Top eCommerce Email Marketing Trends of 2018

Top eCommerce Email Marketing Trends of 2018

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If you have an eCommerce business, you already know the benefits of email marketing. For one thing, this tool will increase the traffic that flows to your website; thereby, increasing sales, generating leads, and improving conversions. Still, it’s important that you keep up with the latest trends available. In our below guide, you can read all about email marketing trends of 2018.

Direct Marketing by New GDPR Law

It should be noted that because of the new GDPR law, companies and organizations have to consider data protection and data processing. This is in response to several security crises throughout the internet, and protecting your visitors is a sure way to make them keep coming back to your site.

According to the new law, you should control what data you collect and process. As well as that, customers should be aware of how you do it and for which purposes. The individuals can prohibit to use their data for the direct marketing. It is mentioned in Article 21.

But you also can use email marketing to send messages to your existed and potential customers with a reasonable interest in sale or negotiations. Just include an opt-in box, to give a choice to receive or decline messages.

eCommerce Email Marketing and Its Trends

To start off with, let’s discuss eCommerce email marketing and the various trends that we can observe from it.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a major goal of most organizations and companies. This term refers to measures that are taken to keep customers as possible, for as long as possible. Still, times are changing, so what used to work no longer does.

Customer retention allows companies to increase sales through social media, like emails and Facebook, and through loyalty programs. Personalization is a key in email marketing to make all customers stay loyal to the company.

New Technologies

The world of online marketing is changing drastically, as are the latest trends in email marketing. We have better software than ever before; our marketing practices are more efficient as the valuable content is being produced. More and more, we’re becoming intrigued by artificial intelligence and predictive marketing.

AI is predicted to change the marketing field in 2018; however, you can use predictive marketing to determine your customer lifetime value and prepare for these changes. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t, so you’re more likely to get lifelong customers.

As technology evolves, we see more targeted emails. With Artificial Intelligence and predictive marketing, companies can determine trends in their customers’ spending habits; subsequently, allowing them to personalize emails and create more valuable content.

The new GDPR law is expected to affect the world of Artificial Intelligence as well. This is because the law demands certain transparency that is uncommon with Artificial Intelligence; more specifically, it aims to protect individuals from being judged solely on the decisions of AI, such as profiling or processing.

With this law, people reserve the right to demand that their point of view is heard by a legitimate human being so that they aren’t simply added to a pile of data. This might affect your company because you have to place your customers into better consideration when marketing.

Welcome Email Series

Welcome emails are already popular. The idea behind this tool is then when someone new subscribes to your service; you send them an email to welcome them to your business.

Most of these “welcome emails” provide the new customer with some advantage; for example, a 10% discount on their next or first purchase. Using welcome emails is one of the most vital tools in eCommerce and email marketing.

Less Is More

You’ve already heard this saying before, and it remains true for email marketing campaigns. Quite simply, your customers don’t want to read long emails about every event you’re hosting this month.


Visualization is one of the key aspects of email marketing nowadays. People don’t want to hear about the great things going on with your business; they want to see your products for themselves. That’s why you should try to add as many visuals as you can in your emails. When customers look at what you have to sell, and they see that your products look good, they’re more likely to buy.

There are a few other visualizations that you can use to attract customers, though. You can include gifs and memes to make your content not only advertising or educational, but fun. You can also send them screenshots, pictures, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Everyone is on the move. That means that people need to have access to their emails every time. For this reason, you need to keep your content mobile-friendly. If people have a hard time viewing your content, they’re less likely to look at your emails in the future.

Magento eCommerce Email Marketing Templates

Now you know about some of the eCommerce email marketing best practices. Getting the right one is vital in setting the atmosphere of your store. We will provide you with the best sources of email templates for your Magento® stores.


Themeforest is home to some of the best email templates that the digital world has to offer; in fact, there are even some WEB4PRO templates that you can download from the website.
At WEB4PRO portfolio section, you can find our best templates available for you.


UberTheme comes to a countless number of email marketing templates. You have the option of having templates for free, as well as fashion, digital, sport, and food templates. Depending on your needs, UberTheme is an excellent option for eCommerce and email marketing.


TemplateMonster is host to hundreds of templates for Magento users. While they do cost money, you can ask to try a live demo to know if the template is best for your individual needs.

To Conclude

Email marketing is important for anyone who needs to increase their conversions, sales, and website traffic. Old methods of email marketing are simply not working anymore, which is why we’ve mentioned all new or great working methods for your outstanding email marketing campaigns.

In top email marketing trends of 2018, you can find only the best trends and tools to make your emails as effective and as efficient as possible. In short, here is a list of the tools you can use to improve your email campaign efforts.

  • Customer Retention
  • New technologies
  • Welcome email series
  • Less is more
  • Visualization
  • Mobile-friendly emails


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