview of the website and see what makes Tiger of Sweden famous and sustainable brand, and why their website sells. You can use this detailed review to add useful features to your store and elevate your brand to the next level.

Website Overview

Main Page

The website has a clean design, and overall it translates the position of a luxury fashion brand. The header has plain style; however, it helps a customer to choose the desired product easily with the placement of all categories.

Below, a customer can check the latest collections and also sign up for the newsletter. If they want to do so, they will be redirected on the separate page, which has filled out the form and has an orange color (which reminds us of a tiger). This retention marketing strategy works great for collecting a base of loyal clients, giving them discounts, and sending relevant information about upcoming sales and new collections. It also helps to attract lost customers with emails and offers.

Sign Up Form

Now, let’s check each part of the website in detail.

Top Useful Features


Product Listing Features to Guide Customers to the Purchase

If a customer wants to browse through the product range, various filters will help them to get a better overview of the product.

Product Filters

Besides the filtering of the products, which consists of category, color, and material, a customer can change the view of a product to the outfit view to see how it looks on a model.

Product Details

Also, by hovering the image, a customer can check the colors available and the price of the product. Many brands use detailed product descriptions to avoid uncertainty and long-time decision making. All of these user-friendly features help to place the order faster without any doubts regarding size, color, or price.

A Simple Yet Detailed Product Page to Build Trust

Product Page

If a customer wants to check product-related information, they’ll get covered with all the information on the product page. This information is arranged close-together, a customer clicks on the relevant section and receives the exact information. This helps to focus their attention on a product and lets getting comprehensive information.

First, there are two size guides:

  • Store’s size guide, which opens as a side pop up, and has all the sizes listed and how to measure section.

Size Guide

This will be helpful for those customers who are unsure about their size or Tiger’s clothing sizes. It includes Virtusize – a tool that helps to compare customer’s size with the size of the clothing from the store.

How to Measure Size

  • If a customer clicks on the how-to measure icon, it comes to a separate page with all the sizes of each product. This will give a customer a feeling of confidence and safety because of one of the possible fears that occur while shopping is the choice of the wrong size.

All sizes are shown in swatches, which is easier for a customer to see what is available and also see if the specific size is out-of-stock.

View Store Availability

The other useful feature that leads to the offline purchase is – View store availability. It helps the brand to make offline purchases.

As a responsible brand, Tiger of Sweden covers all possible questions that may occur during shopping, that’s why they provide customers with detailed information on shipping, delivery & returns, and payment methods.

Shipping and Delivery

These sections also help to avoid the uncertainty of a customer to the products and the store’s credibility. The pop up with information appears at the right side of the page and doesn’t disappear so that the customer can check everything on one page.

The product page includes big images of the product; You may also like block with similar products, and Wear it with block. The last one helps to find matching products, and also redirects to each product category, which means that a company can sell related products and make more sales.

One Page Checkout for Easy Order Placement

Fewer clicks and easy fill out forms make the process of order simpler.

One Page Checkout

A customer will place the order quicker, as they can see all the parts of the order, delivery, and edit if needed. A simple checkout decreases the cart abandonment rate and increases the number of orders.

Remarkable Sustainability Pages to Represent the Brand’s Initiatives

Sustainability is one of the most important parts of the business strategy nowadays for any brand that produces goods by themselves. Dealing with climate change, air and water pollution, deforestation and global warming is not an easy task. Many governmental and non-profit organizations convince companies to take responsibility and make a contribution to the Earth and people’s future. Tiger of Sweden is such a company.

To stay transparent and remain sustainable, the company strives to minimize all the internal waste, offset the carbon footprint, comply with the Fur Free Alliance conditions and support the Five Animal Freedoms. There are even more initiatives described in the Sustainability section.

Sustainability Pages

Such information helps a company to show the connection with the global community, communicate brand values and the dedication of the brand to the world’s problems.

Brand History as a Powerful Marketing Tool

By highlighting the history of the brand, you allow customers to learn more about your brand and become your fans.

Brand History Page

You also increase credibility to your business providing the additional information regarding your brand, collections, principles of manufacturing and work, etc. Creative storytelling is part of a successful marketing strategy. The design of the pages complement all together, and high quality graphics along with text don’t overload the reader.

Look how Tiger of Sweden highlights a new collection.

Latest Collection Page

Additional Pages and Features to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

One such feature that grabbed our attention was a wishlist. A customer simply adds the desired item to buy it later, so it’s crucial to make the process of adding a product from wishlist to cart smooth.


Here a customer can add, remove the product, choose the size, and add the product to cart. This enables more order placements from the wishlist.

Care Guide

The next important page regarding excellent customer service is care guide for each product. It reduces customer’s anxiety regarding the purchase and helps them find relevant information in one place.

Most fashion brands showcase collections via press releases. It is a newsbreak about the brand or representative for the promotion through famous channels. So, it is important to keep the world with all the new collections and events that can increase the brand’s reputation.

Press Release Page

Tiger of Sweden creates press releases in their press room and allows using their images for the external resources and publications.

Overall, this brand has a strong position on the market, and continues to grow its potential online and expand their eCommerce efforts.


Tiger of Sweden is a powerful brand that has grown over a decade and continues its path in the fashion industry. This brand is the mix of successful sales, brand and sustainability strategies that work for the company’s success. Tiger of Sweden has started from tailoring for all people, and still it aims to serve people to make them confident and comfortable in their clothing. So we hope that it will inspire you not to stop, and grow your business online. Try tips and practices from this review, and see the growth of your sales results. However, if you feel that you want to entrust your project to the eCommerce professionals and get a fully-functional store, let’s get in touch.

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