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Today’s topic is about shops on WordPress. By the way, you’ll get several business ideas below:) If you haven’t implemented the shop on WordPress yet, but have several products for selling, don’t wait and just try. How? – Install WooCommerce.

Perhaps, you are a talented blogger and write about success and business. Maybe, you have so many ideas, that you want to write several books and sell them online. Or you are a sports coach, who has several CDs with your workout programs, and you want to sell them online, a great designer, who has many handmade products and want to sell them online. You have chosen WordPress as a base for your website. – That’s great! WooCommerce is the solution which suits you perfectly.

WooCommerce: a Simple Way for a Simple Shop

WooCommerce is free powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell products simply and beautiful. The number of 16 million downloads say that it’s one of the favorite eCommerce solutions all over the world. But it’s not only a plugin. It is a fully-featured library for integration with the WordPress based website.

The main goal of WooCommerce is to provide you with the ability to create beautiful and simple online store based on a new or existed WordPress based website.

So What Does WooCommerce Can?

WooCommerce for WordPressFree, simple, and powerful. Yes, it’s truth, just look: if you need to install WooCommerce, you should just go to its website and make one click. Then you’ll make some settings and enjoy the user-friendly and beautiful interface. And no money spending. Isn’t it good?

It’s extendable. And a home for these many useful extensions is wordpress.org. If you need some more features than you have out-of-box, pick the one you like.

Convenient admin panel. It’s similar to WordPress admin panel. If you made friends with WordPress, WooCommerce would not be something extraordinary for you.

Multiple product variations. This is one of the most necessary features for the online shop. With this function, you should worry about way of managing the same products with different colors, sizes, etc.

Almost all payment methods. WooCommerce allows the customer to pay for your products with a check, most of the credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, cash or delivery. Also, it’s possible to extend this ability and add other gateways for payments.

Different shipping methods and automatic calculation of the shipping cost. With WooCommerce you can provide you customers with free shipping, flat rates, local pick up and even more. And the calculator makes a customer experience simpler.

You control everything. This module allows you to control any aspect of your web store: customers accounts, taxes, stock levels, design, theme, and any settings. It’s all up to you. You are a host here. Also, you are able to get the reports and track the orders, even using WooCommerce mobile app.

Built-in email template for notifications and newsletters. Keep on a great communication with your customers and drive them back.

The ability to sell the products from other’s shop. Have a friend with a shop and want to promote him on your blog like a partner? – Nothing impossible.

A large community and open development process. Anywhere you are, the helping hand of the professional web developer is always with you. Day by day the huge community works on WooCommerce and its improvements. Have some issues? – Write to the community.

A Little Fly in the Ointment

Of course, WooCommerce is great for the WordPress users, who have not a large online store, such as the sellers of several specific product categories. But if talk about the complicated projects, like huge online markets and store portals with numerous categories and product cards, WordPress itself is not powerful enough. In this case is better to pay attention to the eCommerce leader – Magento®, or even Magento 2 version.

If you need some help in the realization of your online store, we are ready to help, no matter how complicated it is and what size it has. We’ll find the best and most suitable solution for you and customize WooCommerce project following your personal needs.

Good luck to you!

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