Top eCommerce Design Trends 2018 to Follow

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There’s no doubt that online stores have become the new “village market.” You can find everything you could want with just a few clicks. Many entrepreneurs have recognized the incalculable value of these eCommerce websites. These days, more and more online stores are popping up, selling their smart concepts and smart ideas. All of them are competing for buyers’ attention on the Internet. If you want to attract them to your online store, you have to offer them an enjoyable online experience.

What Trends Creative eCommerce Websites Should Consider

An online store does not need a collection of design gimmicks. Instead, one should opt for a more creative and interactive approach. That is what will attract and retain customers. It’s simple. If a customer enjoys using your website, they will return and call for friends. Here are some eCommerce web design trends to create that pleasant online experience for them.

More Interactions, More User Experience


An online store should offer the most interactive experience possible. Instead of bombarding your customers with all the information you have, offer some choices or ask them what they would like. You could do this by asking them to input what they’re looking while providing some top products to choose alongside it. Make use of option buttons and search/filter functions. Ensure that there are a logical arrangement and flow of information on your website. It shows that you care about your customer’s experience and they will appreciate it.

Bold Typography and More Space

Bold Typography

It can be tedious and confusing when information is presented in one standard typeset. The same is true if the web page is filled with too much text or content. The way to solve this is to use bold letterings to get customers’ attention. It will draw their attention to certain phrases that will show them what a good product you have. Also, ensure your content is not crowded. One should only use the compelling content. The more space your web page has, the more important information stands out. Take a look at Apple’s website: they have lots of white space, beautiful images, bold types, and no mass. Doesn’t it look convincing and expensive?

Cinemagraphs and Authentic Images

authenetic images

A cinemagraph is one of the most popular eCommerce design trends 2018. It is an image, with one single element showing some movement. It is primarily a GIF image but gives the illusion of being a video clip. The moving part emphasizes by being surrounded by a still image. It can be a powerful tool to communicate your ideas to a customer. Another way to do this is to use artful images that are conceptual, relevant and truthful. For example, if you sell wedding accessories, then your imagery should revolve around that concept.

Visualization of Physical Experience


You should take every creative opportunity to show off your products on your website. The customer responds better when seeing actual examples of your product, rather than stock images or product descriptions. They are more likely to make purchases when they see it in action. Product demos are a good idea to demonstrate your products. It turns on customers sight scenes which digest the information much better. Showrooming for jewelry, clothes, and accessories stores is a great way to convince their customers. As it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Ability to Create and Customize the Own Product

custom product design

When a customer gets to customize something, they are more inclined to buy it. Even simple changes like choosing a color or a pattern give the customer a sense of power over its creation. This fact is known as the Ikea effect. Customers tend to place more value on things they have “created,” even partially.

Augmented Reality on Smartphone

augmented reality

This trend is particularly useful if you’re selling physical products, such as furniture, clothes, interior accessories, etc. You can use your smartphone camera and specific mobile app to see a picture of the room in real time and fill it with your products. This ability will show your customers how well your product suits their needs. Companies like IKEA and Houzz already do this. The customer can be reassured that your products will look good in their space.

Mobile Friendliness

mobile design

It is vital to ensure that your online store is ready for mobile use. Virtually every online customer has a smartphone. It makes sense that your website should provide a great shopping experience for both mobile and desktop devices. Customers love being able to make purchases from anywhere at any time.

CSS Grid Layout for Responsive Online Stores

css grid layout

A CSS grid layout is your best option for an online store. Your customers will access your store from various devices, browsers, and operating systems. Using a CSS grid layout will help ensure that everyone gets the same visual experience. It also makes the web page code cleaner and easier to maintain.

Illustrations and Video Content

illustrationSometimes a picture or a video communicates much better than a written description. Don’t be afraid to show illustrations and videos of your products, perhaps how to use them or how they work. The more your customer understand why your product is right for them, the more inclined they will be to buy it.

Storytelling as a Way of Selling Products


Telling a story takes your customer on a joint journey with you that will inspire a deeper appreciation for your products. You can prepare a beautiful history of its creation. It could also be a real-life story of how it helped someone else. Such stories help your customer connect more with the products. They will be more likely to make the purchase when they understand it more.

Where to Find eCommerce Website Design Inspiration?

You can find some eCommerce design inspiration on the website For your purposes, you can check out eCommerce section. You can see how they incorporated the ideas mentioned here into their design. You will also find the best online store design 2017 on this website. One thing to note is that different approaches work better with different products.

We suggest you check sites that sell products related to yours. Observe which ideas they implement and how you can adapt them to work for you too.

All examples of designs in this articles are taken from

Let’s Design!

The goal is to satisfy the customer with the use of your eCommerce store and leave a positive impression. Creativity is vital in making your website an enjoyable place to shop. These days, customers have a choice of online stores so you must use creative ways to get them to your store. We are confident that these eCommerce design trends 2018 are going to help. If you would like us to assist you, we would love to help. Please feel free to contact us at WEB4PRO, and our creative designer will show how each trend works in action!


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