Born out of Scandinavian weather, from rubber galoshes’ maker to the second oldest sneaker manufacturer in the world, from tennis balls to rubber boots, from the first luxury tennis shoes to the rain jacket from the sea – it’s all about Tretorn, a 130-year-old sustainable Swedish brand that changes the world for the better.

Tretorn’s story started in the Dunker family and their rubber factory to help farmers face Scandinavian weather challenges. Swedish engineer Johan Dunker founded the Tretorn factory, and later his son, Henry Dunker, continued their family business. He succeeded in building a powerful brand with care about his workers and customers.

Henry created a comfortable environment for his workers where they crafted functional and contemporary products. In 1962, he was Sweden’s wealthiest man. He and his wife Gerda always served the purpose of supporting people. They donated the entirety of their fortune to their native city of Helsingborg and left us a heritage of Tretorn’s tradition.

Over the years, Tretorn created iconic products and contributed to the tennis story, preppy style, and the Olympic Games. Tretorn invented its eco-essentials and became a world-famous brand that protects nature and creates innovative sustainable products.

ECO Essentials Tretorn

Today we’ll have a chance to look at the Tretorn story’s most inspiring moments and visit its regional websites. We’ll look closely into Tretorn’s global online experiences and the best features that show care about the customers and make them love this brand.

We’ll consider two of Tretorn’s websites: Tretorn Europe and Tretorn USA. Both of them are created with respect for customers and the best practices of UI design. The approach to both websites is a bit different but has many similar traits. We’ll focus on the best of them.

Brand’s Tradition & Heritage

Both websites have stylish designs in the traditional Scandinavian style. We can enjoy lots of whitespace, balanced accents, harmony in colors, and nothing extra to let us focus on products and our choices. At a glance, we can see that Tretorn is a brand with a long history.

EST. 1891 Sweden

It claims on both websites right under their logo: EST. 1891 Sweden. It’s just the numbers, just facts. But think: what feelings and associations does this information evoke?

Tretorn US main page

For us, that means Tretorn is a native Swedish brand that creates a long story and cherishes tradition. This is how the brand strengthens its positioning by telling us about its long experience, acquired mastery, and native traditions, just in three short words.

Tretorn’s Heritage

When we visit Tretorn EU, we can learn many inspiring facts about the brand on its pages. One such page is Our Heritage, bringing us to the memories of Tretorn’s long story.

Tretorn’s heritage

When you read them one by one, the degree of respect for this brand and its creators grows and multiplies at each stage. There is no better way for a brand to get closer to its audience than telling the story – true and sincere.

Customer-Centric Features

Tretorn cares about their customers and shows that care even on their website pages. Several useful features that prove this deserve our special attention.

Tretorn US: Accessibility Mode

Tretorn is a sustainable and responsible brand, making their website experience convenient. In their footer, we can find accessibility mode to adjust colors, visuals, and font sizes, turn on assistance with reading and focusing, adjust the website for blind users, etc. There are plenty of settings that make this website flexible and accessible.

Tretorn’s accessibility mode

This feature is powered by assesssiBe and can be connected to any website to run an accessibility interface. That’s a great solution that shows the brand’s care and responsibility.

Tretorn US: Wishlist

Tretorn added a little ‘heart’ button for the Wishlist access in the right bottom corner to create an engaging shopping experience. We can access the wishlist at any moment and add items while shopping with any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Tretorn wishlist button

Usually, we can find the wishlist access button somewhere near the shopping cart button at the top of the page. But here, the wishlist is always in view and stands out, reminding customers about their wishes. When we get to the wishlist page, there is a minimalistic wishlist itself with a possibility to add items to the shopping cart and two more interesting features:

  • You can send this wishlist to someone via email. It’s quite useful, isn’t it? It’s especially useful when you are thinking about the ideas for your Santa for ‘what I want for Christmas’? 🙂
  • You can add your email and connect the data about your wishlists from all your devices and sync your shopping activity.

Tretorn wishlist page

Furthermore, you can quickly access the ‘Help’ form and ask your questions. The form itself has structured fields with the possibility to choose the topic for your request.

Time-Saving Category Page

Category pages on Tretorn’s websites have a minimalistic look, well-thought-out navigation, and intuitive filters that quickly help us find the needed product.

Tretorn EU & US: Hover Effects

Both websites have the same interesting feature on the category page. We can hover the product image and see how it looks from a different angle. This way, we get more information quickly and don’t need to visit a product page if it is not exactly what we are looking for.

