Tips to Grow eCommerce Business in 2018

Tips to Grow eCommerce Business in 2018

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Do you own an eCommerce business? Are you wondering how to improve it this year? If so, then you already know what a struggle it can be to expand in this industry. With so much competition, you might be at a loss trying to figure out where to start.

That’s why we’ve created this article, which will provide you with only the best tips for eCommerce success. Before we start, though, here’s a short table of content so that you know what’s ahead.

Table of contents:

What Else to Do To Grow eCommerce Business in 2018: Keeping up with the Times
eCommerce Site Personalization: Making Every Experience Unique
Building Your Brand is Still Important in 2018: Branding for Best Results
Video Content For Success: How Diverse Content Shapes Your Brand
Gather the Best Team: Developing the Team That Will Lead You
Try New ECommerce Email Marketing Strategy: Emails and Your Future

What Else to Do To Grow eCommerce Business in 2018

Now that you’re familiar with the goal of this article, we can move on to how you can build your eCommerce Business Strategy. Overall, it’s essential that you keep up with new technologies and features because this will help you to stay ahead of your competition. If you’re using tricks that they aren’t, you’re going to generate more leads in the end!

eCommerce Site Personalization

Website personalization is one of the most impactful ways for you to increase your conversions. There are many more benefits of personalization in eCommerce which we’ll talk about a little more.

With website personalization, you can determine the overall dynamic of your website. When your pages are more interactive, it makes it easier for potential customers to navigate through your site and, therefore, they’re more likely to stay loyal to you rather than another company.

Offers are a great way to personalize your website as well because you can completely customize the product so that you’re providing an offer like no other. You can introduce time limits to get your customers buying right away, and you can edit the look of the off announcement banner.

You can introduce pop-ups to your website if you want to optimize your conversions completely. In doing this, you’ll personalize the offer and the content of the pop-up so that it’s unique to your customers. There are a few different pop-ups that you can introduce to your site: including on-click, timed, scroll, etc.

Building Your Brand in 2018

You might think that once your brand is established, you don’t have to continue with new strategies or to develop your current one anymore. This isn’t true. You have to continuously build your brand so that it stands out and so that it’s memorable.

Now, how do you build your brand? You need to establish a voice in the branding process. We don’t mean that you have to include voice clips; instead, your brand should speak for itself. Everything from the color palette of your site to the font, to the photography, should give your visitors the same vibe.

To do this, you have to find out how to set yourself apart from the competition. You don’t want the same page layouts or fonts as everyone else. If you have a brand that needs to make a profound statement, you might consider bold fonts.

To build your brand, you also need to exploit the best parts of your business. Instead of only focusing on what needs to be worked on, you should identify what’s great about your business and advertise.

Let’s say you’re in an industry that has a hard time shipping quickly. You should find a way to ship within two days. People will have deadlines and events, so you need to be ahead of the game and make sure they get their items on time. Overall, customers will notice what sets you apart from everyone, and that’s what will attract them to your eCommerce business.

Video Content For Success

Video content is increasingly popular. That’s because we live in a digital world, and people don’t want to read as many long descriptions. Because of this, the companies which have video content are also the ones with the highest conversions.

If you have a clothing store, for example, you should consider including shopping hauls; wherein, popular YouTube channels buy hundreds of dollars of clothing to showcase and review the items. If you see that someone had many followers and liked your clothing, you can ask them to include the content on your site.

Companies tend to rank higher in Google when they have diverse content on their pages. You’re going to have more visitors if you have pictures, videos, and articles rather than just articles. As always, make sure your videos are branded with links that lead back to your main page because this will always bring visitors back to you.

Gather the Best Team

Building the best time can be a difficult task. This doesn’t just involve developing the right dedicated team for your company, but also for the development of your website, applications, etc. and for the store’s support.

All of these things will determine how well your store runs. If you have a team that doesn’t work efficiently, you’ll spend more time to set up right organization strategy. This will slow down you from getting the most sales results and, therefore, your company can’t expand fully.

When you build your team, you have to think in the long-term. These are people who will represent your business, and you have to find out whether they’ll be with for the next few years or more.

Try New eCommerce Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is underrated. This is because prices for advertising continue to increase. As they do, email marketing will become your main method of advertising and will be one of the features that provides you with the most leads.

Building your email list is the best way to get people to keep coming back to your site. Since you already have data on them, you’ll be able to target specific customers based on their past spending and search history.

Some claim that you should be getting almost a third of your overall revenue from email marketing. If you’re not getting that much, then you might want to consider increasing your email marketing importance.


If you own an eCommerce business and you’re wondering how to grow more in 2018, you’ve come to the right place. In our above guide, we’ve detailed the best ways to improve your leads and your sales. In short, you should focus on personalization, brand building, video content, and building a good team.

Posted on: July 03, 2018


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