WEB4PRO has released a Google shopping feed module for Magento 2, this module is designed to export goods from eCommerce sites to Google Merchant Center.

Google Shopping Feed Module by WEB4PRO

Google Shopping Feed by WEB4PRO

Google Merchant Center is a platform where an online store owner uploads data about available products. Users directly from Google search receive important information about products: image, name, price, seller, rating, and so on. Here is an example of the GMC feed that we get for the request “men’s jacket buy”.

Google Merchant Center example

Our module automatically generates an XML file with the necessary data (titles, links, images, price, etc.) for the Google Merchant Center, which makes it easy to transfer a large number of products from a Magento store to Google, and saves you a huge amount of time.

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WEB4PRO is Adobe Solution Bronze Partner

And one more good news! WEB4PRO has officially received the status of an Adobe Solution Bronze Partner.

Adobe Solution Bronze Partner status

The Bronze Partner award is an opportunity to create innovative commercial solutions, as well as access to special resources, Adobe services (such as Magento), materials and tools designed to increase sales and promotion.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of becoming an Adobe Bronze Solutions Partner

  • Sandboxes and non-production software licenses
  • Participation in pre-release and/or betas
  • Access to Adobe Demo Hub

And these are not all the benefits that you can get with this affiliate program.

Our inclusion in this program means that we are officially recognized as part of Adobe’s Accredited Developer Companies, and we correspond with all requirements.


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