Drupal Module Development

New multifunctional tools that will make your website meet all your needs and run like clockwork. Necessary features that work for you – get a powerful custom module for Drupal and enjoy the benefits.

Drupal is an open-source flexible CMS with a lot of useful features for everyone who makes a decision to get a website. Drupal has a wide range of functionality with different modules and themes which can be used for creating digital applications of any difficulty. A professional Drupal module developer can implement any business idea using this modern tool.

When the task is to develop something different that will be unique and meet some specific requirements, Drupal custom module development can be helpful. It allows you to get custom modules for certain business purposes. Custom modules will broaden your opportunities and help to realize your business project. Drupal module development is a complex process. Its main tasks are the realization of customers’ ideas, the creation of unique web solutions, and the expansion of functionality.

If talk about Drupal 7 module development, definitely, there are a lot of existing modules which can be useful exactly in your case. Drupal 7 is a reliable CMS checked by web developers all over the world. They constantly release new versions of modules. It allows keeping Drupal websites updated and secure. But sometimes your business goals could be out of limits so that you need to build the own custom solution.

Drupal 7 Custom Module Development Benefits

You’ll get a wide variety of opportunities with a new custom module. With it you can:

  • extend the basic Drupal functionality;
  • add specific types of content;
  • integrate different payment gateways;
  • perform the integration with social networks;
  • build a unique form for data input;
  • create a custom navigation panel;
  • get a possibility to upload files in different ways;
  • optimize uploaded images and files;
  • work with different marketing tools;
  • improve the mobile version of the website;
  • create custom menus;

and much more other things.

As for Drupal 8, it is a new version, that’s why it’s needed to develop more modules compatible with it. In case you keep up with the times and choose Drupal 8 for your website, you’ll have to think about custom modules. Drupal 8 custom module development can cope with most modern tasks and goals you set up. You shouldn’t worry about it. It really broadens your opportunities and brings your business to a new level. And by the way, Drupal 8 includes most necessary functionalities and features right in the core. Therefore, most works on your websites will be done for developing custom solutions.

How We Work

Our Drupal team has large experience in Drupal module development. Here is how we provide our customers with custom web solutions:

  • first, we discuss the project details, clarify the requirements, and focus on client’s goals and ideas;
  • then we offer the most effective solution for project implementation, determine the necessary functionalities;
  • the next stage is custom module development. Our team works on client’s project, and we keep him (her) always in touch with professional Project Manager;
  • then we test the web application, demonstrate it to a client, and provide him (her) with the access and full specification;
  • then we enjoy the project release, and a new successful solution comes out to the world.

So if you have something to improve and add to your Drupal website, or you want to create a new web solution using custom modules, we are ready to take on a task. It’s our cup of tea. Contact us, and we’ll turn your idea into reality!

You’ll get:

  • qualitative products that broaden your opportunities;
  • necessary additional features for your website;
  • a unique solution that meets your specific needs.

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