5 best WordPress Security Plugins

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WordPress security is a very important topic. this CMS is quite good but sometimes it faces some security problems because of its popularity. When we see such things, of course, we feel upset. That’s why the web developers improve it creating useful security plugins. Using them, you’ll protect your website from vulnerabilities and will not worry about its safety.

WordPress Security Plugins


WordPress sucurity plugin

Akismet is one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress security. And it’s not accidental. It allows you to moderate comments to your blog posts. Akismet works like censorship. It helps to detect spam and reject it.

How it works. You’ll see a new comment in your administrator panel and decide if it should be approved or removed. The comments, which were automatically turned off by Akismet, will also be visible there.

Here is one small catch: before using this plugin, get Akismet API Key.

All In One 

It is a user-friendly plugin with a complex approach to WordPress security. With its help, you can ensure your login, account, and system file safety.

How it works. This plugin checks your website for vulnerabilities and implements the latest WordPress security practices. You can also see the level of your website security via its points grading system and improve it. All in One doesn’t slow down your website and gives you only pros.


WordPress security plugin

This is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin. It grants protection from hacks and malware. And it’s 100% free.

How it works. It begins to work with the total scan of your website. The goal is to detect whether the website is infected. Then it starts a deep checking of the server-side website code and compares it with the official WordPress sources. The end of this story is optimization of your website. As a result, it becomes 50 times faster and secure.

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WordPress security plugin

It is a great plugin that fights against spam on your website. It detects comment spam, trackback spam, contact form and registration spam.

How it works. WP-SpamShield has no CAPTCHA, works in the background and makes the WordPress spam disappear. It detects both types of spam (human and automated spam) and blocks it. The scanner has 2 layers of blocking: one of them protects your website from the spambots, and another does it with human spam. This plugin also makes your website user-friendly and kills spam very fast.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

WordPress security plugin

Anti-malware is a useful plugin that helps you to cope with malware, vulnerabilities, viruses and other harmful things on your server.

How it works. This scanner searches for the harmful existing Viruses and Vulnerabilities and automatically removes security threats and backdoor scripts. For its high-security level regularly update this plugin at GOTMLS.NET

So, there were several useful plugins for your website protection, but to make it safer you can also follow our advice:

  • keep your plugins up to date;
  • don’t use the “admin” username;
  • use a complex strong password;
  • make sure that your chosen WordPress hosting is secure;
  • use two-factor authentication;
  • make sure that your computer free of viruses and malware.

Keep your eyes open and everything will be okay.

Wish you security. WordPress developers take care of this.


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