Tretorn US: Design Views & Quick Shop

The Tretorn US goes even further and provides a great feature for quick product selection and shopping. We can change the product design and see how it looks right on the category page, even without page reloading!

Quick design view

In addition, we can click ‘Quick Shop’ and see the shortened version of a product page appearing in the pop-up. It includes only the necessary product parameters needed for shopping.

Quick shop on the Tretorn US

That means our shopping experience becomes even more convenient. We save time as a customer: there is no need to visit the product page to view available design options and go shopping. Really cool!

The Tretorn US is created great from the visual point of view and usability. All design elements are intuitive, including filters on the category page. They use not only text but also visual identification for each option available. This way, the customer can shop more quickly and complete their goal faster – it’s exactly what Tretorn needs: more happy purchases.

Product filters

Let’s move to the product page and highlight the most interesting things there.

Intuitive Product Page

On both websites, we can see a great product presentation:

  • High-quality product images and views from different angles show us the product at its best. The Tretorn US even provides the possibility to scale the image by hovering;
  • Informative product description gives us a full product overview: short and minimalistic on the Tretorn US and structured in tabs on the Tretorn EU;
  • The Tretorn US provides the possibility to add the item to the Wishlist, yet this feature is not available on the Tretorn EU. Instead, they make the ‘Add to Basket’ button bolder.
  • The link to the Size Guide helps us pick up the right size quickly on the product page.

All features are great. However, we want to draw your attention to these details:

Both websites provide visual swatches for product size and color selection. This way is better than a traditional drop-down menu. With swatches on the product page, the customer can see all available options right away and saves time, reducing the number of clicks needed to select and purchase the product.

Product swatches

Another great thing is that all product options that are out of stock are blocked. We can see what particular options are available for the product. This way we save time and create the right expectations.

Inspiring Brand Story

Finally, one of the most exciting parts of each website is how the brand communicates its values, story, and positioning.

Tretorn US: 3 Towers

On the Tretorn US, the brand invites us to learn about their ‘3 Towers’, find new trends and old traditions, and read inspiring stories from their journal. This way the brand builds an emotional connection with its customers. ‘3 Towers’ Page introduces a short legend about the Tretorn brand. It turns out that “Tretorn” is Swedish for ‘Three Towers.’ Furthermore, there are three T that Tretorn tells us about: Trends, Traditions, and Tales. This page is beautiful and engaging, and it’s the only chapter on this website that tells us about the Tretorn brand. It seems that here Tretorn wanted to focus on a customer. They make customers their main heroes. It’s not a trivial approach to delivering a brand story, especially for such a large and famous brand.

Tree Towers of Tretorn

So, how can we learn more about Tretorn? We should visit their main website for the European market. Get ready. You can dive into their story as an interesting book.

Tretorn EU: About The Brand

We must visit their chapter about the brand. This is a necessary step for anyone who wants to learn about this brand and understand their values, message, and hard way to become those they are now – one of the top world-famous fashion brands.

Sneakers Timeline brings us to the history of Tretorn’s sneakers transformation, Tretorn’s key moments that determined their future and brand growth.

Sneakers heritage

Tretorn’s Journal is a place for stories about travelings, discoveries, initiatives, and things that help the brand and its advocates change the world for the better.


And the most inspiring, involving, and emotional pages that prove how this brand makes a difference are Eco-Essentials Manifest & Timeline. They tell us the stories about how innovation, responsibility, and talent create products with care about our planet and future generation. Anyone who wants to discover Tretorn’s products must visit these pages and learn the story behind their innovation, Leftover Project, Raincoat from the sea, and sustainable products made of recycled materials.

Tretorn proves that the brand values and purpose delivered on the website can build a strong connection with customers, inspire changes, and show what the brand is in its core.

In this website overview, we wanted to show the most interesting features that provide an engaging user experience and strengthen the brand’s position in people’s minds. Both websites provide a convenient mobile experience and allow us to shop on the go. They both have a beautiful minimalistic design with a customer in mind focusing on products and the key shopping goals.

The website for the European audience is ‘a home’ of Tretorn’s online presence. It includes all the information about the brand’s history. Still, Tretorn’s website for the US market looks modern, engaging, and provides many useful and fresh features.

The Tretorn online experience is made with love for customers, respect for traditions, and a high purpose in mind.


Tretorn doesn’t just create fashion products. It changes traditional views on natural resources and shows how people can make the world a better place. That was exciting to tell you about the Tretorn brand. Share this story if you’d like more people to learn about their good purposes and innovative products, and pick the best ideas for your brand growth. Let’s make the world better together.
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