Step 1. Log-in to the Magento Admin panel.

Step 2. Click “Catalog” option on the top menu. A drop-down list will appear.

Step 3. Click “Products” in the drop-down list. A new window will be displayed.


Step 4. Click the “Add Product” button on the top-right of the page, also, you can immediately choose type for you product. You will be directed to a new window.

Add Product

Step 5. Here, you will notice a header with “New Product” with 2 buttons “Add attribute”, “Save”, and many fields, you must fill them

new file

Step 6. Initially the field “Attribute Type” shows “Default” in text box next to it. And “Product Type” field shows “Simple Product.”

Step 7. Now to modify the options in the text box of the field “Product Type”, click the “drop down arrow” at the end of the text box to view the multiple drop down options like Simple Product, Grouped Product, Configurable Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product and Downloadable Product. Select the one you wish to add. For instance, say “Simple Product” selected.

Step 8. Click “Continue” button. A new product page with default attribute opens up.

Step 9. You’ll find a header “General” below which different fields like Name, Description, Short Descriptoin, SKU, Weight, Set Product as New From Date, Set Product as New To Date, Status, URL Key, Visibility, Country of Manufacture, In Feed, and Featured Product with their respective empty fields will appear.

Step 10. Now, enter the name of the product in the “Name” field. Say XYZ.

Step 11. Click “Save and Continue Edit” button on the top-right corner of the page to save the details automatically. Now continue entering the details in rest of the fields.

Step 12. Select the option “Enabled” in the drop down of the field “Status.”

Step 13. Ensure whether the visibility field is filled in with “Visibility, Search” option. Also, select the option “Yes” in the “Featured Product” field using the drop down.

Step 14. Now click the “Meta Information” on the LHS of the panel. A new page opens up.

Step 15. Add Meta titles, descriptions, and keywords in the necessary fields respectively.

Step 16. Click “Images” option on the LHS of the panel to add images for the product.

Step 17. Click “Inventory” option on the LHS of the panel. A new page will open.

Step 18. Modify the “Qty” with the number of products in-stock, say 200 or 300 and set the “Availability” option at the bottom of the page as “in-stock”.

Step 19. Click “Categories” on the LHS of the main page. A new page opens up. Now select the category as you wish by checking the box near the respective category.

Step 20. Click “Prices” on the LHS of the main panel; set the necessary price-related details in the relevant fields.

That’s all you are done with adding a product to your website! All it takes just a few minutes to add a compelling product to the Magento store to raise the performance of your business.



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